Vaxholm ride the bad way

Woke sunday morning after being out a bit late and was tired and felt a bit slow. Had felt slow all week so wasn’t strange. Ate breakfast and rolled down to Le Mond to meet up with some friends. Came early so helped Sandra taking out tables and chairs before the others came. And I drank a coke instead of a coffee.

Had planned of going easy and felt ok in the beginning. Great autumn weather but a bit chilly I thought. Didn’t have any power at all when it was free speed for a while and the fast ones just dropped me. Tried my legs in the first climb at Bogesund but half way up I dropped myself…

Saved by a ferry with the faster people that enjoyed the ride:

Some guys wanted to take the Strava KOM between the ferries but I didn’t even gave the slightest effort to hang on. Waiting for the second ferry:

But managed to smile with Emil and Ena 😉


Managed to hang on the team time trial after the second ferry to Siggesta Gård for a fika. Then it went a bit slower down to Gustavsberg with bad cycling paths and so on. From Gustavsberg we rode Lagnövägen and I thought it would go to fast for me but managed to sit on wheel and got an average of 37,5km/h those 5,8km.

Instead of going over Kummelnäs like the others I rode straight home, took every shortcut I could. A good summary of the ride:


sunny and me a bit behind, at least mentally.

Map and stats: Strava

After coming home, taking a shower and laying cold on the sofa I thought if I was sick. 38,9° C and the termometer showed that I got fever 😦 Being home from work two days and not being so off for a very long time. But impressed be able to ride so fast feeling so bad 😉 That’s why I haven’t blogged so much either. Will try to get better feeling and blogging, about things like S-Works World Champions and so on 😉

Don’t miss the women Time Trial World Championships today!

Riding fast, going by ferries, enjoying the sunshine

Sunny sunday today and is there anything better than enjoying it with 2 good friends riding nice roads? Met up with Emil and Jimmie at bikecafé Le Mond today and headed through city to go to Vaxholm, like around Lidingö 😉

Stopped at a café at Siggesta Gård and got some fika too

Awesome ride that felt better than I thought after the ride yesterday and as it was my 6th day in a row of training. No training tomorrow, just commuting 🙂

Map and stats of the 4h today: Movescount

Now I hope you’ve cycled today or watched the XCO World Cup. Otherwise there should be replays of it available now 🙂