Maciej Bodnar attacked at an earlier stage, believed he could win and tried to ride away from the peloton. He didn’t make it. Annemiek van Vleuten attacked too early up Col d’Izoard but she managed to win.

No guts no glory as Team Joker Icopal say.

Today in Marseille they both won!

Jonas goes Ironman!

Many of my friends are triathletes who train a lot. I only ride my bike.

Now it’s time for a change. As the big names in SCS Racing Team left for other teams or quit I got the question. If I wanted to aim at triathlon and do Kalmar Ironman with full support from the Team. Pretty amazing and it’s a chance I won’t miss even if I’m not good in either swimming or running yet. But there is time to change it.

The cycling is far but the best bike is ordered for me now. A Specialized Shiv Pro Race X1:


With the same swimtrainer as Lisa Nordén and nutrition from Etixx it will make life easier.

So now I stop with coffeerides and start the interval training seriously.

After some talking I also getting the chance to use the new triathlon collection by Café du Cycliste so training with style no matter if I swim, ride or running. Will be awesome 😀

The love of cycling

An old boss once sad to me about cycling people: ”If you’re not a cyclist you only ride for a couple of years”. That’s about the people who found cycling as training just and no interest in the history, the sport and the culture. Then there are people who ride bike, for commuting or just regular transport that doesn’t care about it as long as it work.

Then there are cyclists, people that know the culture and understand that cycling is so much more than just riding a bike. Like this:

reasons to love cycling

A thing that takes people from cycling to other sports is triathlon, a sport with just focus on performance and nothing or very little on style and things around. And get people thinking that running is so much more time effective than cycling and swimming inside is warm and nice no matter how bad the weather are outside. But there are also triathletes that got style, and it seems like triathletes got the best looking bodies that are fit.

Triathletes also got strange bikes with strange things on. But in a strange way no matter how much I don’t like triathlon I love working with triathlon and time trail bikes (good ones). Those are the bikes you can tweak the most and where the user gives the mechanics challenges. Sometimes it doesn’t look so good but today I finished a bike that looks pretty good (if you like black). A Specialized Shiv Pro with Sram Force22 and Zipp wheels:


Are you a cyclist? What do you like triathlon?

Bioracer+Specialized=World Champion!!

Last year Ellen van Dijk won the ITT World Championships. She rode a Specialized Shiv with her national time trial suit from Bioracer. She was the favorite this year too and even when she shifted team from Specialized-Lululemon to Boels-Dolmans she brought Specialized with her. This year she started last and was never in front of Solovey or Brennauer and she got a lot of rain in the end, ended with over a minute back and just a top 10 place.

I’m not so interested in Time Trial so didn’t have so much information who was going to win today or do well. Impressed by Evelyn Stevens from USA who got 3rd:


And then Anna Solovey from Ukraine on a Giant Trinity which is a really great Time Trialbike, not the easiest to work on but is a good compromise with aero and easy to work on:


And then we know from the World Championships last year. Ellen van Dijk and Tony Martin both one with the same bike model and suit. And Lisa Brennauer is from Germany so knows that germans can ride fast 😉 Winner and new World Champ Lisa Brennauer:


So will Tony Martin loose tomorrow and someone else with same kit win? Or will he defend the jersey? And how good will Reidar Borgersen do it?

new Pinarello TT bike, Bolide

5% lighter than their old cool Graal and 15% more aero. A lot to thank the integrated brakes with aerocovers and the much nicer wiring. Possible to get it with integrated cables in the bar for Di2 too, smart.

Supertight rear brake:

And a front brake that looks to suit Magura hydraulics 😉

But have a look at the handlebar. It’s where it is and no changes for the basebar once bought. But as for the Graal the look is awesome:

Will hopefully be used on Giro d’Italia but don’t know what Team Sky thinks yet or what do you think about their new creation?