Långa Billingeracet

In some way this is my favorite XC Marathon race. It got great atmosphere, many friends, awesome climbs and some beautiful flowy trails. Went down to Skövde yesterday with my teammate John and Mattias to stay at my sister 🙂 1st class.

Not even 5min riding to the start this morning which was perfect but maybe not the warm-up you needed 😉

It all started with a asphaltclimb that went into the forest halfway and I tried to take it a bit easy. Here was also the first time I noticed my easiest gear 34-36 wasn’t working at all. 34-32 as easiest for the rest. Felt good in the beginning except I didn’t have to power on the flat gravelsections or the gearing. Tried to hang on some groups but dropped a bit, got back up when it was going uphill 😉

The trails in Öglunda was amazing and my bike felt really good. The Fox fork works like a dream and I really like the geometry of my bike (and weight). The gravelclimb up after Öglunda went really good with a good flow 🙂

Up on Billingen I got a new bottle from my sister and then it came a really long singletrack part, was a bit hard on my hardtail. Down on the other side on some gravelroads and some great green singletrack felt nice.

Then the longest part, the singletrack section including some crocodiletracks :p which takes a lot of energy without any rest. Started to feel my back and after 57km it started to hurt. Was riding slow (according to a friend I rode with for a while) and a lot of stretching so dropped from some groups.

Finally the end came, 2 climbs which went much better than I hoped for with my back. 8kg bike makes difference and on the first climb I rode with 34-28 gearing and it felt great passing a couple of riders too. A bit singletrack down and some asphalt before the last climb, Strupen. Knew how it was but didn’t remember it got steeper and steeper. 34-32 in the end and standing up trying to have grip and passed some more riders.

It all ended in a small spring with me and a guy riding in a different class so I let him win 😉

Finished 34th in my category and 127th overall. 3h31min so 19min better than my earlier record 😀 Really tired but satisfied.

DSC_0919 (1)

Here you can see who’s the fastest :p

And Mattias who never been riding so far rode 5min faster than me:


Like Benny Andersson said, a hardtail wasn’t perfect for the course. But I couldn’t have asked for more fun on my Specialized Epic HT, really nice with a SWATbox too so I didn’t have to carry a spare tube and pump in my jersey:

DSC_0922 (1)

Always improvements to make but as this bike is what I want to have I have to make the improvements on my body instead 😉

Map and stats: Strava

Emil Lindgren and Jennie Stenerhag won!

Le Peloton #156


The ones who understand the picture understands 😉

A really cold morning today too, not proper May weather it feels like. -3° Celsius and many thought of riding gravel instead of asphalt on todays Le Peloton

DSC_0909 (1)

I did the CX loop too as I wanted to get more comfortable on my Epic and ride fast on it. Went smart in the first climb and dropped the first group. Became 4 riders in a group behind with 2 mtb and 2 cx with me with easiest gearing which made it hard when it was flat and downhill. A lot of 34-11 today and maybe good for my cadence training :p First Oskar dropped me on a downhill and I had to chase up a climb. Felt good as long as it was uphill or a bit more technical downhill so you don’t pedal 😉

Thomas attacked before Erstaviksvägen and Fredrik, Oskar and me had to chase. Got up to him but dropped Fredrik. After Erstaviksvägen on the way back I dropped both Thomas and Oskar and rode alone almost all the way back. Thomas caught me in the end and we ended it all together. He with a lot of PR and me tired 😉

Was about to give up and shorten the loop when Oskar dropped me the first time but managed to get back and hang on. Did as good as I could and it felt like a good hard training session 😀 Satisfied and it was fun in our small group, so much more fun when don’t ride all alone the hole loop.

Map and stats: Strava

My bike worked fine too, just wanted a bigger chainring :p

DSC_0911 (1)

Throwback Thursday

Found a couple of old pictures from 2007 and 2008. 2007 in Landskrona racing for Åstorps CK:

DSC_7281 Jonas på språng DSC_7287 - Jonas igen

And from Borås CA’s mtb race in 2008:

jonas varvar

And in the first climb of Mörksuggejakten 2008:


Just for fun I will add a picture from Ymerracet 2009 too. Look at the bike 😉

bor�s 044

It’s a bit funny too. At the race in Borås in 2008 I bought the Drylane Bib’s seen at Mörksuggejakten 2008 from Allebike from which I have a bottle from on the first two pictures in 2007 ;). As it was wet and muddy at Ymerracet 2009 (was on a saturday) and I didn’t had any mudtires I ordered a pair on Facebook late friday evening from Allebike too. Great store that really are into racing 😀

remedy part 3, the middle

I will never finish a bike until it’s getting sold. There is always dreams and thoughts in my mind, always coming new things that seems fun to try, terrain and friends are changing. And so on. But for now my Trek Remedy is finished (read: missing parts)

My goal was to build a Trailbike capable of everything like my 7 year old Liteville 301. This got better angles, lower headtube/front, made for 27,5″ wheels, a much better rear damper, 39g lighter and better crankset, 6,25cm wider handlebar.

