Sidi 2013 (Wire and Drako)

Was at a sportsfair with some people from work yesterday. Felt new Dura-Ace 9000, a little more on EPS, Rock Shox Monarch with Xloc. Compared Eggbeater and Candy, saw the lines on a Bianchi Oltre and had a guy talking about a 650b Scott Genius all day.

But nothing is close to the best with the fair. A small stand with some italian shoes. Also had a little Wilier, Wheeler and BH but not so interesting (no BH mtb). But Sidi coming with a new shoe. I like my Ergo 3 Carbon but they are a little to loose in front so have to tighten a couple of times. Then they are perfect. Or was.

Check this Sidi Wire Carbon Vernice:


Two things to turn with very small exact clicks and and fit that no one can be compared too. Never felt a better shoe. And it’s available for mtb too, Drako is the name then:


The sole is a bit lighter but still stiff and a new feature on the mtbshoe. They put a titanplate where the cleats are sitting. So instead of wearing down and ruining your shoe when riding with worn down cleats you can just change that plate. Sidi and spare parts, like Campagnolo that has everything. With the difference that the distributor in Norway is said to have parts in stock too 🙂

I got to have a pair or two for next year 😀