What a beautiful morning


A cold morning in the suburbs of Stockholm seeing the queues grow and the sun rise. There is something special with extending the commute and get some air and time in the saddle before start working, a little time to think, to breath and just to spin by the carpeople. Ending up on a quiet dry hardpack gravelroad thinking of animals instead of cars and starting to think of that you can turn your lights off as it’s so light


Riding the last part on roads I used to commute on remembering old times (last month) and got passed by a stressed commuter…

Map and stats: Strava

Last ride this year with roadshoes, now was a day too late to switch to mtbpedals and shoes as the roadshoes sucks when walking in mud and snow 😉 Welcome mtbshoes:


and new wheels, I’m spoiled and can’t help liking good parts 😉 The rear wheel I’m not sure about but Roval SLX 24 disc is a must have, best allround wheels to have.


Funny I keep on thinking I want to change those boring mechanical discbrakes to good hydraulic ones but the Sora gearing works too good to be changed :p

Specialized S-Works Evade


This is me 13 days ago riding with my Evade helmet. The helmet I chose for the Norberg trip as it feels so great on my head and I think it suits me too.

I crashed but never felt anything from my head, no pains and I remember everything that happened. I knew that I touched the ground with my head but not more than that, no worries. Thought the helmet got scratched.

Today I got my bag back with my helmet. The helmet is broken in the foam and the plastic got a lot of dents where it ”touched” the ground. It made me scared. What if I wouldn’t have had a helmet, would I still be alive?

Always wear a good helmet you like when you ride your bike!


And thanks Specialized for keeping me safe!

Le Peloton du nord

Sumo Cycling did Le Peloton du nord today which meant an early morning, too early. The alarm went off 4.25 and when I met the others at SCS at 5.15 I felt a sleep still 😉


Emil, Anders, Michael and I rode through a dead Stockholm, met up with Christian and headed north to Enebyberg. 26,5km from my door.


Marcus joined to so 6 Sumo’s including the new Christian who hasn’t got a jersey yet. Other fast riders from different teams met up and 6.10 we rolled out for a ride I didn’t knew so much about. Asked how long it was and heard around 35km.

Felt really hard in the beginning with a fast commute there and tired body, went fast. The kilometers went and when we came to Skålhamravägen I recognized me and thought it wasn’t so far left. Changed to attack mode and rode a bit more active. On that small twisting road with the speed we had my Tarmac came to its right. The bike got me to smile and ride even faster, didn’t think about how fast the others were 😉 The last climb became a bit too long for everyone I think and it felt good when we hit the finishline.

At Le Peloton you usually ride slow with heavy legs after the finish, here it felt fast and far to the café. My legs died once more and I ended in my own tempo down to Gateau:



My view after the ride:


Map and stats: Strava

Then back to Stockholm and the known places again. The others rode fast, I got dropped… But me, Emil and Anders rode the last part together and ended the all in a great way. With the years first (for me) bath:

Happy ending so to speak and the water felt warm 🙂 Then I tried to survive at work, but that’s another story 😉

Le Peloton #165


Today I was motivated and wanted to hang on until the end, no dropping. Doped with my favorite Specialized S-Works Evade GC Skinsuit, Evade helmet and S-Works Sub6 shoes 😉


Alone of my look, not so matched like Penton Cycling:


But I survived up Östervik to Fisksätra and kept my leg in schack. Easy spinning and it was good to go for real. Could push 100% for the rest and got so happy I even got to cover some gaps and took quiet a few turns. 😀 I think I even was happier finishing with the group today than managed to hang on around Vättern with Skoda. This has been much so hard and thought a lot of my leg and why it doesn’t work perfect if I don’t warm up proper.

My 3rd best time on Le Peloton today too 😀

Map and stats: Strava

Happy breakfast at Le Mond afterwards in the sun and me and Johan found out we matching socks 😀 Gelatosocks:


If you want to see how we rode, here is a video by Jesper:

Amalie Dideriksen!!!


One of the worlds best sprinter, Kirsten Wild with help from the best national team seen in Women’s World Championships, The Netherlands got 2nd spot.

They chased down the breakaway, set up a pace with Annemiek van Vleuten that made it hard for many to keep up with and they delivered Wild to just finish it.

But it’s easy to go too hard, too early and from nowhere the 20 year Amalie Dideriksen passed even without electronic gears and aero helmet. Was awesome too see and I recommend everyone to watch the replay and see how a bikerace on a boring track without spectators should be won.

Congratulations Amalie Dideriksen, Denmark and Boels-Dolmans!

