Allez Pro-build part 1

When I build a bike for myself it’s a mix of a lot of parts and I usually got no problem to use different brands on different things. And I’ll take what I can find that suits.

Building a bike for another person is a bit different. Not having the same knowledge and perspectives, or parts laying around can make it a bit more boring. Or just classy Pro with many components from same place.

Today after some planning and waiting I started to build a bike for my friend Camilla who seemed to like my Allez when she borrowed it some week ago (and now). But no Multi-Keyline left so it got all black:

Size 49 incl seatclamp and s-works alu bottle cage bolts. Uncut and cut fork:

Building a bike for a girl is nice when you like weight. A 38cm Specialized Women Shallow S-Works bar is pretty light:

25 lighter than mine 😉

Headset with spacers, expander and a Tune top cap. Then the Pro parts starts:

Roval Team ALX wheelset, try to find a pair of those 😉 Including a set of Specialized Espoir 25mm training tires. Roval carbon hubs, Aerolite (?) spokes and Campagnolo Shamal tubular rims:

That’s a wheelset to care about, pure class. (Stijn Devolder rode a pair at Tour de France 2009).

A Shimano 5800 11-28 cassette:

But it was a bit too heavy, changed the lock-ring for a Sram in alu instead to save some weight:

Borrowed a stem as the right one hasn’t arrived and mounted a saddle and post to see how it becomes:

The seatpost will say S-Works and saddle will be white. White is the colour of Pro.

The missing 6

I’ve bought some bad bikes, and I’ve have had some really good bikes. A bike that got a special place in my heart is the Cannondale SystemSIX:

First roadbike in carbon (at least a bit), first roadbike with classic handlebar, first roadbike with high profile carbon rims, first roadbike with FMB tires. I even still got the rear derailleur and saddle from it 😉

EP chainrings

Got them at the same time as the Scalpel but haven’t had time to mount them before and din’t want to ride CX with them. But today.


Sorry for the chainringbolts, heavy crap but they fit. Using to much Cannondale chainrings with threaded small ring or special things to have normal low profile bolts at home. But:

38t/50t chainrings for 130mm bcd from Experimental Prototype=60g, 5 chainringbolts (male+female) 23g=83g

39/50t that I had before with Cannondale 39, Specialites TA 50t with 5 male bolt=117g

34g saved and lighter gearing. But as usual no liftpins or things to lift the chain on the big ring so with a bit to short chain it will be interesting tomorrow.

Complete crank, Cannondale Hollowgram SL with 172,5mm arms including bottom bracket is 556g now, light for a alucrank 😉

Eurobike day 2

Starting up with the nicest cyclocross I’ve seen on photos from Eurobike, Look:

A little cleaner bike but with carbon tubulars and lovely FMBtires is the Veloheld:

If you still think mtb as the world championships is held now 29er is the shit. Is it because of Jaroslav Kulhavys sprint explanation at Val di Sole? A light Flash:

Heavy stem and wrong rims but 6982g is sick, here is the spec:

If you want something more timeless my dreambrand has come with a 29er, with 12mm axle rear. Always dreaming of a Paduano Racing bike, lovely italian racingbikes:

Including the right normal fork, german:A Xcite. If it had been complete it would had been the bike of the week. But instead it goes to another italian bike. FM Bikes Doctor Special 29 with nice Dugasttires, Sram XX/Redgears and maybe the nicest saddle (for me at least) on the market. Weight is 6680g

I like color and tuning. And nice integration. FM Bikes stem on this bike is really nice, Like FRM’s integrated and looks really good from the front:

sparat 3g

Ibland kommer man på saker. Imorse när jag låg i sängen och tänkte innan jag gick upp kom jag på hur jag kunde spara lite vikt på racern utan att det skulle kosta pengar. Tänkte på annat med så var inte enbart de jag tänkte på.

Så såg det ut vid min bakväxel innan med vitt fint vajerhölje. Vajerhölje som vägde in på 9-10g enligt min våg. Dessutom är det en rätt skarp böj. Jag har ju en del Alligator Ultralight I-Linkhölje liggandes så tänkte att jag kanske kunde spara lite om jag bytte till de. Sagt och gjort:

Silvrigt och fint matchande blev det. 6g för ytter och innerhölje så 3g sparat. 🙂