Fight for your right

The shape isn’t coming, the beautiful rides with great people aren’t coming to you. You have to get it yourself and get in the right groups knowing the right people and knowing the right roads.

I joined a cafécycling ride from Le Mond today with Emil and some other fast cyclists. Me and Emil have been riding lots of times together, last time he dragged me around Race Across Skåne. I’m used to be in the front of these rides and can attack Emil on uphills and downhills if I want.

Today I started with cake at Le Mond to be extra fast downhill:


We had the best autumn weather there is, love Sweden:


And sure I was in the front a bit but mostly like this:


The feeling when you try to push on but it doesn’t work, or when you attack on a climb and the heart rate goes like a rocket and you drop again. Emil says he doesn’t got any top but sure his tempo is hard enough to just hang on to. 😉


Except I’m in bad shape and not used to being the one sitting at the back trying to hold on sometimes it was a magic ride. Mostly asphalt but some nice gravel too, and some tricky:


And I’m still taking it a bit easy and not want to crash again so soon. Takes time to be able to ride as fast as the bike can go in a group, on gravel or in the descents.

It’s all a mindgame riding a bike. To dare go fast, to be able to get a bit loose on gravel or on a singletrack. And not giving up. To think you’re good enough to ride with the fast people and to think that the suffering ends just when you get home again.

To help my mindgame today I had great friends (new and old), favorite weather and cool socks (cool but warm as they are merino):


If you think text doesn’t mean anything without numbers, here is the numbers: Strava

Making progress

Today was Velothon Stockholm. A race both for elite and amateurs on closed home roads outside Stockholm with a finish and start on Södermalm. Have done it twice before and it’s really cool to ride on closed roads where it’s always cars other days and be able to ride on the left side, right side or in the middle without any thoughts of a car.

As I couldn’t ride this year and it felt really boring to just sit home and see Strava and Instagram get filled by nice rides by a lot of friend annoyed me a bit, didn’t want to miss such an event.

So as I’m in the best team this year, Skoda Cycling Team I sent a text and I got a place in their car going behind the Skoda group.

Or in front at the maststart:


One got dropped, one dropped with illness but the rest rode really strong. They caught a big racegroup that started ahead and passed it, got a huge group hanging on for 110km or something like that.

A great morning even without riding 🙂 And seemed great with different groups as there was very few crashes today compared to last year. Awesome organisation 😀

So what about progress?

After being at Velothon, coming home watching the first big CX race of the season, watching the women’s race in Madrid and seeing that the men’s last Vuelta stage would take a lot of time. I got up on my Colnago a.k.a. trainerbike and pedaled a bit too, almost faster than the pro’s at the Vuelta but for a short time. Started with trainer yesterday and even that my left leg is a bit stiff it feels awesome to get some pedalstrokes and feels like a step forward. A step closer to ride outside with great friends and get back to the life I want to have. But still a bit to go as you can see on my Strava: progresstraining


1st training with Skoda Cycling Team

Time flew and the Sunday went to fast to get some blogtime so here is about yesterday when I met up with some Skoda cyclists att SCS for a nice 4-5h ride south. Daniel was with us as guide and photographer:


Not super fast but a great pace out from Stockholm. When we came to Dalarövägen we started the first team time trail part and wasn’t so controlled, specially not after passing a small group up after turning towards Årsta Havsbad. Super hard and I dropped first…

Not what I wanted and got paced by the teamcar, with Fredrik who was the next one to drop.

