The Specialized Allez for you


The bike I’ve ridden the most is up for sale. Got new wheels, tires, tubes, cassette, chain and bar tape in the end of last season and now it’s just hanging collecting dust. As my heart seems to dream of Italian things all the time I’m selling this beauty for an older more classic bike.

Are you interested?

Size 52.

Price around 16000SEK. Send an e-mail to me at cerrol.jl (at) for more info and buying. Can be this years best deal if you want a really good alu frame with very good components.

new Time pedals :D Xpresso 8

Had 2 pair of Time RXS before that was perfect and working just like they should and looking just like they should. Have read some crap about the first iClic and the 2nd generation wasn’t that light. But now, Time did it again. Reinvented the pedal but with same cleats as iClic and with same system. They did it lighter, even lighter than Speedplay Zero Titanium 😉 and called it Xpresso. The Xpresso 12 is 155g. I bought the second lightest, 8 to save much many and still get a light pedal, announced 195g, was 198:

And got them in a nice box. Double size as a Speedplay but so much more right if you ask me. Saving 36g from Time RXS Carbon makes my bike going closer to 6kg, now at 6013g 😀

Cleats 79g, good but nothing special. Made with a ”cleat” in the middle that seems to make them last longer than Look and Shimano cleats but this new ones are in some plastic so not sure about lifetime on these.

The TTbike you should have for 2013

Have had Argon18 E-116 as a favorite before but not after today. A time trial frame should if you ask me have integrated brakes, integrated wires that doesn’t make a huge bend and look ugly and it shouldn’t have the name Trek on. A thin top tube like Bianchi Crono D2 used by Barloworld is never wrong too. Or why not integrated stem like Vinokourovs BMCbike. Integrated seatpost is always cool but not a must.

Today I started to mount the bike with worlds most famous/hated seatpost. Cannondale Slice RS Ultegra. Was like this when I went home:

It’s the bike that no one can just pass without stop and take an extra look. It’s just strange in so many ways but in real it is so cool. The seatpost maybe look like shit but feel it, almost thin as an iPhone makes it stop less wind as any other seatpost. It has so many different so the best way to get an idea is to see one in real.

It has become my favorite and if it still is so after tomorrow when I will finish it with all wires (seems pretty easy and perfect) and maybe lower the aerobars a bit.

But think about it, this frame with Campagnolo Record, 3T Brezza II handlebar and Bora/Ghibli wheels and you got it. From the front:

So anyone wants to sponsor me? 😀