Le Peloton #39

Today I found out the ”bad” thing with riding Le Peloton. It never goes faster, it just get harder.

A big group today and it felt pretty good. I tried to hang on, did more turns than usual and never got dropped for real. Up to Fisksätra it felt ok but afterwards it maybe was the hardest thing I’ve done on a roadbike. I was very close to drop up Hellas but claimed me on a wheel. And coming to Älta trying to cover a gap in the front I felt like I should throw up. But i was still there. Did well up Lindalen and I was there. After the last straight I tried to hang on another guy who attacked and caught him with my legs standing straight out, rised again and pushed all I had to the Enskededalsign.

Not the fastest Peloton I’ve done but the hardest. And it was a great time. Great to feel good and feel the difference from spring where I got dropped real early. Let’s hope this will continue.

Ended as usual at café Le Mond and today we got cake to celebrate Nils and Johanna’s wedding. Two great pelotoners. Didn’t got them on a picture but one from Le Mond. Inside today as it was raining a bit:

And the bike making it all be possible for me. My fastest bike I’ve owned:

Map and stats: Strava

coffeeride without coffee but with great people

Sometimes you just got it. Haven’t ridden my roadbike since saturday and felt the resting in my legs. 29,6km/h to work and a personal record I think. After a good day at work seeing THE cx of 2016 I met up wit 8(?) others for a great ride in the sun.

Rode in front feeling good, attacked after a while. Rode fast on a flat section before trying to take some wind but was a bit too hard. Caught my breath for a second and then up the first real long climb. 1,2km with a couple of flat sections. Didn’t attack in the start but pushed on a bit and got Emil’s wheel on the flat middle section. Attacked in the last climb and it was hard, but felt good.

Did some attacks, laughed a bit, enjoyed the company and sun and. Cafécykling from Le Mond is really nice with natural intervals with different types of people. After passing Skurubron on the way back me and another guy aimed for the first climb, and Strava segment. 200m segment at 9% for the steepest part. Didn’t start to hard but when it got steep I showed how fast a Allez can be, geared the wrong way in the middle so had to slow down and gear back down before I pushed again. A bit too far but today it felt like I could push even when it felt really hard. Got a KOM 😀

So fun ride, here some of us:

Map and stats: Strava

And a picture from Emil:

Cannondale Caad12: So good they skipped a Grade

When companies release new bikes that should 15% better of this and 12% better of this and 50g lighter than that and looks in a complete different way. Then you know the old one wasn’t so good.

But when you make a bike that is 170g lighter, has 50% more compliance with a fork where they saved 40g, made it 6% stiffer and with 12,5% more compliance. And it looks the same as the old one?

Welcome Cannondale Caad12:

caad12 caad12 disc

When Specialized and Trek started to get closer they did something and they seemed to have done it good.

What do you think?

They saved over 200g on the disc version. If I would ride Cannondale I would have been choosing between caad 12 disc or Synapse disc. Can’t understand why they not making a disc version of the SuperSIX Evo as Cannondale seems to think it’s so perfect? A Specialized Tarmac disc is beating every Cannondale SuperSIX Evo in every place you need to brake.

Really like the new Caad 12. Specially the Caad12 105 disc, great spec and a great design. Discs is the future in my world.

Saturday ride (with sun)

New day, new people and new roads. Adding a bit of sun and you’ll get a good start of a ”summer” saturday. Rode a lap north of Mullsjö today up to Hökensås with Anders:

Sporting POC club kit 🙂

Felt like I had a bit heavy legs but it may come from my front brake too. It’s been touching the rim as it had to have the wire in perfect position. Can’t really recommend KCNCbrakes to anyone. But really like the Sram Red 22 levers working with them on the Caad10 🙂

76,76km today and another nice ride to the account.

Map and stats if still don’t follow me on Strava: Movescount

Le Peloton #30 and the elite

I really like Le Peloton. To be able to go as hard as you can on training and to meet great people and being social.

Many fast riders today:

The thing is you can be dropped just thinking of it so important to not think about it. Today up Ektorp and then up Hellas it felt pretty good and I didn’t even think about dropping. Up the hill at Lindalen after Älta stayed at around same place and hanged on even after the top. Then it was a guy 4-5 guys in front of me who dropped. A couple of guys chased and it worked out. Through the 2 roundabouts and then it was just full sprint. Usually it’s easy to give up there, but I gave more and managed to get back to a wheel.

On the Flatenroad it felt good too and sat in a good position into Skarpnäck. Had a problem with a bus that stopped the peloton a bit so it was hard afterwards. Out on the long last straight I was far back but found Emile’s wheel and he is fast. Hanged on the wheel without even thinking about anything except keeping it. Tried to sprint before the sign but couldn’t give more.

