Aero + speed = ViAS

When a bike should be allround it’s usually not best at anything. A bike that is supposed to be best is the new Specialized Venge ViAS. As aero as a TTbike and it’s made to go fast, or faster.


Today I built this beauty. The most aero roadframe Specialized ever created with the fastest regular clincher tires. Red is the fastest colour they say and this in Rocket Red may be even faster. Wheels faster than Zipp 404. Crank stiffer than anything else on the market.

You should see and feel this bike irl, like the Trek Madone 6 I had this got many nice shapes that is hard to see on a flat picture. And every shape there for a reason, not made to brag with, made to beat Strava KOM’s with 😉

Venge Vias weights!

Is a Venge Vias frame heavier than a Tarmac?


Yes when we talk about the fork. It includes a brake and the expander is mounted on the non cut fork tube. But if we take those parts of it’s still pretty heavy. So what about frame?

DSC_0026 DSC_0027

1252g for the frame with bottle cage bolts, bottom bracket, rear brake and of course derailleur hanger. My S-Works Tarmac disc frame in same size (54) is 1141g except brake. And yes, the Venge rear brake is more than 111g.

It think the frameweight is really good compared to what my thoughts are. So much carbon, so many special features but lighter than a Tarmac.

The future is coming and the paint looks really cool 🙂

2016 Specialized Venge ViAS

Now it’s released. The new Specialized Venge which can be can help you save time without any harder effort.

The two biggest things is the odd stem and handlebar that keeps together with just two bolts and have all wiring internal (not for mechanical gears)

The other thing is the brakes. Hidden but not as bad v-brakes just stuck behing the fork and under the chainstay. These go out quiet a bit:

Together with the new Evade GC skinsuit and an Evade (instead of Prevail) you can save 5min over 40km compared to a Tarmac with 40mm profile Roval wheels.

5min in 40km!!! If you ride around Vättern (300km) you’ll save around 40min. Like 20min in a regular road race. Try not to think about such big savings 😉

The coolest thing with the new Venge ViAS if you ask me is the front. I really like shapes of forks and I think they really got a good one with a clean transition from the beautiful frame on this:

To top this post with some real life Bikeradar has tested it together with McLaren:

This news is so much cooler than my cycling this morning that was great 🙂