16″ powpow

16″ snow has it come in Stockholm today, total chaos and all busses cancelled. My plan was to ride my Sequoia to work and change wheels/tires for my new ones. A lot of snow made it a challenge but was fun without stress and swinged by Le Mond for a Le Peloton breakfast. Quiet a group of riders in the snow today.

At work with me Sequoia:


Patrik arrived later with his Enduro claiming it was better for this weather:


But 38mm vs 2,3″? In this weather only one bike is good, fatbike. We had an instashoot with a nice Fatboy Trail, perfect bike for this weather:

First time for me riding with googles, is pretty cool and really liked the colour of the Oakleys we used 😀 The Fatboy won easily over my Sequoia and Patrik’s Enduro.

She Rides MTB

Mtb in the rain after work today. Easy riding with a happy group so was fun even when we had to wait a lot. Fun to be good sometimes and not always be the slowest and Specialized Fast Track worked better than I thought in the wet 😉

Mostly of the riders this evening:

In the last part we rode a really muddy section with a lot of laughter 🙂 But Jaime also managed to puncture so here me helping him fixing it (while waiting for a couple of riders):

Fun ride so thanks Jessica for that 😀

Can really recommend Warsaw Cycling‘s Floral Kit. Great Bioracer quality and cool design. 🙂

Back at work we washed some bikes and I changed for a roadbike for tomorrows Le Peloton. Coming from an Epic to a Tarmac made it fun, felt fast and managed to get 3rd on a section 🙂

Map and stats: Strava

A lot of Specialized news for 2016

Now starts Specializeds big Sales meeting in Austria for all European dealers. But before we get the news from them you can look here 😉 Some big news that hasn’t been shown before is the new Öhlins air rear damper, win-win on S-Works Enduro. The Elite gets Rock Shox Monarch, so no more Cane Creek. And then we have the Allez Sprint, Aeroalu. And a lot of new colours of course, have a look:

Specialized Allez 2016 Specialized Crux Diverge 2016 Specialized Epic 2016 Specialized Roubaix 2016 Specialized S-Works Enduro 2016 Specialized Shiv 2016 Specialized Tarmac 2016


click on the pictures to get them a little bigger.

There is also coming a new helmet between Prevail and Propero called Airnet. And back is light XC grips. It will be a good new year 😀

SCS Breakfast Club, Enduro style

Met up with Patrik this morning for the weekly ride. But the Kangas brothers where late so changed the plan a bit. Instead of riding same ride we rode a couple of downhills waiting for the others. Then it was endurotraining all the way. Alexander and Oliwer is really fast going down but the are as fast uphill too, hade a hard time trying to follow. Both of them and Patrik och Specialized Enduro bikes. Looking like this in the middle of Hammarbybacken:

And after Oliwer came with the stupid idea to climb to the top it looked like this, blurry as it was steep in the end, too steep. But great training:

And a view the other way, great view of a part of Stockholm, city to the left:

Map and stats of this hard but beautiful and fun morning: Movescount

the After Work trails

A lot to do at work today (yesterday as it’s not saturday anymore) so finished a bit later and with a planned dinner with a show (great one) at 18 we where a bit short of time riding mtb. Sad but true. But the good thing is that the small half hour me and Patrik got after work was really nice on super trails, in perfect spring weather and with a perfectly working bike. 2 climbing intervalls too, need to ride up Hammarbybacken more often 😉

Us today, Patrik with the new Specialized Ambush helmet:

Great view over Stockholm:

And here is Patrik showing his bermskills:

And my new shoes, felt great 🙂

Map and stats: Movescount

Ended the saturday with eating a good dinner and watching a different but funny show called Moulin Noir with my work Cykelspecialisten 🙂

SCS Breakfast Club

New training week and can it start better than with mtb with fast friends? If you had asked me after the ride today I would have sad yes. The flow wasn’t there today. Felt pretty good on the first singletrack and then it became opposite. After the weekends snowing and melting afterwards it was slippery in the forest and I just lost the grip so much I didn’t even try, stopping for smallest thing and just thinking of going straight to work and not ride more. The others where flying and I came lost, found my way back to the others and had planned to say if I found them that I just quit the ride and go straight to work. But I’m a quiet guy sometimes having a hard time to say things and so even today.

I complained on my flow and said I sucked mentally but I continued. The others waited for my and when everything felt like shit they didn’t complain. Thanks, if you read this.

In the end my and Fredrich who rode his Epic today rode a different way to get more flow. Or we thought so and found all the roots in the forest in the same place. But went pretty okey, much better than I expected.

No pauses to photo for me today so just sharing an instamoment getting som great food:

And I seem to be a bit famous in this town. On my way to the meeting point this morning a friend spotted me at a redlight 😉


Me with a white helmet and red vest to the left 🙂

Map and stats today: Movescount

SCS Breakfast Club

The latest in Stockholm is now the Specialized Concept Store Breakfast clubride. Thuesdays/Thursday a mtbride before work. Timed for us working in stores so started at 8 today 🙂

Patrik made the ride and I joined last thursday. Today we where 4. Me and Patrik from SCS and Ragnar and Fredrich from Cykelcity. Ragnar and Fredrich is fast too so like last week I had a hard time. But a better time than last week, better flow and speed and felt just better 🙂 Still much to improve but great way of doing it. A technical but pretty flowy ride with small ups and downs all the time. And all a sunny morning, was great except our crashing. Everyone crashed except Patrik 😉

Sunny groupie before we headed in different directions:

Map and stats (follow me on Strava to find the Stravasegment of this ride): Movescount

Trenduro for breakfast

No Peloton today, change in my schedule and a bit more sleep 😉 Met up with Patrik outside Specialized Concept Store at 7.15 an hour of cool mtb instead. And what a ride, a bit slow body but fast friend and super trails. Almost dry trails and Patrik found a lap that took around 1h so perfect on a sunny morning. Not so cold either.

Small trails, small turns, small roots and big stones. Technical but pretty flowy if you find the right way (many tracks all over). Got me thinking of the trails I rode with Leif Arne in Kristiansand last september. Great training. Great weather today but no good pictures from me, just an instapicture from Patrik to share:


Map and stats: Movescount

And have to share this, Christoph Sauser’s Specialized Epic ready for Absa Cape Epic that starts on sunday, so cool: