when motivation wasn’t on top

Today walking from work I thought of skip today mtb training as it was raining a little and should be really wet. same as last thursday which was the last time I rode my bike. Coming home I thought that I can join for an hour and ride home afterwards. So stressed with changing clothes, changing QR to BBB with allen key so sits tight, tighten the headset and adjusting the gears. Was a bit stressed to the training too but what a start.

Joined the fast group today but it wasn’t as fast as I thought. Had no problems to follow them and my bike was like a dream except in mud. 29ers rules in mud. But a quick 27,5″ hardtail with a Lefty XLR and Sram XX1. Can’t be more fun XC, can it? The bike is so fast and you got the control and can do whatever you want. I’ve learned my Racing Ralph tires too so know how they react. Was just really fun, especially on singletrack and I even felt fast on the climbs. Love it! 😀

1h passed, 1h40m came and I was faded a bit as I only drank some lemonade before I left home and didn’t eat anything between 14.30 and 19.40. But managed to stay on the wheels and have fun on some singletrack, not even sure someone noticed. In the last part there was some attacking and I sprinted to try to catch but then my energy was gone and I rode alone back to the meeting place Velotel. A couple of hundred meters. Talked a bit and then left to home.

2h17min my watch stopped at 😉 And then, after washing bikes half day at work it looked like this in my garden:


So washed that too before I went up and took a shower. Now it feels in my hole body that I trained today. Legs, arms, back. Such a good feeling 😉

Map and stats: Movescount

The damper is on


My 3 year old Lefty fork is back on my bike. Oldest part, I think. Had to rise my stem 1,2cm but also can take away the left brakelevermounting and use the xloc from the fork to save some weight. So less that 612g heavier 😉 And so much comfortable, and probably a bit faster too.


Cannondale Lefty Speed Carbon XLR is the thing 🙂

What is green and yellow and flies through the forest?

That’s me with Yellow shoes, socks and helmet riding a light Grammo Pako. Joined CK Jarlsberg this evening and rode with their beginner group because I knew the other group will ride fast in the technical parts.

So was an easy ride with some sprints and really felt the difference between a 27,5″ and 29er with tight corners. Is even quicker with the stiff Lucy fork that almost is to easy to lift over things. After about an hour we stopped after a rocky descend and I said that it was hard. That was the moment when the others saw that I was riding a stiff fork and didn’t have any damping. Started to talk about that it wasn’t Birkebeinerittet (Worlds biggest Marathon race here in Norway, mostly on gravelroads). Had some problem with keeping the first wheel when it was a lot of roots but otherwise I learned a lot today. In the beginning it was hard but in the end it felt pretty nice 😀 1,6 bar in the tires helped some too 😉

So 2h nice riding with just one moment I had to help a guy fixing his bike after a crash where he’s rear wheel got loose 😉

Map and stats: Movescount

Cannondale Flash 27,5″!

It is one thing with just changing parts and put in some bigger wheelset in a Flash 26″ frame but when you grind the paint of, you drill a couple of holes to get the hosing for the rear brake integrated. Then you take of unnecessary wire mounts, direct mount, bottle cage parts and put a thin layer of carbon to cover the holes. Then repainting and you saved weight. That is really cool.

This build can be the best Cannondale I’ve seen:

The boring parts is the seatpost that is some YPY thing, should have got a proper AX-Lightness Europa. The bike is worth it. And the Ryde Edge rims isn’t said to be so good so better with a pair of FRM XMD333 instead. And as always, a Tune Komm-Vor saddle 😉

But the rest then? Best brakes, groupset, crank, lightest Lefty (and good too, not just light) and so on. spec:

Frame: Cannondale Flash Hi Mod 2010 26” taglia M
Fork: Lefty DLR SL opi carbon 2010 110 mm
Crankset: Cannondale hollowgram SL 170 mm, Leonardi 122,5 spindle
Chainring: Carbon Ti integral 34t
Rear Derailleur: Sram xx1 tuned by Alessandro and kcnc 12t pulleys
Cassette: sram xx1
Chain: Kmc 11v
Pedals: Look quartz carbon ti
Front wheels: rim ryde edge 27,5, spokes sapim cx ray, hub tune cannonball SL , 32 holes
Rear wheel: rim ryde edge 27,5, spokes sapim cx ray, hub Carbon ti SL, 32 holes
Tires: Schwalbe racing ralph 27,5 x 2,25 version 2012
Sealing: Caffèlatex: 60 ml/tire
Seatpost: YPY carbon 27,5 x 350
Sadde: Fizik antares 00
Handlebar: Schmolke tlo 680mm x 31,8
Stem: Extralite
Steerer tube: Experimental prototype
Brakes: Formula R1 Racing 2014
Rotors: Ashima Ai2 160/160
Bottle cage: Arundel carbon
Seatclamp: Mt Zoom
Shifter: Sram xx1 Twister
Wire housing: Alligator mini i-link

