NEXT Solution for us who loves Specialized Crux

If you got a Specialized Crux 2016 in carbon fibre like me and want a pair of tubular wheels or more for racing. If your dealer can’t get their hands on a pair of Roval CLX40 in time there is a solution by NEXT Cycling.

They are selling a kit with special endcaps and a modified Ultegra cassette to fit on a regular DT 350 hub. Then you will get space between the cassette and derailleur hanger like you don’t have with a regular hub and cassette:

And of course they got wheelsets too, in 30mm or 38mm:

More info here: NEXT Cycling

Maybe it will come more solutions in a close future, we are thinking of a few that maybe will be awesome 😀

1289g CX wheelset, almost super, almost

You know the feeling when you got a high quality set of hubs, some nice rims and new spokes and putting them together for a wheelset you really wish for?

DSC_0986 DSC_0989

This morning was my plan to finish this wheelset for my cyclocross. Cyclocross is the sport that needs wheels and where you got to have tubulars to go fast without puncturing.

Then it went wrong. DT Swiss spoke calculator showed wrong spokelengths so the spokes was 2mm too short on all places. And of course we didn’t have the right spokes at home. Anyone got 292mm DT Revolution for sale in Stockholm?

Then it was the hardest part. I mounted the cassette and tried it on a bike as a friend was curious if it works with Tune Kong 12×135 rear hub on a bike with SCS spacing. Can say it doesn’t! The cassette lock-ring was laying against the derailleur hanger and my wheelset is worthless for my CX 😦 Maybe I will hear or find a solution tomorrow. But will have to race GP Hasse Mård tomorrow evening with clinchers.

So please hold a thumb we find a way to make them work tomorrow. Otherwise they will go on my roadbike.