Le Peloton #91

Choosed between Djurgården and Le Peloton. Choosed Le Peloton as Magnus and Linda would join and it was a safer choice for a good breakfast afterwards. Many at the start even on a friday with a little bit colder weather:


Felt a bit tired and wanted an easier ride so choosed group 3. Went really well and I even could take pictures up Lindalen:


People worked hard and it was great to see. Nice with good flow and not pushing the hardest, good for my menthal health feeling strong.

No matter which group, when the end gets close everyone pushing to the limit. Magnus attacked and I tried to hang on and it felt good. Until I hit something in the road at 37km/h and lost the grip of my bar. The bike fell and so did I hitting most things sticking out on my left side including smashing my helmet which I saw first at Le Mond. Claes came after and crashed too but not as hard I think.

Up again and checking things, straightening bars and feeling a bit stiff and probably a bit in chock. lost a plate on my left pedal too but not big things so sat up on the bike and rode slowly on the cycle path to Le Mond. Felt like a crash and feeling more stupid for crashing than hurt…

Map and stats: Strava

Took a long nice breakfast in the sun with Emile before rolling to work. A little happy to have had my best protecting helmet today but not so happy for using my Pierette jersey from Café du Cycliste that was just waste now

But that’s just parts and like I have said before, it’s better to crash material than the body. Sadly my body took a lot of impact too, or at least my head which is just slow and the weekend changed from a great fully booked weekend to a weekend taking it easy with a concussion. Was for over 3h at the hospital today but got to bored, talked to a nurse friend and went home again.

Now less and easy training to be able to ride Dalsland Runt in a couple of weeks. 😦 Be careful and stay safe on the roads out there.

From one side to another, the 2015 recordyear

2015 has been a long year, a year with over 14300km/558h on bikes. It all started with a mtbride with Patrik, Lisa, Jessica and Jaime


that was started with a fika at Magnus Johansson’s bakery in Hammarby Sjöstad:


I’ve been riding in hard conditions for a long time:


I’ve been trying to ride fast and it have really developed my rode riding with Le Peloton:


lasse wasberg

And I’ve been hanging around what has been voted as the best café in Stockholm, Cykelcafé Le Mond:


I rode some mtbraces with a couple of Keps Cup, Lidingöloppet, Billingeracet and Lida Loop:


I did the middle version of Ronde van Vlaanderen cyclo together with my friends Johan and Magnus:

I’ve been really got to know my best roadbike so far, my Specialized Allez. It’s come to the point where I no matter of feeling or weather just have been jump on it and felt like home.


I’ve got to know many many great people along the roads and coffee shops:



I’ve been riding more than ever with my idol Henrik:


I’ve done the ride of my life, RAAS where I actually felt fast:



I’ve been seen beautiful scenery in the middle of nowhere:


I’ve been learning how to take pictures that get many likes on Instagram, and sock style:



I’ve also been racing my first nationals in Cyclocross:


A small but great evening was the Le Roi de La Montagne, a small hill climb with style and power:


It’s been a magic year. So much fun, so much coffee 😉

It all ended on the other side of the roundabout in Hammarby Sjöstad with a breakfast after yesterdays Le Peloton:


Thank you all who made this year!!! I hope I spread some joy in your year too.

Happy new year and tomorrow I’ll tell you about my plans and dreams for next year 😀 Can it get even better?

So different but so alike

When you are two friends who works together, have the same type of bike it’s pretty fun to ride together. Or extra fun. Me and Jaime did a gravelride on our Crux bikes this morning before work. With blue sky, sunrise and a bit slow body.

Ended at Vivels before coming to work and Jaime to this great picture of me and our bikes:


Map and stats: Strava

how to: Start a weekday

Step 1: Find a good friend that likes mtb.

Step 2: Decide a time and place to meet

Step 3: Go out and ride with your friend(s) on some nice trails in the sun:

Step 4: Eat breakfast together

Awesome morning today with some hard training. Magnus had a plan of going 5 laps around a 8min track. We did a masterlap and then did 4 fast laps on some fast trails, some technical places, a ocuple of fun climbs, a lot of roots on sideways. When it’s trails and weather like this you don’t care when the heart rate peaks and you slip and slide on the wet roots from yesterdays rain, you just smile.

