Visions getting real

For every bike I get and build I have a plan. A plan of the perfect bike for my purpose which can differ with time and other bikes. The vision now is to build a light trailbike in weightclass with an Epic for XCracing but still be able to have fun on technical trails and maybe do a Endurorace.

My Camber is starting to take form, today with a borrowed 100mm SID WC fork and here with a borrowed front wheel so I could see how it looked. Will also change the hosing for my frontbrake for a black one. What do you think?

Seems to be around 10,6kg with 2,3″ Ground Control tires. Will get a set of S-Works Fast Track for XCracing later. Those tires will drop almost 300g extra. My first 29er 😉

Camberparts: Wheels

The latest in wheels is carbon rims. Said to be stiffer and stronger but not always lightest. Roval Control 29 Carbon is a work like that:

Both including 2Bliss tubeless ready rimstrip and valves. Compared to the pair of wheels that came with my bike. Roval Control 29. Same but with alu rims. A bit lighter but should also be a bit softer:

Probably with the including Specialized Ground Control tires. 2,3″ in front and 2,1″ rear:

Then I put the two tubes on the scale without a picture. 300g. When I stansed a pair of wheels for Matthias Wengelin I took the time to find out how much you save. 156g was the 140cl stans for two wheels. Then you have the valves but almost 140g saved is pretty much. And then you can use less stans if you got good tires.

Am really motivated to get this bike together (only missing fork) and have spring to test it for real 😀 Aiming for an awesome cyclingyear with many great moments 🙂