Red Hook Crit Milano No. 7 Part 3/3

I travelled to Milano alone but once I came to the racecourse in Bovisa, Milano I called Rickard who was very keen that I came down. Met up with Håkan and a bit later Therese.


It may not look so serious with tattooed people riding around on fixies and look cool. But never seen so many people on rollers and never seen a women’s race go so hard. Serious racing with high fashion.


The people and fashion is  a bit fun with my friend Therese who got style mixed of the clean well dressed Stockholmstyle with some bikehipster attributes 🙂 And she knows a lot of people. She was the one introduced me to the cool girl Keira:


And to the Critleader Ash:


And some other. The atmosphere was relaxed but still very serious and skinsuits a must. No loose jerseys or women with jerseys sliding up far over the hips. And riders where hard, hitting the barriers and just walking from the crash bleeding like the Stockholms fastest, Jacob:


Was great to meet Erik Nohlin, the man behind the Specialized Sequoia too. We may not have the same visions but he is the guy making me interested of riding further and too people that thinks Specialized is the bad giant to be good. A normal person that is changing the world of cycling through one of the biggest companies.

Should mention Lian too, a dutch women I met in Dalsland that take great photos and seems like a normal person just liking cycling. Doesn’t have to be more advanced than that 🙂

I love friends, cycling and style. Red Hook Crit Milano had it all 😀 Thank you who made this trip unforgettable 🙂