Last week should have been the start of a new season for me. Back to work and back on gravel on my own bike. I got injured so no work and no riding. But Specialized still delivered a bike for me to ride until it dies.

I ordered a Specialized Diverge E5 Sport. It had 2×9 Shimano Sora with mechanical disc brakes. Cheapest Diverge on our market but it got the Open Road Geometry, it got 12mm thru axles and flat mount brakemounts. A modern frame with cheap parts.

I will use the Sora gears and the Tektro mechanical brakes as I got it to be cheap and to be able ride long in salty slushy weather all winter or just commute to work. It will get fenders and studded tires too.

But I wanted to change a couple of things making it fit me better like a longer lower stem, a slimmer handlebar (40cm is my favorite) and I had a Sram Red22 crank laying around and a CG-R seatpost for some comfort.

DSC_1362 (1)

As I don’t understand front derailleurs I mounted a Garbaruk 44t chainring I ordered last year for my Sequoia but never got use of it.

40cm handlebar is available in different types and shapes. I like the Specialized Shallow bend, or RHM as Deda calls it and Jimmie had a bar over:


With wheels it’s always nice to have a couple extra, can’t get enough of wheels. The original will be used with studded tires but my Roval SLX24 with Roubaix 30/32 tires isn’t used for my roadbike at the moment and they are a bit better than original.

Got a set of Time pedals from a colleague as my old ones broke in the crash. Now just waiting to get my rotoradaptors back and for a cool bar tape:


Me building a cheap bike ended like it used too. Saddle may be changed too. 8,1kg as on the picture so under 8,5kg finished. The weight will rise a bit then with fenders, orginal wheels and studded tires but without studs as long as possible. Pretty happy with my new winterbike 🙂 Now just rehab for my leg so I can use it, hopefully in a month…

E-Diverge like in E5 Diverge, no engine.

Epic, Roubaix and Sequoia in a week

Long time since last post, had time to test the fastest mtb I’ve ever sat on, a roadbike with suspension and racing a little cyclocross.

Was in the Netherlands with my colleague Jaime on Wednesday and Thursday for a Tech Class att Specialized Europe


The lunch ride we did on Wednesday we rode mtb and started with trying different settings on our dampers and learning to set them up properly. A thing we should do more and not just accept the standard setting that can be anything. Then we did a longer loop with some fast sections. I borrowed a S-Works Epic FSR World Cup 2017 and it’s a real toy. So agile, so fast and just begs to go faster. Made me get a new maximum heart rate 😉


The day after I rode the opposite bike. A roadbike made for comfort, Roubaix Expert 2017. It’s become a lot more agile than the last Roubaix but it’s not a Tarmac and my legs felt a bit sore since the mtbride.



And yes, the suspension under the stem really works on bad roads (and off road)

And we watched the cool bikes in the showroom like the new S-Works Epic HT and Niki Terpstra’s Roubaix:



Also saw what’s up in the S-Racing department, a real candystore place 😉 including special frames, shoes and helmets…

Back home it was back on my Sequoia. Rode a short loop in wet and boring conditions yesterday that I can’t say so much about. But today I changed to Trigger tires and went for Luciacrossen at Flaten:


Many fast guys and girls, including Jonatan who I was riding with in the Netherlands too so ridden mtb, road and cx together this week 😉 Or maybe not so much together as he won big and lapped me on the 3rd of 4th laps. Didn’t have so good legs or routine in the snow/sand:


But we all had fika afterwards 😀



Before heading back home through the forest. A nice day in the snow:


Maybe more blog posts next week 😉 Pictures from the race of me was taking by Ivar Lane.

Dalsland runt

What a weekend we had. A weekend in the green forests of Sweden going hard on gravel and sprinting for countrysigns. 3 days of riding in Dalsland managed by Wenersborgs Racers Club in a way up for the riders to make it good.

We started on Friday in Vänersborg:

Over 100 cyclists rolled out together for an easy 104km spin up to Stora Strand where we should stay for the weekend. 3 cars handled the luggage.

It went fast, but was happy enough to sit pretty high so worked for about 65km where a group got dropped on a gravel section. We chased hard and in the chase I met a friend from Norway, Peter who is one of the strongest cyclists I know. We got back up and I managed to hang on the first group all the way to the place we stayed at:


Map and stats: Strava

Day 2 was 234km for the long one which we had to take to come to Norway 😉


Riders got ready but wasn’t so fast of leaving so we rode away easy me and my roommates Henrik, Tony and Anders.

