3T Bailout, or Overdrive?

A couple of days ago I went through a gear calculator to find the best gearing for me and my super Diverge. Want it to be good on gravel but also on asphalt, don’t want to change anything if I go down Nice and climbing up Col de Braus for example. Was out for the ultimate gearing for me.

Did I mention single chainring and Sram Red Etap?

Last year in Nice I rode with a 46t in front and a 11-32 cassette, worked fine but was hard went the gradient went over 10%. For my Sequoia I mostly had 42t in front and 11-36 cassette, but it’s a 2kg heavier bike. For my last Diverge I mostly was on my bigger ring 46t with an 11-32 cassette but I always had a 36t if it got really steep.

46t in front and 11-36 Sram 1170 cassette was my conclusion but will an WiFli Etap derailleur work with 36t?

Heard about 3T developing a special cassette for it’s Strada single chainring aerobike. Now it has been released at Eurobike:

9-32 in 2 options.

They got a Bailout where it’s tight in the beginning and bigger steps at the biggest rings (9-10-11-12-13-15-17-19-22-26-32). And they got an Overdrive with is more even (9-11-12-13-15-17-19-22-25-28-32).

This is like a dream for me and got me to think again. Wanted a 10-32 for a while but 9 is faster. And if I use a 42t chainring in front then this range is like a 50/34 with 11-26 cassette. Like made for my Diverge 😀 I like the Bailout most as you get smoother gears when going fast (like on a road ride) and then you always got an easy gear at the end when the steep climb in the end of a long ride come 🙂

Did I mention the 3T cassette is 126g lighter than the Sram 1170 11-36 cassette? And the 42t chainring is of course lighter than a 46t 😀

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