the sad truth about weightweenies

Many years ago when people rode alu- and steelbikes weightweenies used to drill holes in parts to save weight. Always the easiest and cheapest way to save weight.

Then when modern carbon fibre frames and parts came weightweenies changed parts for carbon, tuning things like derailleurs with dremel and new carbon parts and alu screws. A rear derailleur at 130g and brands like Extralite, Tune, b-t-p, Carbon-Ti, Schmolke and THM Carbones was the thing. AX-Lightness and MCFK came and pushed it further with really light carbon parts and frames.

Then we came to now. When people buying a Tarmac, SuperSIX Evo, R5 or a Colnago C59/60 with Enve wheels, Sram Red groupset but with Clavicula crank and Praxis (!) chainrings. Enve stem, seatpost and bar, or 3T. It all results in a 6kg bike and they call them self Weightweenies. Without change of a single screw or even touched a dremel.

Team Sky talks about this:


What happened to that in cycling. Why are people on Weightweenies using heavy Praxis (I know they are good but anyway) chainrings when Extralite, Carbon-Ti or Tune is so much lighter? Why aren’t people putting a dremel in their Dura-Ace 9000 or Sram Red22 rear derailleur, or even changing pulleys? Why aren’t Extralite bigger and people using Tune U20 QR? Why are people talking about clinchers? Can people even spell to Schmolke?

AC Biturbo mtb wheels

Like a Maserati but from Germany and for your bike. Not the lightest, far from cheap but cool and not so usual like a wheelset with Tune hubs and ZTRrims. Bike Ahead Composites got a all carbon fibre wheelset, a modern light Spinergy:


Carbon fibre wheel with Acros hubinternal. 1169g for 26″ tubular, 1269g for 29″ tubular. 1269 and 1369g for clinchers, saving 100g by getting tubulars 🙂

How it looks on a bike:


The sad thing about them is the price. Compare them with Lightweight for road that isn’t the lightest but very expensive. AC26 and AC29 is around 2700-2800€ depending on wheelset and version.

Eurobike day 2

Starting up with the nicest cyclocross I’ve seen on photos from Eurobike, Look:

A little cleaner bike but with carbon tubulars and lovely FMBtires is the Veloheld:

If you still think mtb as the world championships is held now 29er is the shit. Is it because of Jaroslav Kulhavys sprint explanation at Val di Sole? A light Flash:

Heavy stem and wrong rims but 6982g is sick, here is the spec:

If you want something more timeless my dreambrand has come with a 29er, with 12mm axle rear. Always dreaming of a Paduano Racing bike, lovely italian racingbikes:

Including the right normal fork, german:A Xcite. If it had been complete it would had been the bike of the week. But instead it goes to another italian bike. FM Bikes Doctor Special 29 with nice Dugasttires, Sram XX/Redgears and maybe the nicest saddle (for me at least) on the market. Weight is 6680g

I like color and tuning. And nice integration. FM Bikes stem on this bike is really nice, Like FRM’s integrated and looks really good from the front: