Specialized Crux Elite ready for Swedens CX Championships

Specialized Crux 2016 got thru axles. 12×100 in front and 12×135 with special SCS (Short ChainStay) rear. A standard that made it almost impossible to find wheels except Roval CLX40 that hasn’t been available yet.

Me and the owner of Tune Sverige solved it all with Tune King and Kong hubs and some grinding. So ready for the Nationals this saturday are my bike:

DSC_1138 DSC_1139

And also Matthias Wengelin’s bike:

12036985_1140029599343874_3320964465005354542_n 12037974_1140029609343873_953025788681185160_n 12065836_1140029626010538_975399941468179535_n

So if you are in Stockholm this weekend. Saturday at Stora Skuggan is the place to be. The biggest CX weekend this year. UCI race on sunday too. And I need all cheering possible 😉

Le Peloton #26

Waking up after 6h sleep and just thinking to flip over and sleep some more isn’t the best start for doing the weeks hardest training. I found the floor, I found a smoothie, I found my bike and I found a jersey mention It:

A sunny morning with dry roads gathered quiet a few riders, like 70:

Some faster than others and I sat off with the first group. Felt hard in the beginning and going up to Fisksätra I thought this will never work, my legs felt bad but hanged good in the group. On the way back I thought, I will drop in the Ektorpclimb. But a good position and being better on climbs than riding fast I hanged on. Good position through the roundabouts in Sickla and on the climb up to Hellas where I also thought I would have to drop I advanced a bit and the climb felt pretty easy (for being a Peloton ride).

Then it started, biting the bartape and just kept trying going faster to hang on, felt like I was behind the tail and not being such a powerful rider it was hard. But I survived and even managed to get the exact same time between Sickla and Älta as last friday. Personal Record up Lindalsclimb outside Älta and then it was full speed again. Sat on a wheel to a rider getting dropped so had to try bridge the gap, worked at the roundabouts. Then full speed sprinting again trying to catch the guys sprinting in front of me. Real rubberband effect in the peloton there. Saved by the next intersection as usual.

Felt pretty good on Flatenroad to Skarpnäck and there finding a couple of guys riding good and tried to hold their wheels. Last straight up to Enskededalen and people dropped like flies, found a rhythm and passed people, ”relaxed” on the small uphill and pushing to the limit afterwards on the straight. Ended with my legs really standing straight out and my lungs trying to twist back to normal again.

That’s a morning ride worth riding and the feeling setting a Personal Record of the Stravaroute from 55min20sec to 51min52sec with an average of 39,1km/h is just satisfying. Really happy to enjoy a great breakfast with some great people at bikecafé Le Mond afterwards in the sun 😀

Map and stats: Movescount

Washed my bike and made it shine afterwards and today it met its bigger brother, Allez Multi Keyline meeting at work:

Eurobike #3 Roadbikes + CX

Have to mention one thing, my phone ran out of battery yesterday so missed some things, like DMT shoes, really nice.

But never miss a Fibula brake, my dream:

Nice 15mm axle on Storck CX:

continuing with CX. CKT by Virenque:

French with Italian design 😉 And awesome RAR wheels, super quality built in France:

CKT steel that made me drool, lifetime warranty:

Beat this if you can:

But made in Taiwan 😦 Maybe can be good anyway.

Of course they got an aerobike:

Parlee with an ugly front:

Nice Parlee with EE cycle brakes:

clean tube to tube:

Caterham, like a 7 but in carbon:

Tunehubs like CKT:

Super cool steelbike with an integrated carbon seatpost:

The bikes to drool over, can it be better than Swedish high-end Rolo?

Ferrari, or Colnago V1-R, missed the C29:

New Mavic shoes, Cosmic Ultimate like the best wheels I’ve used:

German and good looking? Superlight and still reasonable priced? AX-Lightness puts many questions on their edge with their new Vial Evo frame:

BMC Crossmachine with Sram CX1:

De Rosa Solo made Paduano Racing seems like a bargain and showing Pegoretti that a super expensive Italian made frame doesn’t have to have a lot of colors:

Skip the red color, dream about the frame I flew to Germany to look at and talk about. De Rosa Corum, handmade custom Italian steel frame 😀

Even available for disc brakes:

If you can’t afford a De Rosa Solo titanium frame but still want italian handmade titanium from De Rosa they got a cheaper version 🙂

Bimota isn’t just a motorbike, but the motorbike are cooler:

World best training wheels 2015? Campagnolo Shamal Mille:

French, handmade, RTM and the new creation by Time called Skylon:

But still like the older tube to tube frame ZXRS:

A beautiful saddle, 138g:

Carrera Scatto seems to have got into my phone too:

The worlds best crankset got better and lighter? THM-Carbones Clavicula SE:

Lightweight Urgestalt, don’t really know:

With a lot of blue color:

Lightweight discwheel:

A Guru Preamio R:

Fastest clothes that can be perfectly made to fit you (or Martin or Vos):

