New Specialized CX tires

I saw them already last winter, they came on Annika Langvad’s S-Works Crux for this season and now they are released for public. more or less.

The Trigger made for gravel and commuting more or less so no more Trigger tubulars and maybe not even new rubber.

Tracer get’s faster and with Gripton compound. No both in 33 and 38mm:

The new Specialized Tracer features a round profile, shallow and broad lightening bolt-shaped knobs.  © C. Lee / Cyclocross MagazineThe new Specialized Tracer is a complete redesign, with numerous shallow, broad knobs but a lot of edges for grip on hardpack surfaces. © Cyclocross Magazine

Terra get’s bigger and a bit different studs. More for mud than before and the other end of the lineup compared to Tracer:

The new Specialized Terra has taller knobs but an open tread design for mud shedding. © Cyclocross Magazine

Both tires available in tubular too of course. And as the customers want, tan sidewalls:


Read more and get more info about these on: CX Magazine

Le Peloton #69

It was said to be -7°, Johan had -13° when he left home (almost neighbour). The coldest Peloton today and first it was just me and Johan for the photoshoot:


Then came 5 guys more. A little bit new route to not ride in the cross country skiingtracks and it was good. 4 at the front in the beginning with Magnus, Rasmus, Damian and me. Magnus dropped a little and at the start of the new part Rasmus had a little gap to me and Damian. I passed Damian and rode up to Rasmus, and kept that wheel until I dropped him when it got a bit rough. Caught him again and held the wheel good on Erstaviksvägen where it was pretty slippery I think but my Specialized tubulars was just awesome. Felt good to. At the turningpoint on the Erstaviks loop it was a bit rough again but it felt good, and for the first time I really felt how my CG-R seatpost worked with the damping. Think it need a bit more to work with than my featherweight.

Went up in front a couple of times on the way back and it was great riding my Diverge when Rasmus rode his Bianchi Methanol with studs in front 😉

Was a great morning even though it was really cold a couple of times, think I will get a pair of new gloves…

Magnus showed hos icy it was:


When you see ice like that it’s nice to be at Le Mond, where you even can get cappuccino without mention it, Liam is good 🙂 And a picture of Rasmus:


Rasmus got some film from the ride too, but the battery died so I’m not in it 😦

My great Diverge, it’s just awesome (with light wheels and without fenders):


Map and stats from today if you’re interested: Strava

Le Peloton #66

I just love tubulars!

Took of fenders, bottle cages with SWAT and changed from boring heavy winter wheels to my light tubular wheelset with 1,6bar in front and 1,8bar rear. My Diverge became a new bike. And everything felt soft and comfy 🙂

A lot of people did meet up today as we started 2h later than usual and as it’s a free day in Sweden today


A really hard but fun ride in the light.

It was good but could have been not so good. Sara talked about crashing in the start but I said she wouldn’t. First thing we did was crash, 4 riders down including Niklas, Sara and me but it went so slow on the ice so nothing hard. Just to rise up and ride again.

Felt ok in the beginning but had to drop Sara and Rasmus after the wooden bridge a little. Caught Sara again but not for so long so ended riding alone a little until Emil and Joel got up to me on the road to Erstavik. They dropped me in the long climb out so alone again at the loop out there. Back I caught a dropped Joel and rode together for a while but he was tired and couldn’t keep up. After crossing the Ältaroad I found a new rider to chase, Rille who rode a bit to hard and we rode together the last part. Got company by Marika who had turned around a bit earlier. Rille dropped me at the end but I still got a fast lap than he 😉

Ended with the longest breakfast so far at Le Mond, their first open day 2016 today 🙂 Was photographed a little by Johan:

3 hours later me and Emile turned towards home but going around Vinterviken along Mälaren and enjoyed the beautiful day a bit extra and I had to take a picture of my lovely bike:


Let’s keep the winter dry like this now until the spring comes (wish it could be spring soon 😉

Map and stats: Strava


Today me and Birjer left the big city life to go to a sandpit outside Västerås to join their traingrace. Sometimes it’s great to just discover new places and racing with friends is always a win.

Groopencross is about sand and goes on gravel in the forest and on beaches around a small lake.


And for the comparsion it’s all about the bike, about gearing and the biggest issue tires.

  • My Specialized Crux is the fastest CX I’ve ridden. Thought about it today, my Cannondale SuperX was a bit more comfortable but could never go as fast. Even trying my boss Crux last spring it was super fast so doesn’t have with all the cycling I’ve done this summer. It’s faster going straight and in corners. It’s just up to me how fast.
  • Then the gearing. Riding a single chainring demands a bit more knowledge than riding with two. Groopencross was an easy course and never used lowest or highest gear. The Nationals where harder but suits me really well doing CX with 40t in front and 11-32 cassette. Just changing to 46t when I ride gravel or road as 40-11 feels a bit too easy then.
  • Tires, hardest part in CX. As I’m working at Specialized Concepts Store Stockholm I’m getting good prices on Specialized tires. But I’m allowed to buy what ever I want. Specialized tires aren’t as supple as FMB or A. Dugast but they are the step under and lasts longer. Last year I used there middle tire Tracer but honestly I think a Grifo pattern would work better as allround. But what I’ve learned working with Specialized is to have different tires front and rear and not be locked to the same on both wheels. Today I like usual had a Terra (mud) in front and Tracer rear and for the first time I learnt about TracerIt’s an awesome tire. Many small knobs giving you grip no matter how you lean the bike but still rolls good. A perfect tire for Groopencross with a lot of gravel and sand. Terra digged down in the sand so dreamt about a Tracer in front too today 😉 Funny to find the good things with parts you haven’t understood properly before.

So the summary of today it was really fun doing the trainingrace at Groopencross. (ending 6th of 20) and I really like my Crux. Like it so much that it will get upgraded with a new and better chain this week 🙂

A picture from after the race:


Specialized Crux Elite ready for Swedens CX Championships

Specialized Crux 2016 got thru axles. 12×100 in front and 12×135 with special SCS (Short ChainStay) rear. A standard that made it almost impossible to find wheels except Roval CLX40 that hasn’t been available yet.

Me and the owner of Tune Sverige solved it all with Tune King and Kong hubs and some grinding. So ready for the Nationals this saturday are my bike:

DSC_1138 DSC_1139

And also Matthias Wengelin’s bike:

12036985_1140029599343874_3320964465005354542_n 12037974_1140029609343873_953025788681185160_n 12065836_1140029626010538_975399941468179535_n

So if you are in Stockholm this weekend. Saturday at Stora Skuggan is the place to be. The biggest CX weekend this year. UCI race on sunday too. And I need all cheering possible 😉