The new Crux!

13 months ago I got a Specialized Crux Elite X1. Was a great cxbike but I gave up and went gravelgrinding with a Specialized Diverge Comp Carbon 3 months later.

This year my plan was Adventures, ride new roads and explore with Transferrides, Emileadventures and Basemilecamps. Wanted to follow the new hype. Specialized made the Sequoia which seemed perfect, who doesn’t want a cool fast steelbike made for everything? but it won’t arrive before the end of November…


So until that I got a Crux again 😉 Got a alu frameset, alu handlebar and a used Sram Red crankset with a Garbaruk Melon chainring. Borrowed a couple of awesome custom Roval wheels and got a pair of cheap Chinawheels which are waiting for tires and a cassette. Took the Force1 parts from my Tarmac, got a saddle and mounted it all together.

It may not be the flashiest Cyclocross in Stockholm but it’s really good for the money. After all the thing you’re after is the geometry and framestyle for the your riding and Specialized knows their cyclocross 😀

Thanks to Specialized Concept Store Stockholm and specially Patrik who let me borrow his wheels and gave me a saddle 🙂



And the weight then: 8,16kg, don’t think it will be so much lighter with the new wheels but maybe some as I’m changing QR and rotors too. Now I’m ready for autumn

Without the cx

Yesterday morning I rode my Tarmac for the last time this year to work. Dismounted the Force1 levers and brakes and got them ready to be mounted on my new cyclocross. A Specialized Crux aluminium frame had been ordered before I left to Canada and after some hassle it should come yesterday. Planned to build it up after work and ride it tonight and on CX Peloton tomorrow.

The frame didn’t arrive, Postnord doesn’t say anything and it didn’t arrive today either. Called Postnord who would look into it and get back to me, strange.

So without a working roadbike, without a cyclocross it should be hard to ride Peloton tomorrow or anything else. But I work at the best store, Specialized Concept Store Stockholm which has some good testbikes. Got to borrow a Specialized Tarmac Expert and a couple of Roval CLX60 wheels from a colleague 🙂


Black and white, many gears and pretty awesome. Took it for a little test on my way home and rode to Sköndal and met up with the CXguys celebrating CX Sthlm group was 5 years 🙂 And got company by Birjer on the road home afterwards.

It’s a really nice bike except the handlebar is 4cm wider than what I got on my tarmac and it’s not an S-Works. But I don’t know about rimbrakes, feels strange when I’m used to discs now…

Map and stats: Strava

Matched the bike with a black and white Café du Cycliste kit and S-Works shoes and helmet too 😉


1st CX race of 2016

and the first one with my Diverge. There is a little Christmas cup here in Stockholm which I missed yesterday but rode today. In Sköndal today so on the standard course but with snow. 11 riders getting ready for the start:


1 Specialized Diverge, 2 mtb, 2 Cannondale and 6 Specialized Crux 😉

As you see there wasn’t so much snow but it was a couple of centimeters loose snow on the top so we had to have some skills to ride good, not that I had but it was fun and good training.

Erik Greijus won men adult and Marika Wagner won the women’s category. I came 7th out of 8 in men adult after 46min of racing.


(pictures of me by Paul Greijus)

Great to be able to ride with white socks and shoes in the winter too 🙂 Style is the thing when I’m not fast 😉

Worked to cross with a Diverge too, with tubulars everything works. The bike felt really nice without heavy wheels, studded tires and fenders.

But now it’s time to change the wheels for tomorrows ride and mount long fenders, lights and a bottle cage again…

Ending with a video from the first lap by Magnus who came 6th:

She Rides weekend

You know when you have a weekend with a lot of biking planned and you start to loose the grip on a slippery grass corner and get a bit less skin on your hip? Then it’s good to not be alone and just feel sorry for yourself and instead enjoying to ride a bike with a beautiful girl like this:


and as a tribute to the day before I had Le Mond kit and we ended the ride with a coffee at bikecafé Le Mond:


Then we left for Rönneberga on Lidingö for a weekend planning the bright future of She Rides which is a great community for women cyclists in Sweden. Rode some mtb together too:


DSC_1096 DSC_1098

had a nice view:


and I used my new cool shoes I got from David, Patrik and Lisa in birthday present 🙂


After a nice sleep and some good breakfast and to learn about Prehab and Rehab from Access Rehab it was time for riding again. Today I got a bike in my size and a full suspension, Scott Spark 27,5″:

DSC_1104 DSC_1106 DSC_1110 12138555_10153077729357204_6129487312771882651_o 12074727_10153641592288427_3399057059350274689_n

Fun to try and haven’t ridden 27,5″ all year, felt small. Met the big guys (Johnnie and Andreas) and I got to try a 29+ Trek Stache a little, that’s big:

DSC_1109 DSC_1108

Great weekend with great people and a lot of fun 🙂 Specially to Jessica and Jaime:


