Changed wheels yesterday and did Morningspins this morning. 18 riders and I was the only one with disc brakes. in the middle of Rapha 12Hills we were in a group of 5, 3 with disc brakes.

I started with discs on road last year with a Specialized Crux. Changed it for a Specialized Diverge over the winter and wanted it on road. Riding my Tarmac with Sram discs is the best I’ve ever done. No matter if I’m going slow in a bunch, fast descending in France, if it’s dry or raining. There isn’t a single time I wanted rimbrakes but there has been so many times I’m happy with discs. Much smoother than a carbon rim, stronger and love Sram’s modulation.

Road.cc wrote an article about the 10 hottest bikes for 2017. Just 2 bikes with rimbrakes. Discs are the future.


The Specialized Allez for you


The bike I’ve ridden the most is up for sale. Got new wheels, tires, tubes, cassette, chain and bar tape in the end of last season and now it’s just hanging collecting dust. As my heart seems to dream of Italian things all the time I’m selling this beauty for an older more classic bike.

Are you interested?

Size 52.

Price around 16000SEK. Send an e-mail to me at cerrol.jl (at) gmail.com for more info and buying. Can be this years best deal if you want a really good alu frame with very good components.

Le Peloton #30 and the elite

I really like Le Peloton. To be able to go as hard as you can on training and to meet great people and being social.

Many fast riders today:

The thing is you can be dropped just thinking of it so important to not think about it. Today up Ektorp and then up Hellas it felt pretty good and I didn’t even think about dropping. Up the hill at Lindalen after Älta stayed at around same place and hanged on even after the top. Then it was a guy 4-5 guys in front of me who dropped. A couple of guys chased and it worked out. Through the 2 roundabouts and then it was just full sprint. Usually it’s easy to give up there, but I gave more and managed to get back to a wheel.

On the Flatenroad it felt good too and sat in a good position into Skarpnäck. Had a problem with a bus that stopped the peloton a bit so it was hard afterwards. Out on the long last straight I was far back but found Emile’s wheel and he is fast. Hanged on the wheel without even thinking about anything except keeping it. Tried to sprint before the sign but couldn’t give more.

Super hard morning but my mind starts to not think about giving up. 🙂 All for a great breakfast at Le Mond:

Today with company of the fast PRO Sara Penton:

And yes, my glasses is cool. Love Oakley Jawbreaker on road, so big view 🙂

7th best time on Le Peloton unofficial 2015 route today total with an average of over 40km/h 😀 Super happy seeing PR on Strava and high speeds.

A picture from Le Peloton on Facebook:

So happy my bike got new brake wires, hoods and bar tape 🙂

And after a day at work it was time to ride again. We at Specialized Concept Store Stockholm where invited to ride with CK Valhall’s elite team together with the others who sponsor the team. A soft evening ride out to Älgö with some sprints and with a bit of rain in the end 😦 Knowing I got a bit left until I’m fast for real 😉

A blurry picture from that until I found the good ones:

Commuting the longer way

Yesterday I had a thought of riding a bit today so I wouldn’t rest 3 days in a row. No one to ride with and no plans made me take my roadbike and do a longer loop to work. Today for the first time with my classy Specialized oversocks:

And trying a pair of Oakley Jawbreaker Cavendish edition:

Went to Älta and that way before aiming for a PR on a small climb in Sickla at work. 1,5 week ago I got a PR there with 17,3km/h (1min13sec) in average and first time I had 13,3km/h. Last time was riding with She Rides and guiding. Today I was alone, I had the chain on the big ring and I was standing. Pushing to get a good time up that little climb. 39sec and average speed was 32,5km/h 😀

Got a lot of PR on the morning ride, good start. Map and stats here if you don’t follow me on Strava: Movescount

Then a day of work and got the question from Jessica if I wanted to ride with her and She Rides. They came but left a bit earlier than I got out from work but we would meet at the GP race in Älta. Went there trying to catch 3 guys from CK Valhall without luck. Helped a guy at the race and went for the start/finish. The group of She Rides arrived a bit later, had a puncture and so on the way. Watched the race a bit before we continued a nice ride in boring weather. A bit of rain that seems to have been worse after I left the group to ride home. I think I found a new way home from work at least. Nice with a bit longer loops when I want to train after work.

Map and stats of my and our ride here: Movescount

Le Peloton #20

The misery. When motivation and feelings doesn’t work together it can be a hard time. This morning I was motivated to ride as it’s the last training this week and I like riding with others. 2° and boring weather when I looked out at 5.15 this morning. When I got dressed and came out the door it was raining.

With waterproof Café du Cyciste Jeanne bibs and Loulou legwarmers it felt pretty good anyway, and new gloves from Oakley. The only thing I missed was my Assaver that was at work.