Super hard morning but my mind starts to not think about giving up. 🙂 All for a great breakfast at Le Mond:

Today with company of the fast PRO Sara Penton:

And yes, my glasses is cool. Love Oakley Jawbreaker on road, so big view 🙂

7th best time on Le Peloton unofficial 2015 route today total with an average of over 40km/h 😀 Super happy seeing PR on Strava and high speeds.

A picture from Le Peloton on Facebook:

So happy my bike got new brake wires, hoods and bar tape 🙂

And after a day at work it was time to ride again. We at Specialized Concept Store Stockholm where invited to ride with CK Valhall’s elite team together with the others who sponsor the team. A soft evening ride out to Älgö with some sprints and with a bit of rain in the end 😦 Knowing I got a bit left until I’m fast for real 😉

A blurry picture from that until I found the good ones:

THE new Cannondale Slate

What if you took a roadbike, mounted a fork called Oliver, used 650b wheels that is the latest but 42mm tires to make it normal roadbike size. Then go out ride it everywhere. Sprint on asphalt, jump and enjoy single tracks as long as the world. What if?

Cannondale took their knowledge and mixed it together with a fun thought and came up with the Slate:

In our world when everything is about us and we want our thing, not others. We come up with odd ideas. Some just don’t care but for others they just want to coolest bike for EVERYTHING. Just ask Tim Johnson:

The Slate is an Synapse with comfortable rear end (with S.A.V.E seatpost?) but a bit longer to fit the 42mm Pacenti 650b tires. Of course with discs and of course with integrated wires. Of course also Cannondales old standard BB30 to use with their 15(?) year old Cannondale Hollowgram crankset.

In the front they tweaked a Lefty to become road compatible. 30mm of travel with PBR. Called Oliver without the twist (it’s really stiff).

Don’t know if you can call it a roadbike, nor a gravel bike and at least not a mtb.

The thing I know is that Cannondale likes to keep their standards but think outside the box.

More pictures here: The Radavist

When the S-Works just continues

Was asked to try a customers rear wheel that made a strange sound this weekend, on a Specialized S-Works Roubaix Sram Red Disc. Not the same bike as last weekend but almost. As the Roubaix is pretty high in the front beeing a comfort bike I changed to a steeper stem. -21° in the bottom on a 54cm frame made it perfect. Felt much better than last weekend using -16°.

Didn’t got any company so decided to go down to Västerhaninge and back home after work. Using my favorite glasses for road today, Oakley Jawbreaker:

And the thinnest jersey I’ve own, the POC Raceday jersey feels really nice and when I got one in right size the fit is great too 🙂

After passing Brandbergen I made the Roubaix get some speed. 3 riders on regular bikes in front of me that I passed in 50km/h. The bike went fast and it was just to hang in the drops 🙂

Saw the sign to Årsta Havsbad and took a longer way, felt great today and the sun was warm. Planned to get an ice cream in Västerhaninge on the way back but tailwind and I didn’t find any good place to stop made my continue.

In Haninge the was a roadwork and the Roubaix got some really bad gravelroad but of course without punctures or problems. Flew past 3 cyclists out Haninge and tried to push on some more the last part. But the energylevel wasn’t on top and it started to feel hard. And also while the Roubaix works well on riding fast and take up vibrations it’s not the fastest standing up, then the Tarmac (or Allez feels better).

Back home and I think I got my highest average speed riding alone here in Stockholm 🙂 31km/h for almost 2h. Map and stats here: Movescount

And the bike for the weekend:

Sorry for the pedals, rode with mtbshoes today as I rode my mtb to work this morning.

Coffeeride except for no coffee in the middle

Went to bikecafé Le Mond and started with a Cappuccino. Then got an espresso at Specialized Concept Store Stockholm afterwards, but nothing on the ride.

But what a ride. It was sunny, warm, cold, rainy, headwind, tailwind. It had it all except not working bikes 🙂

Rode on maybe the worst rode in Stockholm with more potholes than asphalt except here:

We rode and looked out on the beautiful fields:

We took a ferry:

We became tired:


It enjoyed the S-Works Roubaix with Sram Red hydraulic disc brakes:

We stopped for lunch without a picture.

It was epic and hard in the end. 🙂 Map and stats: Movescount

Juin Tech Semi-hydraulic discbrake for road/cx

Sram got hydraulic discbrakes for road/cx, so do Shimano. But what about riding Campagnolo with disc brakes? What I knew before it was mechanical calipers, some good like TRP Spyre. But also semi-hydraulic like TRP Hy/Rd that was on mostly of this seasons Specialized cyclocross bikes. But a caliper looking like this:

It looks a bit overkill, specially with a weight of 195g.

A TRP Spyre SLC is a lot lighter at 156g:

So is there others? I googled and found Juin tech:

Sleaker design than TRP Hy/Rd but same function if I can understand it right. And with a weight even beating mechanical calipers:

2 calipers, 2 rotors and all screws needed for just £150. Anyone tried? Is this the way to ride if I want to ride Campagnolo with disc brakes?

More info about them here: Edge Sports UK