many tips, info and news

First a friend tipsed me about the coolest bottle cages available, or soon available. Vincero Design Edge 16. Using a magnet that keeps the bottle in place and no shaking bottles, pretty sleek without bottles too:



Next up is Julie Bresset. Thought she won the World Championships on Shimano XTR. But maybe not, check here Di2 modded bike:


The the best tireproducer in the world: FMB is doing the things Challenge tries to do. They got a mtbtire (Challenge thread) for both 26″ and 29″. And you can buy it as you can’t with Challenge’s mtbtire (Link to FMB):


And last but not smallest, THM Carbones comes with a Clavicula M3 crank for mtb and a tapered Scapula fork (link to Bikerumor):


The best won! Marianne Vos!

Like I wrote yesterday. There was two people I wanted to win. Emma Johansson ended 3rd in the bunchsprint, okey but it was 3 riders before here. An group with Marianne Vos, Elizabeth Armitstead and Olga Zabelinskaya. Vos started the sprint and Armitstead tried to hang on and pass but couldn’t manage it. GOLD FOR MARIANNE VOS!


Maybe not the best looking cyclist but absolutely the best cyclist on road. A racer than win a sprint, that can attack and win, that can win on a roadrace, on a velodrom and the best, she’s dominating Cyclocross. A complete rider for bikes with drop bars, a rider that tries and wins. No one can complain when a rider like her wins here first Olympic road race. Just to smile and enjoy when the show it on tv that isn’t so usual with womens racing. But hoping for more coming.