Total weight: 7,28 Kg

More about the build and modifications of the frame here: Light-bikes.it

CX time, Cannondale vs Allebike

Got my bike finished this evening. Not with right tires (or wheels) but ready for riding as my road bike missed its rear derailleur and crankset. Cannondale SuperX <6,3kg:



Also missing a nice chainguide that I’m waiting for a part for. And then less white but still tuned with yellow. Allebike’s new CX with discs at 7,3kg:



1kg more, disc brakes 1×10 Sram without need of chainguide. Yellow paint on the frame that got me in love and proper CXtires. Then the price, we don’t want to know what my bike would cost new so keeps it to the Allebike. With this awesome spec it’s just 22900SEK. Anyone wants to buy a SuperX so I can change? 😉 

Sram XX1 gxp, Tune Race 2.0, Tune Schraubwürger, Schwalbe Racing Ralph

Building a cheaper AMbike went so so, Got a Sram XX1 crankset with a 34t chainring (anyone got a 32t for sale?):

IMAG0624 IMAG0623

Saved some weight changing the 52g Syntace seatclamp to an awesome Tune Schraubwürger:


Sadly no tubular wheels, hope I will survive a while before it’s getting some wider 650b tubulars on the market. So a set of Tune Race 2.0 650b wheels for Sram XX1:

IMAG0622 IMAG0621

Weights are included Stans yellow tape so was lighter than expected. Question is if I should keep the stickers, take them of or change to blue to match?

And got just one tire, we didn’t have more so have to order at work. 2,25″ Schwalbe Racing Ralph 650b:


the odd and the perfect

Not feeling so good after my wound takes like forever to be good. Talked to the nurse today and will try to ride a bike next week or something. Seems like I won’t be able to have a normal life for a long long time 😦 Hoping God can make a big wonder so I can be happy, enjoy life and give some gorgeous ride reports from the beautiful country with landscape made for enjoying.

Until that I maybe can make up something good to blog about. Like some more pictures from the last world cup. The oddest but so cool BH Ultimate:

Representing a European racing bike. Not just the biggest brands, but showing off some cool sponsors and great colours.

But taking it a step up, or more. Because if you can say anything like the perfect bike I found the closest by racing bikes.

Alexandra Engens Ghost HTX Lector 29er. World champion stripes for extra class, 1×11 for clean and easy gearing (1×10 is good to, ask Absalon), AX-Lightness for the lightest and awesome rims and some other parts. Crank Brothers Candy 11 for a really light but still reliable pedals. Straight Engage bar without barends for new school control. Tubulars, always, no reason to not race with tubulars. Rock Shox Xloc, no slow wire, no ugly battery, no problems, just simple and fast. And you want some comfort too so Alexandra found the best saddle if you ask me (got 3 and thinking of one more) with Tune Komm-Vor. Tune it with some cool and light parts from Tune to get the bike look like it’s fast even when standing still and light as a feather as there are too many hard climbs out there. Ending with frame, the heart of the bike and a hardtail is the thing to race on for a rider with technical skills like Alexandra Engen or world champion friends Ralph Näf, Nino Schurter and Julie Bresset.

If you know a better world cup racing bike, you probably can find it in the photo album I found these two bikes in, here: MTB-News

Norco 650b

Many brands coming with 650b all mountain bikes with around 150mm travel. Like Rocky Mountain Altitude and this Norco Sight carbon with 140mm:

Cool thing with this is that it talks about a XX1frame without front derailleur moutns, serious. Then the category I think is missing and dreaming of Cannondale to find. 120-130mm like the Norco Fluid alu with 120mm:

Think a Cannondale Trigger with 650b, 120/70mm travel rear and 130 in front. Just good speced because at the moment even the Trigger Carbon 2 makes me want to have a Trigger. But it says that it’s too tight for 650b so went with a Liteville 301.

But back to Norco. The go all the way and wants to beat Scott Scale 710 with a Norco Revolver, just shot them all down from the podium?

Sub 1000g hardtail frame. Seems pretty nice. More about them here: Bikerumor


Bundesliga Sprint Münsingen

In the book Behind The Stare Sven Nys tells about that he always want to start the season with a win. Alexandra Engen maybe read that , or just like to win. As the first sprint race for her this season was today. MTB-Cup in Münsingen with the most perfect bike, Xloc for fast lock-out and open, XX1 for no worries, AX-Lightness wheels for fast acceleration and a who doesn’t want a Ghost frame with earned world championstripes?

So print this picture, travel to next race and get it signed by the best MTB star from Sweden:



If you in some way just like bikes, then you have a picture here just on the winners bike:



Is there any pro that has a better speced bike? (Know that Cannondale got the Lefty but just one part that is better (or two with the frame) but not the complete package)

Cannondale Scalpel 2011

Amerikanerna kan när de får lite hjälp av europeerna.

Lite småuppdateringar till nästa år som Rock Shoxdämpning, mer svart, konstig Cannondalelogga:

Men det kanske bästa är gaffeln. Innan har man behövt köpa något specialtillbehör eller mecka ihop något eget för att ha lock-outen på styret, eller kört med en ELO. Men nu kommer även Lefty med Xloc (och fin styrstam).