Back together and easy pace again to Fors where I was taking the picture of Daniel:


Got a bit easier and with a great start the next intervall worked really good. Found the flow 🙂

It felt all very well organized with a good flow until Damian started to attack… 😉 Showing we love cycling and like to ride faster it got a bit faster than planned some times I think but just fun. Like when Karl attacked on a climb showing that the biggest guy isn’t just strong but can fly up hills too 😉

Then we came to Rosenhill. A place you have to stop and can’t just pass according to my boss Patrik, and so we did for a ”short” coffee. A regular cyclist fika so to speak:


Great with a stop when riding a lot and not so far left home. Last intervall became one at Påla Malm where it just started without anyone saying anything


It became hard and I thought a couple of times that I had to skip a turn and rest a bit as Cecilia did. Was just 5 of us going around the hole time there as Fredrik rested a bit in the end too and the resting time before going forward again got pretty short. 38,8km/h average and 171 in heart rate. Great training and happy to have been able to go around all the way 🙂

A ride that started negative with the first intervall ended with good feeling 🙂 Sunday Funday so to speak

And with the luxury of our own team car following us with everything needed. Driven by Pelle:

Thanks everyone for killing my legs and making my confidence grow a bit without being too serious 🙂

Map and stats: Strava

To Torö with friends


Klas fixed a route in his head and then we gathered some great people and rode to the end of Torö. A lot of wind, sun and some snowflakes a short while. We had fika and got to see the last 5km of Liege-Bastogne-Liege 🙂 The pace felt good and after 140km the attacks started 😉 I didn’t feel so strong today but had easy recover when I sat on wheel so one step ahead.

Today I also found the Tarmac feeling. The bike just wanted to attack and go faster no matter if it was downhill, uphill or flat, straight or turning. I’m in love in that bike 😀 Not the lightest or stiffest I had but the funniest 😀

Overall a lovely day on the bike and nice to get some distance again, was a while since I rode over 100km it feels like.

Map and stats: Strava

Sumo Gravelgrinding

Our 120-150km roadride got changed as the weather should go below 0° and it’s freezing to ride roadbikes in so cold weather. Eva wanted to ride gravel and everyone changed. Became 8 riders who left Urban Deli this morning towards Gladö Kvarn and new roads for some. Anders turned around after a while and we became 7 for the rest of the ride. 7 happy cyclists just after we had a break thanks to Johan 🙂



The reason I was happy was cause of my tiretesting. 1,95″ Specialized S-Works Renegade today with an awesome float 🙂 Sadly not sticking so good in mud so did have one ”crash” or fall. Rolled a bit better than I thought compared to my friends 33-38mm cx tires. Now I just need the legs of Michael to became fast too…


A really nice ride in mostly really nice (but cold) weather, just got very little snow on us in the end. The ”end” was Hellasgården and fika, maybe last time for me as their service was at the bottom. But nice company 🙂 Me and Claes rolled home together and just after we said goodbye in Duvnäs my watch died, so missed a couple of kilometers on Strava.

Map and stats (with a strange heart rate): Strava

Amazing winter panncakes


Some days are better than others and when the sun is out, the roads are dry and Adam made a route to a great fika place, then you know it will be a day to remember. Adam wanted to to go Ösmo so he planned a nice route from his place and invited some friends. We came and met up.

Got fast asphalt riding.

Got low energy feel.

Got great fika.

Got dry fast ice.

Got a nice (or two) walks in the dry snow.

Got use of 42-42 gearing.

And we all got a day to remember instead of just missing summer.

Pictures from yesterday says it all:

Just click on a picture to make it bigger. Thanks Adam, Anton and Emile for the pictures.

Map and stats: Strava

Stockholm style gravel


One thing I like about big cities is that people doesn’t care so much about the weather but more about style and how they look. Like I use to say: There are no bad shoes, just bad technic.

Pink wool socks and white Specialized S-Works XC shoes may not be the best for wet gravel roads but it feels and looks good. And I wanted to try how good my MB socks were 😉

Rode with Stockholm CK south of town today with Alexander showing us the way, a great group on mostly ridden roads. A couple of punctures and mechanicals gave chances for pictures:


A couple of new faces and first time riding with Leo. Crippa managed as usually gather a really nice group of people that seemed work good together 🙂 Not too organized either so was all fun, and sometimes harder.


