Le Peloton #72

When it’s 2° Celsius outside, it’s dark and the rain is going sideways. Then I’m happy not to be alone out riding, happy about knowing there are others to ride with:


Everyone with some neon green clothes except me. I had my green Diverge and a POC AVIP rainjacket in orange instead 😉 Sometimes my rainjacket is too warm but in these conditions it’s perfect. We had a visit from the strong Jonas with his Cannondale Scalpel and without fenders. He’s the strongest so when it isn’t possible to go up in front my jacket fixed all the rain that came from above and from the bike ahead of me. Was really hard and while no one managed to keep the wheel of Jonas I was the last one to drop, before we came to Älta. Then Michael caught up me and we rode together for the rest. Magnus who had some problem with his derailleur stopped and took this epic picture:


Finally got to Le Mond for a warm breakfast with Kalle:


Map and stats: Strava

The sound of discbrakes

The thing you expect from autumn in Sweden is 10°, rain and windy. It hasn’t been like that as this autumn has been supergood until yesterday. And today when I was free it was like expected.

But with my POC rainjacket and my Café du Cycliste rainbibs and legwarmers together with a couple of others it was fun to ride anyway. Met up with Anders and Ingvar at Hammarby Sjöstad and rode away on gravelroads and a little asphalt, epic weather and screaming discbrakes.

DSC_0037 DSC_0040

Me on my Crux, Anders on his GT Grade and Ingvar on a Ridley X-Bow with fenders. A little after these pictures we met a group of triathletes including a friend of mine. Rode different ways as we where headed more south and ended doing a lap around Flatenlake. That track around there was really good on cx. A lot of turns, ups and downs on a small gravelroad. Have to do it more often 🙂 In the end we met Magnus who owns Bonne Mecanique and a friend of his. Many nice people out in the wet today.

Ended with thanking for the company and rode to Le Mond for a sunday coffee. And to meet up with the triathletes who came a bit later:


Great little sundayride where the only two things missing was my Asssaver and waterproof shoecovers 😉

Map and stats: Strava

Have to show this too. Am leading the November MTS Challenge in Sweden on Strava 😀 Don’t think I will keep it all month so have to happy as long as it lasts:

november mts