Yesterdays sunny Ronde van Vlaanderen

Some people get better weather than others, some ride faster than others. Not jealous, just want to ride fast in better weather 😉

Highlights from the womens race yesterday with some beautiful views of the ”Swedish” town Zingem:

The Belgians can cheer so much for a Swede. Than we can do better. We need a better fan culture in this country.

Emma Johansson ended 13th. Great ride by Annemiek van Vleuten, I like offensive riders 🙂

BMC filmed inside the peloton and breakaway of the men’s race:

And here is the last 30km of the men’s race. which I have to watch as we followed the last part of the race on the radio in a car towards the airport yesterday.

Happy that my second favorite won 🙂

Ronde van Vlaanderen cyclo

127km today of which 100 was with and 4 degrees. Really cold and misery. But rode with the happy guys Magnus and Johan so became fun even when I was all shaking and freezing after 50km


The best today was managing Paterberg with a lot of people walking alla over the cobbles. Was a bit exhausted afterwards


And with muddy tires. No dry cobbles here


But we rode it all, had a great time and seen how the pro’s ending the race tomorrow


Celebrated with a good lunch at Le Rubin in the centre of Oudenaarde


😉 more about this great trip after I travelled home tomorrow