Don’t know but it came a new Slice that I missed to take a photo of complete, here is the frameset:


The best looking Synapse 2015:

Summer commuting bike for all weather. Synapse disc in alu with Sram Rival and perfect fitting fenders:

Cannondale caad10 trackbike:

Corima Viva MCC:

Neil Pryde Nazaré2 again:

Wooden handlebar?:

Animal and bike on the wall, works for vegetarians too:

Look 795, looks better than 695 but seems strange:

And that’s all from Eurobike. If you think two wheels isn’t enough the thursday evenings discussion was why we didn’t have this instead. A Wiessmann:

Lightened disc brake adapter

Changed it yesterday but no time to blog about it. Found a new lighter adapter for my rear brake on Weightweenies that came yesterday. Last summer I used a Avid XX adapter:

Not the heaviest but nor the lightest. And when I got an old frame with ISmount I want to minimize the extra weight as far as possible. So the new adapter (same as front):

6 nice grams saved on such a small place. And you don’t see it if you don’t look close. The kind of weightsaving I like. So complete brakes at the moment at 485g including everything, happy. But anyone knows where to get these light carbon fibre clamps for Formula R1? Would be nice to save as much weight as possible when I started. And still waiting on some bolts for them, won’t change the weight, just add more blue. And have to change bore caps to my blue ones. Think I have got a solution as the tool seems impossible to get. Let’s hope 🙂

Or someone who knows where to get a pair of Time Atac XS 12 for a good price? Or Crank Brothers Eggbeater 4Ti or 11?

good and sad training

Started the sunday as usual with riding my bike. The snow is melting now and pretty good temperature. Rode around south of Bergen with Leif Arne. Weightweenie gathering. Map and Graph here: TrainingPeaks South A bit sad was on the way home, I rode my Cannondale SuperX and Leif Arne rode his stiff Merida O.Nine. On the way back to centrum we met a guy on a Cervelo R3, in december with a lot of salt on the roads, sad.

Then coming home and reading new I don’t like at all. A car hit Iñaka Lejarreta so hard that he died. A fast Orbea rider less 😦

Feel sorry for his friends and family. More about it here: Bici Ciclismo

If you want to see some good racing soon it’s Soudal Cyclocross Leuven today at 15 CET, stream here: Sports-Livez

240 in the sun

All my body is now like a joke, so tired after riding today. But what a ride. 240km with swedish summer weather, good friends and on nice roads. Started at 7.31 this morning and it was around 16 degrees Celsius, around 24 when I came back home. Meeting Fredrik, Henrik and Patrik 14km from here and then we rode north to the biggest mountain in Västergötland, Kinnekulle. Not really a mountain but when everything is flat it looks like one 😉

Good pace but maybe a bit to fast as we had an average at 32km/h the first 130km, thanks too the pro Henrik and Fredrik that did most of the pacing. Henrik as guide we got onto some really nice small roads and sometimes a nice gravel road too:

And with some good views:

A bit funny that everyone used Assos bibs, two with La Lepre Stance jerseys and two Rapha Classic jerseys 🙂

Passing the famous Hornborgasjön:

But after passing Götene, almost in Hällekis I got tired. My stomach was empty a bit before but my legs really hurt and my knees just wanted to point outwards. 32km/h wasn’t good so slowed down to around 26km/h before the only real climb of the day. Upp Högkullen on Kinnekulle. Not so high but just straight and when you are that tired every climb is hard. I looked like this:

Great view over Swedens biggest lake Vänern too in the background. Up on the top lunch waited, good lunch 🙂

And a view where you could see really far, no mountains or things in the way 😉

Then down again and a little different way home. With everyone feeling a bit slower except Henrik just riding along, that’s a real fit guy:

So a bit slower home but a bit better wind and got some nice breaks too. Like this:

Good but hard life 🙂 Home again after 7h52min of riding with some nice brown skin and a smile on my face. 🙂 Thanks guys for the great ride today. And the longes ride ever for me 😀 Look at the map and some more info here: TrainingPeaks Mullsjö-Kinnekulle And thanks Fredrik for some pictures.

6809g mtb

Ja, en racer är ju inte så svårt att få ner i den vikten.

Monterade på ett flaskställ igen så jag får tävla med den 😉 Provade hur den ser ut med Henriks Trigongaffel som väger in på 475g inkl tuung expander och styrlagerring. På med skivbromsadapter och tunga stålskruv ifrån stadscykeln på 28g så blev det så här.

Får bli en stel Trigongaffel när jag får lite mer pengar, men då med lätt expander, lätt skivbromsadapter och aluskruv till adaptern. Funderar även med att hitta ett annat lock till styrlagret. Någon som vet var man kan få tag på ett som är helt platt? Gärna rött. Vet ni det eller har möjligheten att tillverka ett så hör av er till jonas@cerro.dk

(styret blev 3cm lägre jämfört med en 456mm Manitou R7 MRD Absolute 80mm gaffel)