Not so many riders today:

Rode in one group today. But after a short sleep my legs wasn’t on top and I got dropped pretty fast. Turned left in Saltsjö-Duvnäs and rode the 2nd group ride. Thought of taking the shortcut in Älta too but the Stravatime motivated me and then it wasn’t raining any more. Ended coming first to Le Mond and sat alone in the beginning eating breakfast:

After around 10min 2 more riders came. They got dropped on the Fisksätraloop and rode alone. But no sign of the 7 others that should be there earlier. 1 more rider came, said that the group took a strange way, shortcut in one place and a longer way in one place.

That’s how it can be, but we got a nice breakfast 😉

Tried my new saddle for the first time today. slipped a bit backwards but felt pretty good, made the bike weigh 6,48kg. Not completely sure on that it’s better than the Romin but not bad.

The tires are great and thought of it on the way home. Second or third time not pumping the tires that use a latex inner tube before I go home. Pump them in the morning to 6,5bar in front and 6,8bar rear. Checked the pressure in the fronttire when I came home after work. 5bar 😉 5bar and was feeling great, that’s nice. Vittoria Corsa SC 25mm 🙂

Map and stats of today, 30km/h on the Le Peloton 2nd group: Movescount

My new fast wheels

My Ambrosio wheels with Tune hubs works really well and couldn’t have a better wheel for last weeks trip to Belgium and France. But they aren’t fast and not so stiff either, just comfortable. Have been looking for a great wheelset for a while. Wanted something fast 35-50mm high and with great quality so no cheap Chinese wheels. In the end it has been between Tune Schwarzbrenner 38mm at 1151g and Roval Rapide CLX40 40mm at 1250g.

But yesterday I found an alternative. Shimano Dura-Ace C50 used for a good price. Checked the weight which should be 1396g and I don’t think there is 1 wheel I heard so much good about than Dura-Ace tubulars (people not talking about Bora so much). Got them delivered at work so was almost too good.

1388g with glue on. Got a punctured Vittoria Corsa SC 23mm and one good too. Will keep the good one as a reserve. Glued on a pair of Vittoria Corsa SC 25mm I had laying around that was used for just 80km.

So before:

And now after:

6,62kg now with a heavier saddle and blue Tune QR. Wants a lighter saddle with same fit. But the bike worked so good this morning and is so much easier to maintain speed. Only sad thing is that I broke my old Tune bottle cage so got to change the front one. Old design on the small part stopping the bottle from falling down which is bigger and better on the new ones.

All ready for spring, Allez printemps

Changed my handlebar after a bikefit, shortened the fork a bit, shortened brake housing and got a new bar tape I’m soon ready to ride on road, fast.

Will shorten the front derailleur housing a bit maybe and adjust the gears. Then I will ride, all day long 😉 Or just sometimes when it suits.

Yesterday I finish a superbike, a Specialized Tarmac Kwiato, with Dura-Ace Di2, high end Roval carbon fibre wheels and all S-Works you could thing of. With 2 bottle cages but without pedals that bike (size 56) was 6,66kg.

My Allez that doesn’t even cost half of the Tarmac ended up at 6,64kg as on the picture. Including pedals 🙂

Should have hypergreen tires too 😉 27mm Vittoria Pavé.

Wrote a while ago that I should get a Engage handlebar but found out I could get a Specialized S-Works shallow bar in time anyway, but women’s version. Almost the same except a logo and flare but should have been nice. Now the men’s version was in stock and two days ago one came in size 40cm. Lighter and cheaper than Engage 😀

Sram Force vs. Specialized S-Works vs. Cannondale Hollowgram SiSL

The old Sram Force crankset for BB30 was really light, not so big difference between that and Red. A couple of 172,5mm crankarms with needed parts to mount 484g:

But yesterday I got my hands on a lighter crankset. Specialized S-works compact and also 172,5mm arms with mounting parts. 380g:

What I know Specialized S-Works is the lightest crankset made for BB30/PF30 that doesn’t need a special bearing or adapter in any way. Many talks about Cannondale Hollowgram SiSL too but they are not as light, here with a 130mm standard spider but without crankarmbolts what I found out:

But the weightsaving done from the S-works crankset is held up by a new saddle that I probably will put on my roadbike, a 130mm Specialized Phenom Pro:

If you see how it looks underneath you will understand 😉

BMX in Oslo or a lighter seatpost?

Starting with a BMX video, Oslo Calling:

And then I have mounted my Engage seatpost, or first I cut 9cm of it 🙂

From the 283g original to this 129g, pretty good weightsaving 🙂

Now just to get a good Body Geometry fit on it and maybe try it for real outside before the spring 🙂 6,34kg will be awesome. Maybe am changing for a little heavier wheelset and a pair of Vittoria Corsa SC 25mm tires, we’ll see when the spring comes.