Engage + b-t-p = nice brakes

Got some brakeshoes and pads today, but missing a pair of shims so only front brake that is complete yet. b-t-p brake shoes with yellow swiss stop (will be a bit lighter with Reynolds pads later):


b-t-p writes 44g for 2 pairs with yellow swiss stop, dreamweight? Anyway it’s light and looks pretty good mounted too even if I got bad light and not the best camera (a.k.a phone) or what do you say?



Will get a pair of end caps for the wire tomorrow, only had silver at home.

So for a pair of Engage Gavial it’s 184g which is 24g lighter than Ciamillo Negative Gravity GSL tuned which I thought of 😀 Thanks to good friends and R2-bike for the weightsaving of over 100g from Campagnolo Super Record 🙂