So me who never liked Trek now got 2 (!) Trek. Strange but things change and I’m not closed to one brand. If we skip functions and pricing I think Trek got one of the best paintjobs on the market now, high quality painting with great deep feels like it will hold. A great finish.

So which parts is on this and how much did the scale show?

frameset: Trek Remedy 9 18,5″

fork: Fox 34 Float Factory fit-CTD 140mm

headset: FSA tapered

stem: Bontrager Rhythm Pro 80mm

handlebar: Bontrager RL 750mm

grips: Bontrager bar tape black

seatclamp: Bontrager (is there any light options in 36,4?)

seatpost: Rock Shox Reverb Stealth

saddle: Tune Komm-Vor (what else?)

brakes: Sram X.0 180 Formula rotor front, 160 Avid rear, ti-bolts and Shimano adaptor

gear lever: Sram XX1 Trigger

rear derailleur: Sram XX1

cassette: Sram XX1

chain: Sram XX1

crankset: Sram XX1 with 34t Absolute Black spiderless, Pressfit GXP bottom bracket

wheelset: Bontrager Rhythm Comp

tires: Continental X-King 27,5×2,4″ RaceSport

tubes: Bontrager

pedals: Crank Brothers Candy 2Ti

Total weight: 11,95kg

Lighter than I thought but am waiting for a supernice shorter stem and new handlebar + new QR for my fork.

Will try it for real after work tomorrow 😀

KS LEV for XC ;)

New School thinking and as I only have one mtb for everything I missed my dropper post from my Liteville. My Grammo Pako seemed impossible to mount a Rock Shox Reverb in a proper way so got for the second option. A Kind Shock LEV, thought first of going with one with lever under the saddle but thought again and a remote is so much easier. KS LEV 31,6×385 with 125mm drop:


Lost 13g when cutting the wire hosing and wire so over 200g lighter than the Reverb Stealth I had on my Liteville 😀

Looks like this mounted:

IMG_20140602_221840 IMG_20140602_221853

Wiring through the top tube where the front derailleur wire should go, really smooth. But will be testing som positions on the handlebar to get it working with my Xloc for my fork too, a bit tight now but think it will work.

The damper is on


My 3 year old Lefty fork is back on my bike. Oldest part, I think. Had to rise my stem 1,2cm but also can take away the left brakelevermounting and use the xloc from the fork to save some weight. So less that 612g heavier 😉 And so much comfortable, and probably a bit faster too.


Cannondale Lefty Speed Carbon XLR is the thing 🙂

Scalpel 27,5 first ride



Borrowed a rear wheel from John, a Tune Race 2.0 front wheel from another friend so I could try 27,5″ on my Scalpel. Pacenti Quasimoto 2″ rear and Schwalbe Rocket Ron 2,25″ in front. Heavy rear wheel and light front. Looks awesome with this bigger wheels I think, tight racing look.

So how was it then?

Except that I forgot to check the air pressure before did it feel really good. Maybe to heavy gearing or too bad trained legs but except that it felt fast. Was around 1bar in the front tire so really soft but as I only rode on gravel and a short ride it worked but felt like the fork was on when it was locked and braking on the downhill felt a bit sketchy when the rim floats on the tire. Felt like the fork was diving when it was the tire 😉 Rode up Fløyen to Brushytten and down Munkebotn. Picture from a bit over Stoltzekleiven. Tomorrow I will try it more proper. Maybe see if it works great with a slimmer rear tire with lower knobs and more aggressive front tire too.

Map and some graphs from today: Movescount

lightest brakes (?) again

Changed for Formula R1 Racing for my Scalpel. Sad thing is that it is IS mounts front and rear so have to use adapters and extra bolts looking like this:



Maybe should have switched QR from my Liteville to a blue Tune but 😉 140mm rear, 160mm front. Including all bolts, adapters, rotors it’s 475g 😀 pretty good weight.

Looking like this on the handlebar at the moment, had to use a matchmaker for the shifter as I didn’t want to take the grips of:



Saved 190g compared to my Elixir 5 with same adapters and rotors. Formula R1 Racing are light 😀 With PM mount and original kevlar hosing it would be even lighter.

Also tried my Liteville 27,5″ rear wheel with Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2,25″ tires. Worked 2 of 3 mountings but don’t I dare to ride with it, don’t want to ruin the carbon chainstay.