My plan was to ride with Nilas and his friend to Färingsö or with Valhall and climbing intervals. After some internetting I got company by Eva and Emil outside Specialized Concept Store and we convinced the three guys training with Valhall to join the ride Nilas announced. And Rille joined us too, already a nice group. Met more people at Lindhagsplan and Simon joined when we rolled so the ride Nilas did with his friend ended up with over 10 fast riders chasing the sunset.

Fast pace first and then out on FRA-lap where we went fast for real I got dropped half way. Chased and passed Simon that didn’t feel good and Mattias who joined me a bit after. We chased and chased and finally we got up to the group ”riding slow on the cycling path”. A short talk and then it was full on again. Rode smarter and aimed to just hang on, I didn’t and got dropped in the end again.

Team time trial back and it felt hard but good. Was happy while chewing on my bartape. Got dropped when it was a bit messy and some went on the cycling path and some on the road. Tried to hang on Birjers wheel but couldn’t. Got company by Jacob and we rode the last bit of Färingsö together.

The we took it ”easy” on the cycling path back to Drottningholm and I did all I could to hang on Eva’s wheel. Håkan helped me a bit.

Then we rolled easy to Alvik (full sprints sometimes) and thanked everyone for an awesome evening.

I was one of the weakest, I got dropped many times, I got too fast friends. But it was great, awesome training, great intervals and it motivates me to get faster. Stockholm may not be the best place to ride a bike but the people are great. And the dinner afterwards was great, friendship the easy way 😀

Map and stats: Strava

Pictures by the Swedish M40-45 champ Rille:

Älgö to Färingsö

Asked Anders if we could go a bit slower to Älgö than usual this morning, didn’t got any answer nor did he show up. Instead came 5 riders that usually does Morningspins on Djurgården and my SUMOfriend The Joker. The morningspinriders are very nice guys but regret a little that I invited them, they are really fast. Almost got dropped in the first climb, but took a good bite in my bartape and as vice guide I had to show or shout out the route at least 😉

Short turns with goal to survive made it good, ended with a PR and 2nd best overall on the route. Map and stats: Strava

Ended it all with a great breakfast at Vivels, sat there for 2h and met 4 other friends there too. Lovely place in Hammarby Sjöstad 🙂

älgö morningspin

Bad thing is that I think I drank a bit too much coffee and my stomach wasn’t good on all day, was thinking of cancelling my evening ride but thought I could make it short instead. So after working I went to Le Mond and met up 5 others riding towards Färingsö. Missed Carmen and Elvira who I looked forward to ride with and missed the easy pace. Did my best to ride easy and did okey with that pace 😉

cafecykling Färingsö

Map and stats from that ride: Strava hmm, was a lot of PR there, strong guys taking turns today it seems 😉 Was more focused on keeping the heart rate down instead of looking at speed 😉

Suns out, guns out

What can be better on a sunny day to ride my favorite roadbike? Planned an easy ride to Ösmo, or maybe Nynäshamn alone. Changed plans a bit while riding to have a break in Ösmo and then continue almost to Södertälje to get some new roads and variation. Thought it would be longer but was shorter.

Magic weather and first training in short-short this year 🙂 But no one is perfect, forgot my pedals at work yesterday so had to ride with mtbshoes, luckily my S-Works mtb shoes are pretty good too 😀


My S-Works Tarmac felt great today too, didn’t think it would be as fast as it was, felt good.

The ride: Strava

Finished the day with going up to Fiskartorpet and check the 1st race in the Stockholms roadbikecup. Great racing and met a lot of nice people 🙂 You should watch racing if you can, it’s fun.



Le Peloton #83

Summertime, spring and blue skies. Cyclists have found their way out from trainers and Monarks.


Jonas, Nils, Rille, always happy Patrik and Christer where there. Sara Penton is home, Johanna leading the 3rd group and me and Magnus who does everything we can to hang on to the 1st group. 40-50 cyclists in total today and the speed went up.

When being around 40 cyclists doing 40km/h next to the sea an early sunny wednesday morning, then you know why you went out of bed in the middle of the night. When you feel the power pushing the peloton up to Nacka Forum and seeing the misery from Skarpnäck.

So hard but still so friendly. Everyone are welcome and everyone should follow traffic rules with redlights and such things.

Everyone should also have a breakfast afterwards, as it’s the best place to brag about how hard it was and how good it felt, how you passed the fast ones.

As my Tarmac has some problem with the drivetrain (much resistance) I glued a pair of Specialized tubuars on my carbon CXwheels and took the Diverge this morning. It may be a gravelbike but it’s so good and so fast. 7,9kg (incl multitool) ultimate bike.


Also can recommend riding with a scarf. Not as warm as a buff but it looks stylish and makes life feels better. Today sporting Specializeds best oversocks and the best oversocks and bikebrand ever made what I know:


Map and stats: Strava