Berk barcombo


Finally it arrived, the 2nd part ordered for my Epic. The barcombo made by Berk Composites. 720mm wide with a 80mm stem:


Saved almost 200g compared to the bar and stem I borrowed and the bike should be under 8kg even with heavy Candy pedals 😀


Looks pretty fat with 38mm wide flat stem too, almost like a Syntace Flatforce but lighter and with a smaller angle.


The front matches the rear 😀

4 weeks to Christmas

In Sweden we got Advent. 4 sundays before Christmas and today was the first. The weekend Christmas starts with decorations and the waiting. Advent means waiting.

And I’m also waiting for a new mtb. But it’s getting closer and last part I got now is a cassette. Sram XX 11-36:


50g lighter than XX1, 143g lighter than XX1 Eagle. Sure, this got a gear or two less but do you really need that?

Shaving weight is about just use what you need. And I don’t need a bigger cassette than 36, specially not when I’m aiming to build a bike at 8kg 🙂

let light be light again

How light is a light bike? Last year I built a Specialized Camber Elite Carbon just under 10kg:


It was light as an S-Works Epic WC without bottle cage and pedals. But is 10kg light? I’ve been racing Grenserittet (my best time) on a bike that was 6,9kg. And I still got memories from racing with that bike with damping fork, my Merida:


Around 7,5kg all season with a bit different parts on. single chainring and tubular wheels (had 2 pair). That was light.

Now I’ve learnt that 26″ isn’t fast and that 580mm handlebar isn’t good. The development goes forward but has it to be so heavy? I want new school geometry, wide bars, single chainring and right sized cassette with 50+ tires that are good. I’m on full planning to build maybe the smartest built bike I’ve ever built and it will be raced on for 2017 😀

What do you have for mtb race plans for 2017?

Bike of the week: Cube Elite Super HPC Race 29

Long time since last bike but got this from a reader:


Frame: CUBE SHPC Carbon 29, stl. 19” 1.100g

Derailleur hanger: CUBE 20g

Headset: FSA top and Extralite lower. 73g

Seatclamp: New Ultimate 7g

Seatpost: New Ultimate EVO Carbon 31,6x410mm 130g

Saddle: CUBE SLT SHPC Carbon, 143mm 122g

BB: Race Face Cinch system BB92 68g

Crank: Race Face Next SL Carbon 383g

Crankarmprotection: Race Face 17g

Chainring: Race Face Direct Mount 34T 70g

Chain: Sram XX/ PC-1091R 252g

Chainguide: Carbon, custom. Alu bolt 24g

Rear derailleur: Sram XX, medium 184g

Trigger: Sram XX 103g

Wire: Jagwire LEK SL Carbonlook. Alu ends 40g
QR 15 axel: WR Compositi, alu 34g

X-12 axle: Syntace, alu 40g

Handlebar: Innolite MF 10 Carbon, 660mm 107g

Stem: Aerozine, alu, 100mm 100g

Grips: Extralite Hyper Grips 11g

Fork: WR Compositi AMT1 29e, Lockout. 100mm. 1.300g

Expander: Mcfk 13g

Topcap: CabonTi, alu bolt 6g

Stemspacers: Sram 2st. 6g

Brakes: Formula R1Racing. (front/183g and rear/198g) 381g

Caliperbolts: Formula orig, 4st. 15g

Rotors: Ashima Ai2, 160mm. 135g/par

Rotorbolts: Ashima alu. 12st. 10g

Wheels: AX Lightness SRT Carbon with Extra Lite Hyper hubs and Sapim CX-Ray spokes. 1067g
Tires: Tub, Tufo XC2 Plus. 1110g
Glue: Vittoria 1st. tub for 2 tires. 15g

Pedals: CrankBrothers Eggbeather 11, titan 183g/pair

Cassette: Sram XX/XG-1099, 11-36T 208g

Chainstayprotections: Custom in plastic 6g

Grease: 20g

Total weight: 7.360g

That is a light bike,

_MG_8762_H.Hjort _MG_8735_H.Hjort _MG_8729_H.Hjort _MG_8706_H.Hjort _MG_8686_H.Hjort _MG_8684_H.Hjort _MG_8683_H.Hjort _MG_8676_H.Hjort _MG_8672_H.Hjort

Formula Customisation

Maybe you’re getting tired on the red parts on your brakes, or black or gold or whatever. Maybe you would like less colors on your bike or more colors. Maybe you want your bike more personal, more awesome and more you. Then you can customize your brakes with different bolt colors and the cool thing. Different colors on the Caliper Cap that is usually red (like everything that supposed to be light usually is) and instead going blue?


or some other color. As Italians know design, know color they provide it. Not always best looking but always looking and now it’s up to you do decide how good your brake will look for 2013. Parts you can find here for example: Mountainbikebitz

Last ride on my Scalpel

for this year/season. Sold my wheels and will send them on monday. So today in the sunny lovely Bergen I took my mtb for a ride and was joined by Leif Arne on his Scalpel 29er. A little heavier than mine but faster.

