World lightest production discbraked roadbike

Focus Izalco Max disc. Equiped with Sram Red 22 and Zipp 202. 6,8kg with Zipp alu bar and stem. Said to be 100g lighter than Specialized S-Works Tarmac disc.

790g frame

320g fork

Focus uses the new flat mount for discbrakes making it easier to have space at the rear and a cleaner front:

They also uses their RAT QR with 15mm front axle and a 12×142 rear. To have space with everything then made the chainstays 10mm longer to 415mm. Specialized solved the space issue with the patented SCS wheel that moves the cassette inboard keeping the regular 405mm short chainstays and using regular QR back and front.

More info and pictures on the Focux Izalco Max Disc you will find here:

Nothing epic ever happens on a sunny day

That’s how the first sentence is describing Rule #9 by Velominati. Riding mtb in rain sometimes just sucks as you’re slipping and sliding and never coming anywhere, slow and muddy. But good for technical skills, riders who ride fast in wet forests are cool.

Riding on road when it’s wet it means the rain will come from underneath and spray you all dirty and wet. When it’s raining it comes from two ways.

Today it was supposed to rain hole day, a lot. But when I ate breakfast and felt lonely it wasn’t. Even seemed to start getting dry (dream) and I have a small hope riding more than Camilla who has ridden 500km just this week and is leading over me on Strava. Felt a bit tired after yesterday but riding alone I can go as slow as I want so thought riding to Ösmo for a coffee and back. Aimed at 100km or 4h.

Still was a bit skeptic about the weather so Café du Cycliste Jeanne waterproof (almost) bibs and their Loulou rainlegwarmers. Long sleeve Café du cycliste jersey in wool with a vest on keep warm if it started to rain (don’t own a rainjacket at the moment).

Went out and it felt a bit hard but good weather and felt warm. Rode for around 40min down passing Brandbergen when the small drops from the sky got bigger and more. It started to rain a lot. My hands got wet inside my gloves and socks where all wet too, started to have problems seeing through foggy wet glasses.

4h ride didn’t feel like a good plan any more and as I don’t have a training schedule or beeing a pro/elite rider I changed plans. Riding home seemed like a better idea to keep my health and phone alive 😉 Turned towards Västerhaninge and up north back home again. There at a moment I felt my legs start to feel a bit lighter again and there was a moment or two with joy riding in the pouring rain. Feeling Roubaix taking up vibrations and making it a calm ride while the Sram Red discbrakes able to stop when I want no matter how deep the water was. First time I felt the Specialized Roubaix beeing the bike to have, when just be able to ride and knowing the bike taking care of the surface and bad asphalt.

Finally came home, not after 4h but after 1h46min and while not be able to taking any pictures outside for you I got one before I tried to take my clothes of. Todays style:

Map and stats: Movescount

If you don’t understand a thing about riding in rain or think it’s totally unacceptable you can watch this video instead. Awesome riding in Mallorca: