In Sweden we celebrate St Lucia the 13th of December, today so to speak and what suits better then to do it with a Morningspin around Djurgården ending with eating lussekatter at Vahallabageriet which they only bake this day.


Klas didn’t just arrange, fix glögg and took the picture here above, he also was the only one doing a proper instalap:


-6° C made it a slow story, for me even slower as I don’t seem to work as good in the cold… But we all got around 2 laps and got lussekatter. A great start as usual of a working day 😀

Map and stats: Strava

Le Peloton #71

There is something about riding bikes that I like. To come out, get some fresh air and see new places, move my lazy body and meet great people. It’s always there for motivation and won’t be forgotten.


Emil is missing from the picture. Was really icy when I walked home after work yesterday so mounted a studded tire on front for todays Le Peloton. Felt hard and didn’t have the speed. Emil and Christian left us when we came back to Sickla and then me, Claes and Joakim became the grupetto working together.

Not my best day but it was a day and I tried hard so a good training after all.

Map and stats: Strava

Le Peloton #61

First Peloton with studded tires and it was a hard one.


Christian, Sara and Michael was also on studs but they seemed to missed that it was hard. They sailed away and I got dropped way to early. Pushed as hard as I could but it wasn’t going fast or feeling good. It was just my legs hurting. But made it to Le Mond and got to eat breakfast with the fast ones and Kalle:


Maybe trying again without studs on friday.

Map and stats: Strava

Ending with todays outfit:



My favourite summerbibs. Perfect fit and comfort. Now they are just worthless 😦

My 4h sunday ride changed after just 3,5km and extremely icy corner. Starting to get tired of crashing on my hips. Turn back home and felt sorry for myself instead of riding awesome gravel roads with nice people. What a waste.

Went to work and switched to winterwheels and studded tires that made my bike go over 10kg (10,14). And then I walked to bikecafé Le Mond and drank my sorrow with coffee and spending time with some friends.


Let’s hope next week will be a lot better and happier…