Giant Cup, Sram Wireless, New Fork and so on

  • Almost died today. Was racing Giant Cup #8 in Krokstadselva. A area perfect for trail/enduro with gravel uphill and super fun trails down. But today it was XC on trails up and down, thought of quiting after 7min working so hard to come nowhere. Won over my mind and rode all 3 laps. In the end of last lap when I should get off my bike and walk up a climb I fell. My leg didn’t manage to stand and I was to tired to stop the fall. Knew that I did my best at least 😉 Map and stats: Movescount
  • Sram Wireless seems to be on the market soon:  More pictures here: RBR
  • And tomorrow I will order a new fork for my Remedy. First step of getting it a kilogram lighter. Found DT XMM 140 27,5″ at 1570g. But is there a better light fork?
  • Anyone who wants to buy my Fox Float Factory 34, 140mm for 27,5″?
  • Anyone who wants to buy my Trek Madone 6.2?