Went back to Stockholm and packed and changed clothes to get the best end of the weekend. Was out with some friends and ate dinner together, Niklas missing in this blurry picture but thanks to Rille, Camilla and Linda and Niklas 🙂


Sköndal CX and the 1st World Cup of 2015/16

My day started bad today, slept to long so missed the women Cyclocross World Cup race in Vegas, just woke up to see the last 4 laps of the mens race. If you too missed it you can watch the replays here:

Started the working day with rebuilding my tubular front wheel with the right spokes, planning to finish it tomorrow and hopefully the rear too. Was raining today but when I quit work the sun was shining and I went straight to Sköndal some irl cxaction. A bit too much action as when I came there they said 15 seconds to start. Took of my backpack and clicked in and the race was on. Slippery after the rain but felt pretty ok and those training sessions is so good quality.

1st heat went ok, 2nd I thought of skipping the last, 3rd I got a good start but dropped to the same position as earlier and was the last rider doing the 2 laps. Checking my watch now my lap times was around 30 seconds slower than usual. Thinking of resting instead of Le Peloton tomorrow…

But was a nice group after all heats:


By Birjer before the last heat:


It’s fun with a standing training like this and where everyone can join no matter how good you are. 2 girls joined for the first time today and seemed to have fun too 🙂 Every cyclocrosser is welcome no matter which club the ride with 😀

Map and stats: Strava

On the way home me, Birjer and Joel stopped and washed our bikes Pro style:


CX as it should be

Got a proper seatpost today no carbon CG-R but an alu Tune Starkes Stück, trying to keep a budget here:

Got a bit later from work than planned so missed the first lap (can be seen in the background of the first picture). Hanged on their 2nd lap and got in racemood.

2nd heat with normal start and I had some problems clicking in but then it was an awesome race. Many riders all over the place and people to pass (and to get passed by), always with people around keeping the pace high. Felt like I started a bit to hard but managed to survive the 2 laps.

3rd heat and we tried a new thing. Slowest first and fastest last in a line with rolling start. Great way to train on passing people and get passed by on the tight track. Ended around same place as usual but kept the guy that beat me in the 2nd heat behind so was happy 🙂

No matter how I ride I’m getting almost the same laptimes, strange. Only the first CX tuesday that was a bit slower. And today I think it was the first time I wasn’t fastest with clinchers (1 guy ahead of me). Small class as most people ride with tubulars that is a huge advantage in CX. Will start building tubular wheels for me tomorrow 😀

A couple of pictures by Joel from today:


Great CX scene in Stockholm and great people to train with. So happy for that. And my Crux is working perfect, best CX I’ve had even thou it’s one of the heaviest too (will be changes with the new wheelset). Will be fun racing in the local series on friday with the big GP Hasse Mård race 🙂

Map and stats from today: Strava

same CX

2 weeks ago, my first CXtraining on my Super Crux 😉 It was heavy and with Terra mud tires. I was new to the CXcourse. Did laps around 5.30.

Today 2 weeks later with 640g lighter CX, faster tires with Tracer in front and Trigger rear on a course that got some rain on and with good grip (mostly). My laptimes are the same 😦 the starts where better, everything felt better. Rode 3 heats with 2 laps each as earlier. The 3rd heat ended with a sprint with a guy behind my that wanted to pass but never came past, was really hard but fun.

Today we also rode with chips to secure places and be PR0 😉

As usual I think I was the fastest with clinchers 😉 maybe that’s the problem. I need tubulars to go faster. And I need to find my CXpedals a.k.a Eggbeater 4Ti.

Maybe you will get more pictures from today as we had a guy working as crowd, starter, race leader and photographer 😀

Map and stats: Strava

First CX training

Some things in Stockholm is just great. The CX community is one of those things. To be able to train with friends and people you don’t know in an easy way that helps all of us get better. Every Tuesday it’s one of those times when it’s training in Sköndal on the CXtrack there.

Rode together with a friend there and met up the others. Around 10 riders this evening and the plan was to ride 2 laps 3 times with a bit of rest between.

First lap to get to know the course for me, second to be passed by one more guy and ended 5th.

Second round I was more prepared but hit my pedal in something in the first corner so my rear flew a bit but saved it and continued after dropping a couple of places. Chased and it felt hard but good so was able to pass a couple of guys. Passing and getting passed by others on a tight track is also great training. To find places to pass.

3rd round we got company by Alexander too who also got a new CX. Carbon and Sram Rival 1, but with a Force 1 rear derailleur. That derailleur seemed to be fast because after a slow start by him he passed me and two others and not so far after he got up in the lead. He was fast for real 😉 I rode as good as I could.

A great training season and got company by Birjer on the way home.

A pic of half of the riders afterwards:

Did I mention my Crux felt awesome? And after today it will be lighter and even better 🙂 hydraulic disc brakes is a huge improvement even in the dry, feels so easy and you can brake with one finger without so much effort, perfect 🙂

Map and stats: Strava

2xlap times was 11.09, 10.55 and 10.54