Lightweight Lizard and Speed Lunatic


For the first time on gravel this year I had a lighter bike than Emil 🙂 He on his Ridley X-Trail and me on my Specialized Epic ht, was nice to try it on gravel too. Emil had some more speed as in his nickname Speed Lunatic when it went fast and my 34-11 wasn’t made for going fast. But an 8Kg hardtail with 2,1″ Specialized Fast Trak tires was really fun on gravel too. We had a great morning in the sun watching animals, talking children and discussing #aeroiseverything


Also sat some Personal Records and I got top 10 around Flaten after following Emil over some bridges:


Map and stats: Strava

After we had breakfast the clouds came and the weather turned grey. So happy I got up in time to enjoy the sun this morning with the fastest Sumo.

Le Peloton #123 and Malmöcrossen


My friday started with these guys, got dropped in the first climb when my pedal wasn’t with me. Changed plans and rode to work, changed pedals and then to Le Mond. A short Le Peloton but okey as I met up with Emil and rode a couple of hours in the sun after breakfast 😉

Beautiful weather:


Home, a shower and a bike delivery later I met up with Damian and Magnus and drove to Malmö. I may tease that Skåne is a foreign country and that the people from Skåne isn’t Swedish. But it’s just a tease and the more I’m there, the more I like Malmö. An alternative city with creative people that like friends, but not meat. The atmosphere is just awesome and many good restaurants all over. Hanna showed it to me first and Patch showed me the rest 🙂

And this weekend CK Barriär arranged Malmöcrossen in 2 days:


With maybe the highest hills of all Swedish cyclocross races.

Thanks everyone for a great weekend 😀

Sunday Funday

The forecast said a bit colder and cloudy compared to Saturday, my mind thought about a restday.

Everything changed and it became a great little ride with some great people. Le Mond hangarounds 😉 Changing roads that where good, icy, snowy, wet, dry, fast and slow made it sometimes challenging and sometimes easy. But always fun.

Was an Insta-ride so here’s a lot of pictures from the ride:

Click on a picture to see it bigger. Taken by all of us 🙂

Map and stats: Strava

Gravel in the morning, CX-video in the evening

Started this tuesday with some gravelriding. In the middle of nowhere watching the sun rise:

DSC_0044 DSC_0045

Some mornings it’s just good to come out, riding without pressure and crowded city


Map and stats from a great start: Strava

For those of you that wants more action you should take a look at this video. From GGEW City Cross in Lorsch in Germany last sunday: