I’m not an aerofan but I do understand the aero advantage. And I like bikes like Storck Aernario (I know it doesn’t look so aero). Usually aero bikes got brakes that has less drag than braking power but the future seems to get it all. Aero and good brakes, will they be comfortable enough for Paris-Roubaix soon too?

Anyway, BH upgraded their aero G6 to a G7. The biggest change is the discbrakes

As it is new for 2016 it of course got 12mm axles front and rear too. You don’t want it to flex when you go fast, do you?

BB386 like usual for BH. I’m not such big fan of it but probably good if you got the right crankset. Clean aerobike with the only thing that looks cheap and in the wrong place is the stem 😉

Le Peloton #39

Today I found out the ”bad” thing with riding Le Peloton. It never goes faster, it just get harder.

A big group today and it felt pretty good. I tried to hang on, did more turns than usual and never got dropped for real. Up to Fisksätra it felt ok but afterwards it maybe was the hardest thing I’ve done on a roadbike. I was very close to drop up Hellas but claimed me on a wheel. And coming to Älta trying to cover a gap in the front I felt like I should throw up. But i was still there. Did well up Lindalen and I was there. After the last straight I tried to hang on another guy who attacked and caught him with my legs standing straight out, rised again and pushed all I had to the Enskededalsign.

Not the fastest Peloton I’ve done but the hardest. And it was a great time. Great to feel good and feel the difference from spring where I got dropped real early. Let’s hope this will continue.

Ended as usual at café Le Mond and today we got cake to celebrate Nils and Johanna’s wedding. Two great pelotoners. Didn’t got them on a picture but one from Le Mond. Inside today as it was raining a bit:

And the bike making it all be possible for me. My fastest bike I’ve owned:

Map and stats: Strava

coffeeride without coffee but with great people

Sometimes you just got it. Haven’t ridden my roadbike since saturday and felt the resting in my legs. 29,6km/h to work and a personal record I think. After a good day at work seeing THE cx of 2016 I met up wit 8(?) others for a great ride in the sun.

Rode in front feeling good, attacked after a while. Rode fast on a flat section before trying to take some wind but was a bit too hard. Caught my breath for a second and then up the first real long climb. 1,2km with a couple of flat sections. Didn’t attack in the start but pushed on a bit and got Emil’s wheel on the flat middle section. Attacked in the last climb and it was hard, but felt good.

Did some attacks, laughed a bit, enjoyed the company and sun and. Cafécykling from Le Mond is really nice with natural intervals with different types of people. After passing Skurubron on the way back me and another guy aimed for the first climb, and Strava segment. 200m segment at 9% for the steepest part. Didn’t start to hard but when it got steep I showed how fast a Allez can be, geared the wrong way in the middle so had to slow down and gear back down before I pushed again. A bit too far but today it felt like I could push even when it felt really hard. Got a KOM 😀

So fun ride, here some of us:

Map and stats: Strava

And a picture from Emil:

Le Peloton #38

Last ride on the borrowed Tarmac this morning. Met up with a few others:

Just one group and mostly strong riders. But not so many helping keeping the speed high. Was hard today but up to Fisksätra it felt ok even when the heart rate was high and I didn’t keep up with the fastest in the last climb. Dropped back a bit up to the Ektorp roundabout but people to keep up and for me to sit on the wheel of.

A gap up Hellas but Rille and a little bit of me got back up afterwards and hanged on to Älta. Was up in front for a bit but up Lindalen I was just cooked. 5 guys got away with me and another guy from CK Valhall chasing behind but lost more than we gained. We rode together the last part sharing the work, not so fast but worked good together.

Ended at the place to be a wednesday and friday morning. bikecafé Le Mond:

A bit cold but sun is sun 😉

Had changed stem on the Tarmac today for a bit better fit and it felt better 🙂 Great to try one for real before buying and it feels so great balanced, a fun bike that works for riding fast with. Even with a weight of 7,26kg 😉 Mine will be a bit lighter, better looking and even better working, but with one wire more.

