XC racing

Road racing is like Shimano Di2. I love to work with it but don’t want to race/have it myself. One of my best friends thought I should get a racelicens for next year and start compete as I was in better shape than ever before. He’s a wise man so got me thinking.

Then a lot of my friends got mountainbikes, friends that just ridden on road before. Got me thinking about getting a easy hardtail to ride with them as I think I got enough skills for that.

Chatting with another friend about bikes just getting more and more travel, getting bigger and heavier.

Adding 1+1+1 and remembering times like this:


I do understand that 29er are better than 26″. I understand that damping needs to be good performing and parts be stiff enough to not loose power. My Merida was 7,6kg raceready and I raced a lot with it. Kattegattstouren in the beginning of June went like a dream, PR on Grenserittet and so on.

XC Racing is the thing for 2017 I think, or Gravelgrinding. I don’t think the hardtail is dead and I will prove it. I think narrow bars, 47mm tires and low socks are dead 😉 Want to push the sport forward like Christoph Sauser.

Rundemann Up and Extrabolts 4.5

Rode Tarlebøveien up to Rundemann today, hard climb. 36-36 as lightest was a bit heavy for my legs too but possible and great training. The real climb is 3,6km and 419 altitude meters. Then down over Fløyen and a small singletrack on the way down with slippery leafs on rocks. Think I will change to Racing Ralph tires and hope for better grip, maybe save some weight too 😉

My watch doesn’t seems to need to be calibrated to show proper altitude so link to Strava today. Follow me there to see all my riding: Strava

As it was foggy on the top today and I had 180 in heart rate trying to get up when I saw the ocean through a valley I will show you a great tips instead. If you want to save some weight on your heavy steel bolts for your brake calipers and don’t want to go alu bolts Extralite got this Extrabolts 4.5 with a washer that I sometimes miss:

9,6g for alla 4.