Totland with Leif and some CX

In Gothenburg it was like yesterday. Matthas Wengelin won the mens race and Angelica Edvardsson the womens. In the Benelux countries it wasn’t the same. Grote Prijs Mario de Clercq today with Sven Nys dominating in the mud while Tom Meeusen and Kevin Pauwels crashed hard:



Don’t know so much about the womens race except that Nikki Harris won and here is a picture from Cyclephotos:



Here in Bergen I was out riding my SuperX with Leif on his Merida 28er. Tuned my bike with some red today:



But the biggest tune was that I changed chainring. 42t is a bit hard when climbing with 12-25 cassette. Changed for a Experimental Prototype 36t ring instead which suited my Experimental Prototype chainguide nicely. Great combo with a 36t today and you can ride pretty fast with it too, maybe I’ll let it be on for next weekend too. 77g is it so probably a bit lighter than my FRM ring too, have to check tomorrow.

Great ride with some wrong ways, didn’t remember Klosterrittet all but got some nice training. And in perfect autumn weather. Here is a picture on the way back with a bit of Leif:


Stats and map here: Movescount

Rolling through Bergen city in this awesome weather with an empty stomach made me stop at Bryggen for an ice cream 🙂

IMG_20131013_145637 IMG_20131013_145655


Love to ride in the autumn. Think it’s even better than the summer here in Bergen. So beautiful colors.