The Worlds and the Specializeds

World XCO Championships in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic this week. Ida Jansson, Sweden won the women juniors race yesterday and today it was the Special day.

First men U23 where Samuel Gaze rode his Specialized Epic so fast so Victor Koretzky couldn’t keep up with his BH.

Then Women Elite and it looked a bit as the 2 earlier World Cups this year. Some who tries to put the tempo high in the beginning and then Annika Langvad decides it is too slow. She won the last World Cup last year, she won the 2 first this year and she is the new World Champion!!!


So right she won. Hoped she would because Danes got cool style and she got the class. Annika Langvad and Julien Absalon is what I think the role models of XCOracing.

  1. Annika Langvad – Denmark
  2. Lea Davison – USA
  3. Emily Batty – Canada

Annika Langvad and Anton Cooper

Video for a happy sunny saturday. First out a video about Annika Langvad:

And one with Anton Cooper who has a very different winter compared to Annika Langvad (and us here in Sweden):

Perskindol Swiss Epic

Had a plan of writing this this morning but time flew by and I had to leave to learn more about new stuff from Specialized.

Yesterday this years Swiss Epic started. A stagerace in the Swiss alps that got hyped with many big names last year. This year seems like it is down to normal with the regular stage racers including the dreamteam of Annika Langvad and Ariane Kleinhans who won the prologue yesterday:

And a new win today that doesn’t show here:

Awesome trails that makes me wanna ride it some year 🙂

A day with friends on a bike

This morning I went to Le Mond at 10 to watch the womens World Cup in Vårgårda together with a couple of others instead of going out riding. Great racing but not the best commentators in Swedish, how can you miss Boels-Dolmans and think Amanda Spratt is Emma Johansson? No Swedish win but Jolien d’Hoore from Wiggle-Honda won.

After the race we rode out to Ingarö and back to Le Mond:


A great ride in the sun that we ended with a fika and a lot of talking in the sun outside café Le Mond 😉

map and stats: Strava

And now I’ve seen half of the days important XC World Cup. Awesome with Annika Langvad as a winner 😀

She Rides MTB

Mtb in the rain after work today. Easy riding with a happy group so was fun even when we had to wait a lot. Fun to be good sometimes and not always be the slowest and Specialized Fast Track worked better than I thought in the wet 😉

Mostly of the riders this evening:

In the last part we rode a really muddy section with a lot of laughter 🙂 But Jaime also managed to puncture so here me helping him fixing it (while waiting for a couple of riders):

Fun ride so thanks Jessica for that 😀

Can really recommend Warsaw Cycling‘s Floral Kit. Great Bioracer quality and cool design. 🙂

Back at work we washed some bikes and I changed for a roadbike for tomorrows Le Peloton. Coming from an Epic to a Tarmac made it fun, felt fast and managed to get 3rd on a section 🙂

Map and stats: Strava

XCO WC Nove Mesto by Specialized and Merida

Now the videos from the past weekend starts to come up. Start with the biggest. Jaroslav Kulhavy winning on home soil should be pretty fun, and on what seems to be the World Cup with most spectators:

And Multivan Merida with Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå getting a 2nd place after Jolanda Neff:

mtb with a ”new” friend

First time we met was at a café in Oudenaarde in the beginning of april. Today we met again, me and Camilla with the best last name. In Stockholm, outside my house over 600km from her home.

So what is better than riding bikes together then? Camilla who is good at social medias and pictures where the photgrapher of the ride:

And the result:

Riding the best looking Specialized XC frame available. A Specialized Era Comp Carbon borrowed from Specialized Concept Store Stockholm enjoying spring:

Nice ride except that it was a bit wet after the rain yesterday. Changed bikes afterwards so we can ride on road tomorrow. Camilla is the first riding my newly stickered Allez 😉 What do you think about the wheels? Awesome if you ask me:

Map and stats from the mtbride: Movescount

The day of: She Rides

She Rides is a women community for cyclists by Annie Söderberg and Jessica Clarén. Today they had an event in Stockholm and I got borrowed in for some help. Gathered first for a road ride.

Here a bit of waiting after a chainproblem:

A bit later, not so often so many sits on my wheel 😉

Rode the Le Peloton loop and as it is we ended at bikecafé Le Mond for a fika afterwards:

After some shopping at Specialized Concept Store Stockholm, and some mechanical fixing it was time for the second ride. MTB and with Annie instead of Jaime. Nice ride:

Thought of taking a selfie and include some riders but only included my arm holding in a tree 😉

Ended with a group picture taking by the other Jonas:

A thing I thought of riding mtb with most of the women riding pretty simple hardtails, think they would have so much fun on a bike like a Specialized Rumor or other great full suspension mtb.

A long but great day in the sun. Even got some colour on my legs, got some good genes from my father I think. 😀

Sörmlandsleden, 3 parts of it

Being free from work a friday a sunny day have a ”date” planned with an awesome women riding mtb then you know it’s going to be a good day.

Met up Jessica at work (yes, I had a day off) and after a bit of talking with my boss everything changed, he came with a suggestion to ride Sörmlandsleden to Haninge instead of riding in Hellas and crossing the city to Lidingö for the end.

Riding a very small part of Sörmlandsleden before and it is good. There are some fast sections:

Sometimes thinking of where we are in the middle of a tree:

Sometimes enjoying some sick slickrock riding:

But a lot of the ride was about tackling roots, roots, stones, roots and more roots. Every root is at Sörmlandsleden trying to stop every bit of flow we could found. Every! But with a Camber and an Era we tackled it. My Camber felt absolutely perfect and could climb better than any mountain goat that would find its way to Stockholm.

The small minus with my Camber is the rider on top, he’s not so good sometimes 😉 Charged to much twice and first time I was dropping half a meter but it went ok. Second time my front wheel slipped of the dry singletrack and I crashed so I got a couple of small wounds and a mark on the top tube. But that’s mtb.

Came to Tyresta by, filled up with water and thought about time. Jessica had a training camp to reach so we skipped the last planned section and used our 10t rear sprockets more and got back to Stockholm on gravel and asphalt roads.

Home again after many hours, 3h26min riding time on my Suunto, 3h34min according to Strava. Tired and satisfied with my day of work. 🙂 Motivation is good as long as I have someone to ride with now (easy in Stockholm) so enjoying life the good way.

Map and stats today: Movescount If you follow me on Strava you can see I got a KOM (of 2015) today too 😀