THE camber,

Do I need to say anything more? 10,78kg like you see it including the SWAT multitool, about 600g lighter than my last mtb.

Cut the fork a bit and saved a lot. Here without axle but including starnut:

Just set the dampers and go for a ride tomorrow 😀 Really looking forward too it.

Visions getting real

For every bike I get and build I have a plan. A plan of the perfect bike for my purpose which can differ with time and other bikes. The vision now is to build a light trailbike in weightclass with an Epic for XCracing but still be able to have fun on technical trails and maybe do a Endurorace.

My Camber is starting to take form, today with a borrowed 100mm SID WC fork and here with a borrowed front wheel so I could see how it looked. Will also change the hosing for my frontbrake for a black one. What do you think?

Seems to be around 10,6kg with 2,3″ Ground Control tires. Will get a set of S-Works Fast Track for XCracing later. Those tires will drop almost 300g extra. My first 29er 😉

477g crankset for my Camber

Even if I’m getting a All mountain 29er with 110/120mm travel and dropper post I’m still a weightweenie. Always want to push the weight down as much I can afford. But I like cheap high-end lightweight parts. Find the little oldschool way to drop weight. Like bolts, tune parts and things that ends up with people doesn’t understand how my bike can be so light.

So for my Camber I used my old Cannondale Hollowgram SiSL crankset with a 34T Absolute Black spiderless chainring:

With some spacers, ended up with 1g as this was a bit to wide:

And you can see that I got some spacers laying around for BB30 cranksets 😉

Also mounted a simple and clean Tune Schraubwürger seatclamp:

So at the moment my bike look like this:

Waiting for the fork and deciding how to do with wheels.

More weightsaving on different level tomorrow so stay tuned.

Camberparts + tuned XX1

Before I used Sram XX1 on my bike but this year I go a bit cheaper with Sram X1 that came with my new bike.

Cassette is the thing that gains the most weight:

Trigger with wire:

KMC X10 chain:

And the rear derailleur:

The derailleur isn’t so big difference in weight between XX1, X01 and X1. Check my earlier post with XX1 and X01: Sram X01

And to complete it a really tuned Sram XX1 derailleur by two German guys. Found it on Eliflaps blog

Mounted on a Specialized Stumpjumper ht:

The start of a new era, first 29er

Today my new bike came. After having 26″ bikes and then 4(!) bikes with 27,5″ it’s now time to step up. Not so hard after trying the superfast Remedy 9 29er against my Remedy 9 27,5″ in september.

I’m a XCracer that wants a light bike but also like more easy fun riding and maybe doing an Endurorace. I want an Specialized Epic WC but it’s not the right bike for my cycling now and an Stumpjumper or Enduro is too much. The Remedy I had was super going down and on technical trails in low speed. But it wasn’t fast enough for XCO.

The bike that should handle it all is a Specialized Camber:

12,14kg including the crap plastic pedals that comes with every bike that’s supposed to have spd or flatties from Specialized.

110mm of travel, 70° head angle, carbon fibre (FACT 9m), 1×11 Sram X1, light Roval Control 142+ wheels, Command post. A bike that has been a cheap XCbike when the Epic been to high end to start with. A model that has developed into a middle class bike for riders that want to ride just for fun and maybe do a race or two for fun.

The cool thing I’ve found out with this bike is that the frame is pretty light (think Epic S-Works WC) like this:

not included the 73mm 12×142 X-12 axle. But including a Sram PF30 bottom bracket. And the weight:

That’s 690g lighter than my alu Remedy frameset was. I’m guessing the S-Works frameset will drop almost 100g extra.

But got some parts that I will change and now is for sale. Watch the For Sale part here for that, will update it now. Revelation fork, Sram X1 crankset, 720mm handlebar, saddle and grips. All new.

The bike that changed my life, Liteville 301 history

Thought of writing a list about 2014 but this is so much more interesting and a bit history.

4th november 2012:

Only used hardtails and Cannondale Scalpel and just XC except a test of a boring Lapierre Zesty. But the 4th november 2014 I borrowed my good friend John’s Liteville 301:

130mm travel rear, 100-140mm in front. 27,5″ and 5 years old. It was super fun and a great bike.

19th april 2013:

Bought John’s frameset for a nice price.

30th july 2013:

Like a true weightweenie I built it light, 10,04kg trailbike:

Didn’t work all perfect so changed some parts after a while and tuned the bike more right.

29th september 2013:

Joined CK Henie for their club championship race and ended 4th, best fs and best 27,5″. Making same times as with a Cannondale Flash Ultimate 29″. My Liteville was fast:

5th november 2013:

Ended at 10,9kg with 150mm fork, Rock Shox Reverb seatpost and a bit other parts:

19th january 2014:

Was some guys from CK Henie that built the best singletrack I’ve ever ridden downhill. Joined them for a training and KOM hunting. Great time:

Then I moved to Tønsberg, sold my Liteville and Scalpel and got a Trek Remedy 9 27,5″:

31st august 2014:

The Remedy had a bit modern frame and geometry but was never as fast as the Liteville, not as snappy.

The Remedy is sold, I’m working at a Specialized Concept Store but can never stop thinking of Liteville 301. Like their Marathon model they presented at Eurobike and is available to buy for 4850€ now.

It’s not in carbon, it’s not the lightest, not cheap, not same wheelsize (29″ front, 27,5″ rear), not a cool brand worth extra, not oversize pressfit bottom bracket. It’s just good. That’s the most important thing that many people misses and just get’s the coolest, best brand, best parts without knowing how it rides. Like saying 29er wheels are too big until you tried a Specialized Enduro 29er.

I wrote a long post about this bike, it always have a place in my heart and it will always be in my mind getting a new bike. Thinking outside the box and really getting the bike that feels right.

Sram goes Spiderless


Sram is saving weight, making a couple of standards to one and making their 1X drivetrains look cleaner and keeping it Sram. Spiderless chainrings been around for some time now but not until now Sram starts with it. All the way from 26t to 40t, bigger than other produce.


2 types, one for GXP and one for BB30. Offset differences. But for XX1, X01 and X1. Will fit X.0 and X.9 crankset too but not sure the chainline is as good as with the 1X cranksets. More info here on Bikerumor