Map and stats from today: Strava

Cannondale Caad12: So good they skipped a Grade

When companies release new bikes that should 15% better of this and 12% better of this and 50g lighter than that and looks in a complete different way. Then you know the old one wasn’t so good.

But when you make a bike that is 170g lighter, has 50% more compliance with a fork where they saved 40g, made it 6% stiffer and with 12,5% more compliance. And it looks the same as the old one?

Welcome Cannondale Caad12:

caad12 caad12 disc

When Specialized and Trek started to get closer they did something and they seemed to have done it good.

What do you think?

They saved over 200g on the disc version. If I would ride Cannondale I would have been choosing between caad 12 disc or Synapse disc. Can’t understand why they not making a disc version of the SuperSIX Evo as Cannondale seems to think it’s so perfect? A Specialized Tarmac disc is beating every Cannondale SuperSIX Evo in every place you need to brake.

Really like the new Caad 12. Specially the Caad12 105 disc, great spec and a great design. Discs is the future in my world.

Juin Tech Semi-hydraulic discbrake for road/cx

Sram got hydraulic discbrakes for road/cx, so do Shimano. But what about riding Campagnolo with disc brakes? What I knew before it was mechanical calipers, some good like TRP Spyre. But also semi-hydraulic like TRP Hy/Rd that was on mostly of this seasons Specialized cyclocross bikes. But a caliper looking like this:

It looks a bit overkill, specially with a weight of 195g.

A TRP Spyre SLC is a lot lighter at 156g:

So is there others? I googled and found Juin tech:

Sleaker design than TRP Hy/Rd but same function if I can understand it right. And with a weight even beating mechanical calipers:

2 calipers, 2 rotors and all screws needed for just £150. Anyone tried? Is this the way to ride if I want to ride Campagnolo with disc brakes?

More info about them here: Edge Sports UK

Win like a Sir


Not my dreamresult but Wiggins seemed to be at another level and rode faster than everyone else. Even with a old Shimano Dura-Ace 7900 crankset. Sad that Shimano can’t fix a new crank and men size chainrings for him. But like the brakelevers he got.

I was cheering for Tony Martin today ut he ended 2nd. Don’t think there is any pro cyclist that can wear a cycling cap more stylish than Martin.

Extra sad is that Wiggins ending his road career this week to compete on Track instead. So the most beautiful kit (World Champ) won’t be shown next year. Really sad. I prefer a winner that is racing in the winner kit year after no matter if it’s a national or world championship win.

Campagnolo Bora Ultra 35 wheels

New wheels from Campagnolo in the perfect height if you ask me. 35mm. In the middle of low profile Hyperon and high profile Bora. With the G3 spoke pattern on the rear, same options with One with USB (Ultra Smooth Bearings) or Two with CULT (Ceramice bearings). And as it should be, just tubulars.

With beautiful carbon fibre hubs and maybe the best looking Quick Release type as always:

CULT is Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology

And the weight then, 1230g for the pair. Not extreme in any way but just good quality. More pictures and info here: Bikeradar

new Time pedals :D Xpresso 8

Had 2 pair of Time RXS before that was perfect and working just like they should and looking just like they should. Have read some crap about the first iClic and the 2nd generation wasn’t that light. But now, Time did it again. Reinvented the pedal but with same cleats as iClic and with same system. They did it lighter, even lighter than Speedplay Zero Titanium 😉 and called it Xpresso. The Xpresso 12 is 155g. I bought the second lightest, 8 to save much many and still get a light pedal, announced 195g, was 198:

And got them in a nice box. Double size as a Speedplay but so much more right if you ask me. Saving 36g from Time RXS Carbon makes my bike going closer to 6kg, now at 6013g 😀

Cleats 79g, good but nothing special. Made with a ”cleat” in the middle that seems to make them last longer than Look and Shimano cleats but this new ones are in some plastic so not sure about lifetime on these.