Up Fløyen and then we started with my favourite singletrack in wrong way so uphill. Nice one but think it’s better downhill. Almost managed the hole anyway, dried out a bit since last time. Then up to Brushytten and deciding where to got. Rode up to Rundemann as Leif Arne never been there first and when we got some views at 500m it was perfect. sun was shining, we saw green islands, water and then the ocean just open all the way out to Shetland Island. A big bridge but couldn’t almost see the city of Bergen with over 250000 inhabitants that we left the city from 40min earlier. So nice.

Up all the way and then down on the other side. With the nice singletrack downhill I’ve rode in the spring or if it was last year. Nice in the beginning then the singletrack was in a stream so got a bit wet, then down on a fast section before going into a technical track again. Think we rode wrong some part there as we got into a downhilltrack and then didn’t come out as I remember. Anyone it was pretty nice and good technical training. Then down on the big path and later asphalt down to Bergen city again.

Bergen mtb is pretty much climbing of technical singletracks, hard to find the middle way that I’m used to with pretty flat courses and not extremely technical so rideable in all weathers.

Last picture of my bike looking as it done the latest of this season:


New wheels for next year, new damper with propedal or something like that, new handlebar (just borrowed the one I have now) and maybe a new stem. Can really recommend single chainring too, using a 36 and it works everywhere, a bit hard uphill but less to think about and with a 11-36 cassette it would be even better. I have bent and had problems with light chainrings from Experimental Prototype before but this is working perfect. 😀

Map and Graph of the day: TrainingPeaks Rundemann

(send me a e-mail if you want to buy a 165mm DT XR Carbon rear damper, lightest rear damper what I know)

Trainingblog + sale

Haven’t been so good blogging about the training now, had other things to write about and not the most interesting trainings made. Last friday an easy hour with a friend. Was supposed to ride a 4h on saturday but really bad weather made me play Playstation instead. On monday me and two friends thought of riding some CX after work. A lot of rain so I thought about skipping it but good friends that seems to like water made me ride with them. What a training then. First a lap and some coursechecking before John and Petter came. Then a lap to show Petter and to change a bit on the course, a little longer now. And then 5 laps at full gas.

John made as always and rode away faster then everybody else, then Petter and last me as my GPS didn’t do as I think but as I pressed the buttons. When I got a new lap started I started too. Really hard course and slippery in the rain. Was chasing Petter and caught him on second lap I think and passed him on the idiotic climb. No way to reach John but did my best to get some good training and I think I succeeded. 18min with an average at 170. A lot of training needed to be fast but I will do my best. Afterwards we ”rolled” around a small lake for a couple of laps that I missed the start of as the GPS was paused. Hard legs on tuesday but good feeling. Need to ride more hard.

Today I took my Scalpel to work to try a 650b wheel after. Too tight with a Racing Ralph 2,25″ without some grinding on the bridge. But with a 48 or 50mm tubular tire it will work and I got a plan for next year 😀 Then I got John with me on some training. My on Scalpel and he on his SuperX (got a similar to me but more original). Up Fløyen (heavy on CX) and then around some. Ending with maybe the nicest singletrack I’ve ridden in Bergen before going down again. Impressive by John to ride it with CX.

Map&Graph for today: TrainingPeaks Fløyen

And if someone is interested in a light 26″ tubular wheelset for Lefty front wheel including tires, send me a message and you will get a good deal. Tune Kong rear hub, Tune Cannonball front hub, DT Revolution spokes, FRM XMD309 Tubular rims, 1 Tufo XC2 Plus tire, 2 Tufo XC2

Bundesliga Bad Salzdetfurth

Some never getting tired of being on top. In mens mtbracing we have Nino Schurter, womens Julie Bresset. But if we look a little under there is up and coming cyclists. Alexandra Engen got 6th at the olympics, 11th at world XCO and then the winning started. Won the Worlds Eliminator race, second last Bundesliga Eliminator yesterday with her teammate Katrin Leumann winning:

So after celebrating yesterday Alexandra topped it today. Won the last Bundsliga XCO and also won the complete Cup, that’s how it should be done :D. Race until the season ends.

1. Alexandra Engen – Ghost Factory Racing Team

2. Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå – Merida Multivan Biking Team

3. Irina Kalentieva – Topeak-Ergon

4. Lisi Osl – Ghost Factory Racing Team

Men is racing now with Fabian Giger in the lead.

many tips, info and news

First a friend tipsed me about the coolest bottle cages available, or soon available. Vincero Design Edge 16. Using a magnet that keeps the bottle in place and no shaking bottles, pretty sleek without bottles too:



Next up is Julie Bresset. Thought she won the World Championships on Shimano XTR. But maybe not, check here Di2 modded bike:


The the best tireproducer in the world: FMB is doing the things Challenge tries to do. They got a mtbtire (Challenge thread) for both 26″ and 29″. And you can buy it as you can’t with Challenge’s mtbtire (Link to FMB):


And last but not smallest, THM Carbones comes with a Clavicula M3 crank for mtb and a tapered Scapula fork (link to Bikerumor):


Swedish World Champion Engen and Swiss Näf

Biggest moment in Swedens mtbhistory today. First world championtitle. Alexandra Engen won the first Eliminator World Championship in Saalfelden:


Will she be the first to win both XCO and Eliminator in the future or just dominate Eliminator? 😉

Ralph När won Men elite and Merida seems to be very happy about it:


So 4 World champion golds to Switzerland, impressive so: Congratulations!