After a while turning of the main road we stopped for a pi and a 2nd group of like 5 riders caught us including Emile and Magnus. Rode together and started the days first climb:


Tony and Henrik kept the speed high, with Anders in a breakaway:


But on a gravelclimb me and Emile ”attacked”:




It rolled on pretty well until km 69 where Tony first punctured:


500m before the feed zone:


and then Christian punctured 500m after the feed zone.

That’s all the punctures we got while another group got over 10(!). The pace held high (at least for me) and after around 90-100km the group got split into two. I was in the first and even there the pace got slower except sprinting for the Norway sign and such things 😉 Really nice good people to ride with and great training to ride hard for a long time.


Until 135km where I died, or hit the hammer a bit and got slow for real. Got dropped for a little but Emile waited for me and dragged me to the lunch at 144km 🙂 the 2nd group got there two and we where a big group again. A nice lunch and then rolling for the ferry.

The pace worked first but in the end it got too high for me and some others who got dropped but all together with some others who skipped the lunch at the ferry:


A big climb after the ferry where I tried to hang on but got dropped for real. We gathered a 2nd group who rode all the 70km left together. Pace on the limit but everyone did what they could and nice chatting. Stopped at Coop in Dals Långed for a refuel and then left for ”home”.

The end included the hardest climb of the day and the first time for me on 36-28 (easiest) gear to come up, was hard but nice. A cool descend afterwards where I thought it was pretty awesome to go 57km/h on gravel 😉

Back at the house we ended on the grass eating a bit, drinking a bit and talking about the magic day:


Map and stats: Strava

Day 3

Woke up to rain, a lot of it. The long distance 176km was out of the match and plans was 132 or 104km. The morning subject. After breakfast, packing, finding rainclothes and cleaning it didn’t rain as much. Decided to go for the shortest way in the last minute with heavy legs.

Me, Henrik, Christian and Jonas rode the day together. Passing some guys starting earlier and who took shortcuts. No one was so good (except Henrik maybe) but the pace was good and it all felt like a blur. The kilometers got on and we came closer and closer to Vänersborg. A puncture after 94km was the first and only stop:


Map and stats: Strava

It was maybe a bit too much people to have for such an event but KUDOS to Johan and WRC for arranging this. A weekend we will talk about for at least a year. And my Specialized Diverge with new Specialized Roubaix Pro 30/32mm tires worked flawless all weekend:


I you should have one bike, this is the bike to get. It may not be cheapest but it so awesome it’s worth ever penny 😀

The Specialized Allez for you


The bike I’ve ridden the most is up for sale. Got new wheels, tires, tubes, cassette, chain and bar tape in the end of last season and now it’s just hanging collecting dust. As my heart seems to dream of Italian things all the time I’m selling this beauty for an older more classic bike.

Are you interested?

Size 52.

Price around 16000SEK. Send an e-mail to me at cerrol.jl (at) gmail.com for more info and buying. Can be this years best deal if you want a really good alu frame with very good components.

Cervélo C5


I was expecting a new gravelbike from Cervélo. But this isn’t. Not even with its bashguard under the downtube and fendermounts.

Instead it’s a really light endurance bike with claimed frame weight at just 840g.


Sold with HED Ardennes wheels and Continental 28mm tires it’s as compliant as a Cannondale Synapse. But which one looks the best?


Scott Addict Disc 2016

Cannondale got their Synapse.

Trek got their Domane.

Specialized got their Roubaix.

Three of the biggest brand got a discversion of their comfort line. But if we look at their race line up it’s not so many brands who got their most race oriented bike with discs.

Specialized with their Tarmac.

Pinarello with their F8.

But now comes one more. Scott puts discs on their racemodel Addict:

And it’s with new standards. 12×100 thru axle in front and a huge 12×142 in the rear. Doesn’t understand why they don’t go with 135 in the rear like Specialized but. As other Shimanoloving bike brand they also got the new flatmount calipermounting.

The bike for 2016 that looks the same but isn’t (I hope) is the Addict CX, really like this colour and spec 🙂

more info: Bikerumor

So will you change for discs?

Coffeeride except for no coffee in the middle

Went to bikecafé Le Mond and started with a Cappuccino. Then got an espresso at Specialized Concept Store Stockholm afterwards, but nothing on the ride.

