World Cup XCO: Mont Saint Anne

What a day, beautiful racing. Started with reading the great news that Jenny Rissveds took 2nd place in Women U23 🙂

The Women elite race with Julie Bresset showing Absalon how to race and was in the lead alone for a long long time, but faded in the end and ended 4th. Katerina Nash took her first world cup win with Maja Wloszczowska second and Tanja Zakelj 3rd. Alexandra Engen 11th.

women flower


Mens race was like I wanted it to be. Nino Schurter vs Julien Absalon after Jaroslav Kulhavy tried to join but faded after first lap. 7 laps and on 4(?) Absalon attacked to put pressure on Schurter on the climb as Schurter is much better in the sprints. Schurter tried to get up to Absalon in the downhil but maybe tried to hard on his Shurterline in the end so punctured and had to stop in the technical zone. Absalon raced his race, awesome as he is when the bike works 🙂 Ended like this:

the one


Behind Schurter got caught up but the chasing group but he and Hermida was stronger so they rode their own race for second. Hermida attacked on the last lap and got some time, took second and showed that he’s not that old 😀 Lovely race except that Fontana maybe got a bit to far down and ended 8th, would liked him on the podium too.

men flower


Absalons chainring broke in Vallnord, Andorra so that’s why he had some problems there. Wolf Tooth or what is he using? Today he rode with a single chainring and MRP or e.Thirteen chain guide and it seemed to work well.

Andorra day 3 WCstyle

A big day up on the mountain today started at 9 with women u23. Jenny Rissveds had some altitude problems but did her best with a hard start, falling down to 9th and then passing two in the end and end up 7th. Awesome girl



Then women elite with a German win with Sabine Spitz. With riders like Marianne Vos


Lisi Osl that I hoped should do a bit better today


Kathrin Leumann that always seems to ride good



Julie Bresset that started showing that it wasn’t a French day today


Eva Lechner that rode well and got a third place


Jolanda Jeff that got 7th


Maja Wloszczowska that started well but faded


And the favorite that didn’t have the best time before with a cold. Rode good first three laps and then she stepped up showing she knows how to race, ended 7th. Awesome


Ann Berglund came 38th. Her the elite swedes


And then we got the crowd, was better than I thought and cheering for Spain and France they were best on




There men elite was fun but a bit sad as something happened to Absalon in the start so he was last. The Czech Merida rider rode for a long time in the front before Schurter caught him on the last lap and won




Ending with saying that I will write about the cool technical things I’ve seen tomorrow and showing a tired Miguel Martinez


Andorra world cup XCE


Was watching the exciting world cup live today on a mountain. Not the most spectators but huge area and fast riders. Start of the women finals:


1. Kathrin Stirnemann – SWI
2. Alexandra Engen – SWE
3. Jenny Rissveds – SWE
4. Jolanda Neff – SWI
5. Linda Indergaand – SWI
6. Nathalie Schneitter – SWI
understandable that the Americans have a hard time seeing the difference between Sweden and Switzerland 😉

And the lovely car that I drive down here, Fiat 500:


Swedish national XCE Championship and Kinna with memories

First the important news of the day. Swedish National XCE Championships today. First Eliminator at national status.

Won did the same who won on saturday in elite. Jenny Rissveds and Matthias Wengelin. Alexandra Engen second in women elite.

Today I rode with a friend who came second at Mariestads MTB Race on some local trails at my mum. Nice to be back on fast and fun trails 🙂 Fast friend so hard ride again but fun and some new small trails too 🙂 Stats and graph here: Movescount

World Cup Nove Mesto

What an awesome racing day. Not the worst to be home laying in the sofa with a cold when it’s such action live on the computer. Alexandra Engen is moving up again. Ranked 2nd in the world and took the lead early in the race, falling back a bit but ended 4th which is a spot better than last week 🙂 Top three here:



Well worth seeing if you missed it. Replay here: Red Bull

And then the mens race. Emil Lindgren got a good start and was in front of Nino Schurter for a while before dropping back. The big favourite Jaroslav Kulhavy riding Burry Stander style with slammed stem (-24°) without top cap went down hard on the Rock’n’Roll section and ended far back. Nino Schurter pushed hard all race with Julien Absalon on his wheel. Like racing should be with the favourites showing how things should be done. Schurter did like last year and attacked in the last climb and took the win again:



A small thing from todays race is that Jose Antonio Hermida Ramos rode Sram XX1 with a chainguide.

Replay of the race here: Red Bull

Scott Scale 650b

For a couple of days I talked about how I liked to ride a Scott Addict but don’t like Scott so can’t get one. Yesterday Scott teased me again and seemed to have made an awesome bike even for us customers. Scott Scale for 650b both in 710 model with light IMP Carbon fibre frame and cheaper 740 with alu frame. But they also made the bike that I like.

Nino Schurter replica, not that my biggest idol is Schurter even when I like him but the features are nice. Special geometry and only available in medium:

Not saying so much for me, but the things I like is the integrated seatclamp:

The yellow colour, you should know that by now 😉

Nice with a Magura fork too instead of Fox, but the most important thing. No small pressfit bottom bracket that Scott used for a while but BB30 on this:

Seems really nice, but it only comes in 200 examples so you got to be fast.

More info and pictures of the normal 650b frames here: Bikerumor

Norwegian, Swiss, Polish and Czech victories today

Start from the last win, Amstel Gold Race that I always seemed boring but today I watched it and found out that is a really nice race with a lot of action. Sad action like Thomas Voeckler broke a collarbone and Philippe Gilbert (man of the day) was in the middle of a big crash that made riders go off road CXstyle.

Awesome end with Roman Kreuziger trying to attack and succeeding as the chasers didn’t chase him down in time. Really good racing and behind him Philippe Gilbert showed the others that you have to try, he almost got the second sprint but started the sprint a bit to early so ended 4th.



Then it was MTB-Cup or Bundesliga race in Münsingen with a lot of fast riders to start, at least in the womens category. Maja Włoszczowska won in front of Adelheid Morath and third was the winner from yesterday. Alexandra Engen:



In Switzerland there was BMC Cup or Swiss Cup with world champion Nino Schurter beating the ex world champion Julien Absalon that maybe got to big wheels this season:



And last race. Straumemilen, a 10km time trial her in Bergen today won by a rider from the elite team in my club, Fana Il 🙂 Ole Andre Austevoll with a bike I mounted 1,5 week ago with Zipp 900 rearwheel glued by me on thursdag 😉 Nice to read about a win after some hours working on this bike:


BMC Racing Cup Schaan

When you see a picture like this you have to read more:



First race in the Swiss Cup that is BMC Cup. U23 ladies podium here. Andrea Waldis won but second is the important, Jenny Rissveds who now is racing for Scott Racing. Came 6th and 7th in the elite category. Nice start for the big swedish talent.

Women elite:

1. Esther Süss

2. Adelheid Morath

3. Katrin Leumann

And the men elite which didn’t end so good for everyone. Marco Aurelio Fontana had to visit the hospital and get som stitches in his arm. Better was it for the big champ, Nino Schurter who took the win in front of Manuel Fumic and Martin Fanger:



Full results here: BMC Racing Cup