MTB and the New Daily

It become a long day, a full day, a warm day, a day that started with mtbiking with Jaime before work. A great ride on nice trails. Starting to get really dry now so both sections with mud and sections where it’s so dry it’s hard to get enough traction. Jaime with SCS Racing Team style:

Me in my new commutinghelmet. Got a Specialized Centro instead of my Prevail to use for city riding. Fluo of course to match my shoes 🙂

Map and stats: Movescount

Then at work, before we even opened it came. My new commuter and daily bike. As my last awesome Daily Sport was stolen and it was sold out I had to look for something else. A little more expensive Daily with 3-speed Nexus is the new thing:

Awesome rack as before and just out of the box except the lock and some bolts. Great bike which I already used for almost 30km 🙂 Thanks Specialized Concept Store Stockholm and Specialized Nordic for this 😀

The new Daily ride

Now the spring is here and the my subwaycard can start to collect dust. I got a new bike for daily rides to work and to other things. Saving time compared to take the subway to work and don’t have to hold any times. 🙂 My new townbike, a Specialized Daily Sport:

Here seen with a Klättermusen bag with my stuff in going home from work today. 12,4kg without bag and lights. Great with a rack on the front and feels much cooler than a luggage carrier at the back. 1×10 so single chainring as usual, clean and easy 🙂

Did a small photoshoot on the way home from work with Patrik. Hard with an iPhone in the dark but here we go:

IMG_1122 IMG_1128 IMG_1132 IMG_1143 IMG_1144