But what a ride. It was sunny, warm, cold, rainy, headwind, tailwind. It had it all except not working bikes 🙂

Rode on maybe the worst rode in Stockholm with more potholes than asphalt except here:

We rode and looked out on the beautiful fields:

We took a ferry:

We became tired:


It enjoyed the S-Works Roubaix with Sram Red hydraulic disc brakes:

We stopped for lunch without a picture.

It was epic and hard in the end. 🙂 Map and stats: Movescount

Le Peloton #28 and how to spend a friday evening

I’ve got friends who can convince me easily, Christoffer is one. A customer and rider in CK Valhall’s elite team who is a nice guy that has started to ride Le Peloton sometimes. He asked me yesterday if I would ride today. My plan was to ride mtb with Jaime and Patrik but an hour of full speed and pain felt like a better preparation for sundays Lida Loop and when Kalle who owns bikecafé Le Mond asked too it was decided.

Borrowed the Roubaix S-Works Red Disc at work and put the alarm early. Rode and met up with this big group:


Me closest on the bottom fixing with my phone for the picture above 😉

Felt ok in the beginning and up to Fisksätra. Tried to be in a good position up the climb when we came back to Saltsjö-Duvnäs and to the roundabout in Ektorp. Then up to Nacka Forum I got impressed. The peloton was pushing, was floating like an engine. No thoughts of slowing down, just pushing. That feeling when it just pushes made me smile.

Good position through Sickla and then another hard part starts up to Hellas. Lost a couple of meters in the beginning but Christoffer came up and pushed me back on wheel before he continued forward, thanks 🙂 But after Hästhagen going over red I felt I just couldn’t go any harder no matter how. Got dropped!

Felt like shit and rode alone to Älta, just 34,7km/h in average Sickla-Älta instead of 41 before a second group that got dropped earlier caught me. Rode with them and caught 3-4 others before Flaten. Tried to work together to minimise losses and it was hard.

Ended with my 2nd best time on the long segment on Strava, 37,7km/h in average which I have to be happy with. A thing to notice is that after the sprint in Fisksätra it goes easy for a kilometer but still so high average. 😉

To Le Mond and got breakfast from this guy, Kalle:

Nice time in the sun chatting 🙂 Map and stats: Movescount

Me and the bike:

Then some time in the sun outside work with an espresso and one of our new neighbours AG Trading (POC, Fizik and so) 🙂

A lot to do at work and while not riding any mtb, neither did Jaime or Patrik it was talking about that half day. Patrik had talked about showing his hoods Gömmarn. Jaime and Jessica went to Hellas after work while me and Patrik did pick up my bike and went to his place to ride some new trails for me.

Found a mirror that was for preride selfies so took one 😉

And then out in the forest and hit the rocks and roots. And roots and rocks and rocks, and roots and more roots, and big roots and big rocks, and some mudholes. Then we climbed, climbed and climbed up tricky places. It was pure madness, pure technic and an awesome after work 😉 Impressive how Patrik can ride fast with so much roots and rocks all over ruining everything where you can imagine about flow. Took a ”serious” picture of us too with the track behind:

Then I rode home and felt that I wouldn’t touch a bike for the rest of the day. Hard but fun in the sun with great friends 🙂 Only the Holy Spirit can beat that 🙂

Map and stats from the evening: Movescount

An easy sunday ride

Rode with CK Valhall for the first time on roadbikes on a sunday ride today. A lot of strong guys and me:

Rode out to Ingarö to do two race laps there. Was supposed to not go too fast out to Ingarö but it was going too fast for me sometimes. Got dropped for real first time right before Gustavsberg, and then again up the ”climb” after Gustavsberg. Of with legwarmers and gloves in Brunn and started with the others with a plan to go 1 lap and then have a ”fika” with Robin. Got dropped almost really early and did the lap alone.

Today riding a S-Works Roubaix with Sram Red and disc brakes:

With wheels that never stop rolling, ceramic bearings is another world. really stabile bike with awesome brakes. But attacking to reach the others and going fast wasn’t the best, great bike for long nice rides. Like the one I hoped for today.

Back from Brunn me and Robin met Viktor who joined us, had a fika and then rode back to Stockholm. Like this:

Back at Specialized Concept Store where we started I changed bike to my Daily and rode home. Really fun to ride a regular bike but with cycling clothes and real pedals. Got one PR on the way back home 😉

Map and stats from the Roubaix ride: Movescount

My style today, new clubclothes from POC:

Really fun to try the Roubaix and it’s all clear that my next roadbike will have discbrakes.