Tried to be new school today too with my new kit from Specialized. Atlas XC baggy pants and jersey. With a SWAT bib under with pockets. Great concept when you want to be cool, don’t want to bring a backpack but have things with you 🙂

These clothes worked great and felt great for mtb, even going fast XCstyle. The thing with them that felt wrong and according to me was wrong was when I left work this evening and headed home with my roadbike. Fully matched kit including shoes (and cleats) but not so great fit with my bike 😉

Didn’t felt fast either so roadbike=lycra (and white socks).

Map and stats from our morningride: Movescount

too wet sundayride

Next winter I will have disc brakes, and fenders, studded tires when needed.

Was supposed to be 4 riders today but 2 didn’t come because of the weather. Snowed last night and was plus degrees so melted and it was wet everywhere. Didn’t stop me and Sara for a 4h ride. Rode out to Ingarö and around there for the first time, always nice with new roads but today it would have been nicer to lay in the sofa and watch a movie instead. Looked like this:

And I tried a selfie again. If you press the picture to get it bigger you can see my phone and Sara in my glasses 😉

When we came back to Sickla Sara didn’t have enough time so steered towards Älta to get some extra time. Sara turned around after 7-8min but I thought it was funnier to continue than going back and same way home. Continued to Älta and Sköndal on my way home. 🙂

Home with dirty clothes and feets that didn’t like me at all 😉 But 4h45min on a februaryday is nice 🙂 Map and stats here: Movescount

the epic winterride

Last sunday it was superfast in the forrest. Today on cx it was opposite, snowed since yesterday and we had up to 10cm of snow on the trails today. Where 6 riders who left Hammarbybacken 9.20 and we where all over the forrestroads sometimes and with 5 strong riders it was hard for me.

On the way to the ride:

And then an easier trail:

These types of rides doesn’t give so high average speed or smiling riders. But it gives technic, physical strength, leg strength and is a ride to remember. Said thanks in Tyresö and went home the long way around. So 3h24min yesterday and 3h22min today 🙂 Best week since september.

Map and stats: Movescount

So thanks Sara for I could ride with you and La Chemise.

2h(?) saturday ride

That was the plan. Rode up to Cyclecafé Lemond and met Öjvind, Emil and Karim. Aimed south towards Älta and Tyresta. Was a pretty easy ride with some stops to wait in Karim who had been ill and hadn’t ridden his bike since october.

we found a nice road to Tyresta nationalpark looking like this when I tried to take a picture of Emil and Öjvind:

But it was a dead end, or just very icy gravelroad further and nothing I wanted to ride without studded tires. Went back and found a better road and with riding easy we decided to ride a bit further and enjoy. Rode down to Österhaninge and turned up again at Västerhaninge and back to Stockholm. The last part my body started to say it was tired but was great all ride with just a little sportsdrink and without food.

Back home the clock stopped at 3h23min effective time 😉 A bit further than planned but really nice ride and perfect length today for me. Started to snow in the end but we came home before it started to blow and snow more 🙂

Me today, first ride with my new helmet:

Map and stats: Movescount

The best Sundayride

of 2015. Around 0° and no snow. the trails where very hardpack today with some small places with ice. Super fast and super fun. Thought for a while that I had too little air in my tires with just 1,5bar but no snakebites and super grip made me not change it. Rode with these great guys:

The Enduropeople and Lisa with her Rumor Evo in the background.

I borrowed a Specialized Camber Evo from Specialized Concept Store and used a bit more pressure today so it was as good as it gets. With a Phenom test saddle to try, really nice saddle that suited me well 🙂 Turned the stem around to so the bar position felt great but think 720mm handlebar would be better suited for me on such bike than 750mm that is original on the Evo.

Can’t describe how good it was today so will show you instead, first a picture of Jaime:

Here comes some more photos, from Patrik:



jessica falling stylish:

IMG_0704 jessica





Lisa and Jessica:

lisa och jessica


lisa lisa1

The coffee shop in Hammarby Sjöstad:


Patrik, the one who knows how to ride cool:

patrik patrik1

New year, helmet: Prevail

Some helmet manufactures seems to make better helmets than others. I really like the fit of Giro’s Atmos and Ionos. POC Octal is really cool and sits well on my head but is a bit too big. And the latest, Specialized S-Works Prevail.

Got my first helmet under 200g 😀

But it’s not just light, like the ugly lightweight Limar, it’s also really thick to soften up the crash a bit and with a kevlar net inside so it does split into pieces. Looks like this on me:

For me not sponsored by a team getting a helmet for road biking white is always right. On mtb I will use my yellow Mavic Notch except when it’s too warm or racing XCO/M.