And Camilla managed to take a picture of me in a strange pose 😉


I should get a new helmet am the thing I’m thinking of. The Evade sits perfect on me and feels super fast but at the moment I only got it. Would be nice with a light regular helmet too, thought of the new Specialized Prevail II but it’s not available in all white 😦

Anyway, map and stats of the ride today: Strava

The retarded route

Was an event some years ago called Tour de Retard that went from Nynäshamn to Stockholm on asphalt and gravel. Today me and some different people did the same ride in the best autumn sun. Autumn can be the most beautiful time of the year and include some rides I will remember for a long time. Sweden is great with its 4 seasons.


Some old faces and some new today and a great group 🙂 nice plan by Patrik who took this picture as you may have guessed.

Had some problem with my gps in the beginning as the route was opposite to what we rode and it sent on wrong roads 😦 missed my Suunto Ambit3 with just a line to follow then. Ended up riding with Google maps and the route on ridewithgps on internet comparing. Worked pretty good but had to stop many times to check. Anyone who wants to buy a Garmin 820 from me?

Awesome ride except that. 🙂 Me and Patrik rode hipster style with a Oakley Frogskins today too, or Terrible Tuesday style 😉 Everything isn’t about wattage and training effect and this was such a day. It went sometimes slow and sometimes fast, everyone got tired I think but enjoying the magic autumn on new gravel roads was the priority.

Map and stats (including the train as Strava included the paused time): Strava

Gravel deluxe

Sometimes a winter in Sweden can be really hard with snow, ice and really cold. But when it isn’t it’s awesome to enjoy our beautiful landscape in a new way with new and old friends.

Today I joined Christer who I haven’t been riding with since our eastertrip to Belgium. Patrik and Jimmie also joined and some others I don’t know as well. Christer had announced a 90km gravelride on Södertörn south of Stockholm. The place where I rode with Emile and Alexander a while ago where I was dead last without power.

Today with fresh weather, some minus degrees and easier pace with better legs it was just pure fun. Everything was just good and friendly. Except it was a bit too hard for Jimmie, but he survived and maybe was the one enjoying the food afterwards the most. My Diverge felt perfect today too. Only thing that wasn’t perfect was my lobster gloves. Lobsters sucks at everything keeping your hands warm, strange to get good grip around the handlebar, hard to get things out of the jersey pockets and and a little hard to grab your phone with to take good pictures. But here are some by me and the ones with me from a little distance is by Patrik:

Nice with a scarf today too, style is important no matter of time of the year 😉 (except for shoes, wintershoes is awesome even if they do look a bit boring)

Coming home and felt a bit sorry for my bike, S-Works cranks looking as this:


Map and stats from my 5h: Strava

Sunday Adventure Ride

Was tired after yesterday but better weather and new roads is always great 🙂 And first ride with Emile after a lot of talking. The hashtag for this ride should be #seekanddiverge but we didn’t have any Diverge 😦

Started with riding to Gladö Kvarn to meet up with Alexander and the ride that was supposed to take 30min took 50min, with some singletracks with so much roots you wouldn’t even ride there with a hardtail mtb, epic. And riding singletrack with a cx is pretty cool 😉

As we were late Alexander already left so we continued and planned to meet him at Lida. A 20min ride that took 40min and ended with muddy rooty singletrack again.

But we got there and then my goal was to hang on. Felt like an anchor on the climbs when Alexander and Emile just flew up. My body was just weak.

DSC_0062 DSC_0063

But the riding was pretty good and really fun with new roads with 3 different type of riders 🙂 Great to get together and have fun.

Until things like punctures happens:


Just one today 🙂 and some very difficult roads so understandable.

Map and stats from the ride that I thought should be 3-4h with a coffeebreak: Strava I was weak today but with a Snickers at 3h30min it felt the same all way, didn’t suffer more towards the end.

Today’s outfit:


My shoecovers from yesterday wasn’t dry so first ride this season with my Specialized Defroster shoes, comfy and dry all day 🙂 Café du Cycliste Jeanne rainbibs and rain legwarmers is like a dream too, very dirty but I’m dry and warm 🙂 What doesn’t is on the picture is my Oakley park gloves, really like them, perfect for this kind of weather with 5° C and wet 🙂