Bike of the week

Long time, and it’s a bit said but this bike is too good not to show:


Annika Langvad’s new Specialized S-Works Era with world champ colors and all the latest by Specialized. Silver flake and Dark Red showing the Danish colors, Cosmic black bottom which is a color that have to be seen irl to understand it. Sram XX1 Eagle with a Quarq crank as standard for the Sramsponsored pro’s. But the new Magura brakes is a bit more different. And all small blue tunings with Carbon-Ti started by Sauser for the S-Racing 🙂 Ceramic Speed bearings of course, danish speed.


Blue Lightning #7

First I got wrong rims and 2 different. Then I got a newer version of what I ordered which I kept with some compensation. Planned to get a pair of Ryde Trace XC 21 but got the new Trace 22 instead. A bit heavier but also 1mm wider:

A bit of calculating with DT’s Spoke Calculator and it was time to build:


Too short spokes, had to order new ones and wait until today. 2mm longer and much much better…

Hubs: Sram X0 boost

Rims: Ryde Trace22 29″

Spokes: 48 DT Revolution silver ( 16DT Competition on rear drive side)

Nipples: DT alu 12mm in blue

Result with tubeless tape:


50g more than planned with heavier hubs, rims and including tubeless tape I missed. But there is something with silver spokes.

Now just waiting for saddle and handlebar before I can finish and start riding for real. Looking forward 🙂

the black boredom

November is here for real and people seems to disappear inside. The darkness is here and weather is something between snow and rain.

I feel slow and a bit bored and starting to think about things I didn’t do in the sunlight. Why didn’t I ride more long rides, why didn’t I ride gravel outside Borås, why did I take the short loop last day on Dalsland runt, why didn’t I go to Bergen, why didn’t I have an ice-cream date?

It’s easy to look back and regret. But it’s worth look back at what I did, or what you did. I’ve been riding my bike with great people in Sweden, Norway, France and Italy. I may not found the love of my life but I tried (maybe in the wrong way). I have spent time with my best friends, and regular friends. I have made new friends of different types. I have seen new beautiful places that I never will forget. I have seen that love is bigger then terrorists. I have got together with some good friends and had a social life outside cycling. I tried to keep friendships alive. I’ve got out of my comfort zone sometimes and pushed the limits.


VIRB Picture


Learning is a part of life and I learnt that wasted energy and time on people without time isn’t worth it no matter how much you want to spend time with them.

Let’s discover new places with the best people.


And I will not buy a black helmet again…

Red Hook Crit Milano No. 7 Part 2/3

First they warmed up on rollers and got happy:


And then time for Qualification, Last Chance race and the real Race. Random slideshow here of an event you can’t miss to watch next year 🙂

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

Ending with a great video by Francis Cade from the day:

Le Peloton #111, GP Hasse Mård and Lotto Belgium Tour


Autumn is here and people are sleeping… Not so many today, just 7 riders started in group 1 and 6 finished with one taking a shortcut. Nils and a guy from Valhall made the rest of us suffer this morning, wasn’t any record attempt but had to ride hard as we where so few, great training. And a while since I rode in the red zone for so long so many times 🙂

Trying sockdoping again to gain some more speed:


Map and stats: Strava

And while I’ve been working there seems to have been an awesome final stage at Lotto Belgium Tour. Annemiek van Vleuten is back after her crash and after winning the first prologue she won todays stage too, with over 1min 😀


She won the race overall too 😀 Awesome!!!

After work I went up to Hellasgården where the first race of the Stockholm CX Cup was held, GP Hasse Mård. Cheered and got motivated to ride too:


Henrik Jansson and Ingrid Kjellström won. The Kangas brothers did the best barrierjumps 🙂


New Specialized S-Works crankset

Haven’t heard anything about it, no news through work but Specialized got a new crankset for 2017. Down 600SEK in price, no more need of special torx key as this uses a regular 8mm hex.


But 36g heavier the the last one and 41g heavier than the 1st generation S-Works. What is the point? Anyone know? Is it as stiff as the old one? Looking at the profile it looks a bit more aero but not sure.

Specialized 2017: Sequoia

Specializeds first bike was called Sequoia, now the latest is called the same. Think of it as a crossover between Awol and Diverge. A steel touringbike to go fast with, designed and tested by the Swede Erik Nohlin which also will ride Sverigetempot (Sweden north-south) on it.


carbon fork, new 700c wheels and 42mm tires. Newly designed handlebar. And did I mention the Rider First Engineered with different tubing for different sizes? Can it be better?


Hope it will look like this on many places soon:


Lantern Rouge p/b Cykelcafe Le Mond

Maybe the best way to start the cycling week with cafériding Le Mond group. Relaxed and it’s possible to go both hard and easy, everybody are welcome and we always wait for the ones behind if needed. Today it was just Ena, Jimmie and me.

Rode the standard route but with one change, we rode the opposite way 😉 Roads are different the other way, or at least it feels so and you see new things you usually have your back at. Me and Ena:

Ena in front:

and me and Jimmie in our new Le Mond kits behind:

After passing Gustavsberg:

We caught up with Stefan:

Me and Jimmie enjoyed an evening in our cool kits:

Map and stats of the easy ride: Strava

Shoeweights: Fi’zi:k vs Specialized

Fi’zi:k is pretty new to shoes and Specialized has been in the game for a while. Yesterday when Fi’zi:k was a t the shop I was working at I had to compare with a Specialized shoe. Top model both and both in size 42,5:

32g difference with one shoe, 64 with two. And then Specialized S-Works has more parts with 2 BOA instead of just one a bit cheaper BOA that the Fi’zi:k shoe has. Both looking really good if you ask me. Fi’zi: Manages to have great style and no matter how good their products are they always look top notch 🙂