Le Peloton #67

It all started like this:


Powder! Came a lot of snow, but a lot of air in it so easy to ride in. Was super fun. Not so many at Urban Deli today as on Wednesday but there were riders:


Magnus and Jesper came after the picture was taken. Magnus and I took the lead, me on tubulars and him on studded tires. Took it a bit easy sometimes to wait for him but rode mostly together until Erstaviksvägen where we turned around. Hard to go so fast when it’s so much snow.

Back to bikecafé Le Mond for a nice breakfast


Got company by 5 more guys a bit later which was nice, and good for the café 😉

A nice little picture of the 22-speed bikes:


A nice start of the day and let’s hope the snow stays fluffy and not get to slushy and bad now. So we can keep on riding and enjoying the beautiful winter landscape.

Map and stats: Strava

The Diverge!

It’s the same every year, next year I will learn to not aim at cyclocross. Today I sold my cyclocross and got a bike that is made for my dreams.


Specialized Diverge Comp Carbon. Was supposed to be a Comp DSW but I work at the best store in the world, Specialized Concept Store Stockholm so it became a Comp Carbon 😉

Compared to my Crux this bike is 15mm shorter, 10mm lower and made for comfort on long bad roads without so much mud. It has Shimano 105 and it’s really smooth.

Normally it has alu parts but that’s no fun or cool so this is a bit rebuilt like my bikes tends to be. But more S-Works than usual:

Toupe saddle, 36/46 chainrings and of course a 40cm wide handlebar.

The bike got cool hipsterthings like a metal plate with the name on:


So how about the ww-ism on the bike then.


Think that is okey as it’s around 9kg out of the box without pedals and bottle cage.

Felt soft riding home in the wrong clothes. Specialized Stix lights is keeping it safe:

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

2016 bikes by Trek and Specialized

Here we go, Trek is talking about releasing a new bike soon. Madone 9 is already out on the roads and the rumors are spreading. Like Merida, More bike than the earlier Madone:

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It’s huge and with integrated front brake, real integrated wiring in the handlebar and a very odd seatmast/seatpost. What do you think?

A bit more normal release is one of the first Specialized Crux bikes for 2016. New paintscheme on the E5 Alloy but looks the same otherwise like in 2015:


The big question is, will it come a cool Crux with Sram Rival1 for me? 😉

new Time pedals :D Xpresso 8

Had 2 pair of Time RXS before that was perfect and working just like they should and looking just like they should. Have read some crap about the first iClic and the 2nd generation wasn’t that light. But now, Time did it again. Reinvented the pedal but with same cleats as iClic and with same system. They did it lighter, even lighter than Speedplay Zero Titanium 😉 and called it Xpresso. The Xpresso 12 is 155g. I bought the second lightest, 8 to save much many and still get a light pedal, announced 195g, was 198:

And got them in a nice box. Double size as a Speedplay but so much more right if you ask me. Saving 36g from Time RXS Carbon makes my bike going closer to 6kg, now at 6013g 😀

Cleats 79g, good but nothing special. Made with a ”cleat” in the middle that seems to make them last longer than Look and Shimano cleats but this new ones are in some plastic so not sure about lifetime on these.