Aero + speed = ViAS

When a bike should be allround it’s usually not best at anything. A bike that is supposed to be best is the new Specialized Venge ViAS. As aero as a TTbike and it’s made to go fast, or faster.


Today I built this beauty. The most aero roadframe Specialized ever created with the fastest regular clincher tires. Red is the fastest colour they say and this in Rocket Red may be even faster. Wheels faster than Zipp 404. Crank stiffer than anything else on the market.

You should see and feel this bike irl, like the Trek Madone 6 I had this got many nice shapes that is hard to see on a flat picture. And every shape there for a reason, not made to brag with, made to beat Strava KOM’s with 😉

Bike of the week

Clean lines but still modern, a bike of my liking, Storck Aernario:


It’s a bike I could have been building for me with a few exceptions. Like the composition:


It’s so clean:


And with a weight of 5,85kg it’s good too 🙂

If you want to read and view more of this beauty you can do it here: Weightweenies

Le Peloton #37

The regular start of a wednesday in Stockholm:

Only difference is my bike without wires and colour 😉

Except that I’m missing the extra punch it felt pretty good today. Felt good up Fisksätra and for the first time I managed to hang on in the climb from Saltsjö-Duvnäs to the roundabout in Ektorp 🙂 Usually get dropped when it flattens out after the steep part.

After Hästhagen we where a group who got dropped from the 4(?) in the front. Rille tried to make everyone go around but didn’t work so good. Kudos to him. Can’t understand people who attacks instead of just help keeping the pace high. Tried to go around too when people in front of me did. Will try to get better on friday and push harder and help more. Got real tired as usual and was a bit nice to go a shorter way to Hammarby Sjöstad and Magnus Johanssons bakery instead of Söder today, but far from as nice place and good breakfast.

Bikes had to stay outside:

But pretty okey weather, but no real summer:

This post could also be about the best bike. My Trek Madone 6.2 I had last year was super in many ways but felt like the frame had a too low toptube and didn’t feel it so well. Today I rode a Specialized S-Works Tarmac Di2 Disc, a size too big after some consulting after work but the ride.

The Tarmac frame is a bit better handling than everything I’ve ridden before and carbon is better then alu like my Allez or an Caad10. It feels a bit soft but answers on everything better so it’s just the feeling of carbon that is stiff in the right way. the Roval CLX 40 disc is maybe not as stiff as Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate but with better comfort and for a better price. Hydraulic disc brakes is just better, maybe I don’t need it but I want it, love the feel. Di2 is smooth and a bit fun but wouldn’t buy it.

The bike wasn’t extreme but better then good. The perfect combination without anything extreme. A bit odd but feels like it’s worth a bit extra as it costs.

Map and stats from today: Strava

The Norwegian National Road Championships

Have been away from wednesday until today to work at the National Road Championships here in Norway. A event that been both with ups and downs. The downs is about 4th places and the ups about winning.

While I wasn’t there Odd Christian Eiking rode with Bergen CK in Team Time Trial and took a bronze.

On thursday, the big Time Trial day with very late start we hoped for a medal or two with our  Reidar Borgersen and Oskar Svendsen. Top riders and Reidar Borgersen felt the pressure extra as Edvald Boasson Hagen wasn’t there and he started last. With a newly mounted SRM crankset and being on the podium last years he knew what it took. And it couldn’t be better than it became. He WON with 1.12 over the second rider, super fun and that proves that development and aerolove is worth it 😀 Oskar Svendsen got 4th with a great ride.

Friday it was Criterium (why do they have that on Nationals?) and we didn’t have the highest ambitions as we only started with 2 riders. But 2 very good riders and when the race broke into pieces we where there and they did a pretty good race even with Øster Hus-Ridley’s 9 riders showing that they should win and took the hole podium.

Yesterday it was the big day. The day when you see riders like Vegard Breen, Lars Petter Nordhaug, Alexander Kristoff and Vegard Stake Laengen come to Norway for just one race one day. But we had Odd that came 4th last week and Reidar that won on thursday.

One rider that knew the course and was in really good shape, one rider that could put on such pressure that the rest just stops. Add 4 other really good riders that all knew what they are capable of.

Was a really interesting race and good to watch except maybe the last meters. Was a breakaway in the end with Odd Christian Eiking, Vegard Breen, Filip Eidsheim and 2 Øster hus riders. Some attacks, some that didn’t want to sit in the front and a big mess. Before last corner the champ Reidar Borgersen caught them and put up the speed a lot. So it ended in a small sprint without a Team Joker win. But Odd that came 4th last road race ended 3rd and is to be known as #superOdd

1. Tormod Hausken Jacobsen – Team Øster Hus-Ridley

2. Filip Eidsheim – Team

3. Odd Christian Eiking – Team Joker

4. Vegard Breen – Lotto Belisol

5. Frederik Strand Galta – Team Øster Hus-Ridley

6. Reidar Borgersen – Team Joker

Well ridden by the hole team and well raced. A pic from the climb:

Campa for the win!

Rode a nice ride with a friend after work today again (good with sunny summer) and talked a lot. Good guy that really knows pro cycling and raced with some of them some years ago. Good life. Map and graph here: TrainingPeaks tour-de-Flesland

The only hard thing on the ride was when I almost break my rear derailleur. A tuned 126g Sram Red derailleur with small MSC pulleys, dremelled outer cage and superlight Fibrelyte inner cage. With a too short chain as the chainstays are longer on my SuperX than on the Caad10. Did know about and knew which gears I could use and shouldn’t. But on a climb I thought I was on small ring in front but wasn’t. Could use 4 gear on the rear with big ring front. Geared but it didn’t work, tried again and then it got stuck. On second on the rear and the big front. Cage was stuck straight with the cassette. Got the wheel out, the chain down on the small ring in front and then it worked. Nothing broken, nothing bent. Sram quality 😀

But Sram isn’t the best I came up with yesterday. Look at last years Tour de France. Voeckler was in breakaways and got the yellow jersey, riding a Colnago C59 with Campagnolo Super Record. Cadel Evans wan the hole thing with BMC and Campagnolo Super Record. This year Cadel Evans BMC team has changed to Shimano, doesn’t work so good for Evans as he is puncturing, cracking and losing time on the yellow jersey. So earlier this weak. Fredrik Kessiakoff got the polka dot jersey, with a fast Specialized Tarmac SL4 with new Sram Red. A fast bike, a good climber and some really nice Corima wheels. All okey. But then comes Voeckler, Campagnolo Super Record this year too and on Campagnolo Hyperon Ultra wheels. Kessiakoffs bike is one of the best but doesn’t have Campagnolo. Voeckler takes the jersey and then get some more points to secure it. Celebrate like this:

Bora for the flat course of course. So, if you want to cheat in a way that is allowed by UCI, use Campagnolo. And personally I think that yellow suits Voeckler better than this polka dot, was more fitting on Kessiakoff.

And the question: As Voeckler had the Yellow jersey last year, got the Polka dot this year and is too old for the White jersey. Will he get the Green next year?