1. Amalie Dideriksen – Denmark

2. Kirsten Wild – The Netherlands

3. Lotta Lepistö – Finland

4. Lizzie Deignan – Great Britain

More about it here: CyclingTips and Boels-Dolmans


It’s been a long year and sometimes it doesn’t feel as good and you need some change, or a break up from the regular rides. Or just ride without a purpose, without being pressed to keep a certain speed, just riding because you’re made to move and think it’s boring to just sitting alone in a sofa.

Then it’s awesome to get the chance to ride the best. I got to borrow Specialized’s best trailbike with the new Sram XX1 Eagle, Öhlins new RX36 fork and their STX22 airdamper rear. An S-works Stumpjumper FSR


It’s not a bike for gravel, not a bike for sprinting uphill. It’s a fun bike made for singletracks and it love to give you a great smile 🙂

I rode for 1,5h this morning without more purpose than to go out and enjoy the nature and awesome trails we got here outside Stockholm.

Recommend you to sometimes ride without purpose, without pressure and keep it fun 🙂

Tomorrow it’s time again but adding friends to get the riding even better 😀

Le Peloton #97

It is so much in your mind about cycling. A friend of mine said I easy would manage under 8h on Vätternrundan 300km this weekend with my shape. I’m not sure and going under 10h.

Johan and Magnus came to Peloton in their new kit today, guess if they where ready to show off?


Not as many as a sunny Wednesday, people maybe resting for Vätternrundan this weekend?


The ride itself was a bit of an organized chaos. My legs felt like shit up to Nacka Forum and I thought when I should drop. We got some redlights and 3(!) tractors to pass that slowed us down a bit. I tried to do my best with the thoughts of not having to close to many gaps, to always have someone behind me, not sprint past Nils and to keep the wheel of Michael.

It was hard, really hard, we almost crashed with one not leaving enough space in a corner but we all stayed on wheels and I was in the first group all the way to the end. Some people may say I’m in good shape and can’t deny it but there are people who are in shape I never will be in. But as I’m a human I found the easy solutions to keep the losses to a minimum. I say I’m not an Aerofan but when I love to optimize I also love to reduce drag to go as fast as possible and just to keep up.


Specialized S-Works Evade helmet saves 56 seconds over Prevail

Specialized S-Works Evade GC Skinsuit saves 96 seconds over regular bibs and race fit jersey

Specialized S-Works Sub6 with Warp Sleeve is the most aero shoes Specialized developed and maybe the best aeroshoes that are UCIlegal.

Roval CLX64 is more aero than a Zipp 404 Firecrest

Specialized S-Works Turbo is the 2nd fastest tire in the world.

Marginal Gains Sky says, the Aero Advantage says Specialized. Placebo others maybe say. Pushing limits, being able to ride fast without intervals I say 😉 Like dope but legal and without hurting my body 😀

Map and stats: Strava

Le Peloton #92


They where many

They said I should go easy

They where fast

They are more or less my friends

They aim for the fika (breakfast at least)

Soon 100 rides and I still can’t understand why. Wake up too early, stress too much and ride too far too ride so hard you can’t hang on. And then trying to eat after that. I’m not even good of riding fast and pushing my limits.

Rode with the 3rd group with pushing my limits, enormous group today and it was very easy even though it went pretty fast. Was fun!

And then we had breakfast and a really good time with really good people. And a lot of good food:


Map and stats: Strava

S-Works 5 vs S-Works Sub 6

But first: Thalita De Jong is the new CX World Champion!

Had in mind of writing something different today but I got good friends that I wanted to spend time with so will do it tomorrow or monday. Instead a comparsion. Last year I got a pair of Specialized S-Works shoes, so good many pros not even sponsored by Specialized uses them. With green insoles and Time Xpresso cleats:


They were 38g lighter than my old Mavic Zxellium Ultimate shoes. Now 2016 with me who likes to look fast my new shoes got up on the scale, complete with green insoles like my last shoes and with a pair of new Time Xpresso cleats:


65g saved of rotating weight 😀 Looking forward to spring more and more (and thinking of a simpler pair of shoes for bad weather)

Keep the weight down, lighter crankset

My plans for 2016 is a supermodern classic roadbike. No electronics but otherwise with the latest technology like Sram Force 1 groupset:

As you see on the picture the bike (not mine) doesn’t have a Sram Force 1 crankset. My first thought was a Force 1 crankset but it’s pretty heavy. 2nd thought was a Specialized S-Works crankset. 3rd thought is lighter and cheaper (not as stiff as S-Works).

Like the picture shows except I will go for BB30 of course. A Sram Red22 crankset with a Force 1 chainring.

A Sram Red crankset:

And taking of the chainrings:


Compared with an S-works:

Or why not a Cannondale Hollowgram SiSL that also is in the same league:

Impressed by Sram 😀