The flat ride

You know when you’re free, meeting up with nice friends at a new nice café and all ready to go for the perfect autumn cxride? Then Alexander got a puncture so we started with fixing that.

Riding to Djurgården and the dream began, awesome trails and the area feels like it’s made for autumn cross rides. Not for some Royal people to hunt on or riding horses 😉 Flowy gravel tracks without roots and rocks. Was awesome until we came to Gärdet and Damian jumped over a cyclepath and got a flat on his dugast tubular.


He left for home as the repairspray didn’t work and left was me and Alexander who didn’t know the route. We rode a bit at the north Djurgården, checking the CX course for next week and ended with skipping Haga and crossed the city to end the ride together at Le Mond.

I rode the gravel along Årstaviken on my way home and it felt pretty nice. Nice autumn day

Map and stats from the ride: Strava

Kompiscrossen Hästpojken


Photo by Anna Eide-Jensen

Stockholm an autumn sunday morning. There are people missing out but these trainingraces are awesome. Simple, hard and inspires people to get ready for the real races.

It was fast and fast today. Felt good the first lap but then I ended in a chase of Viktor, Magnus and a guy from Tullinge:


Photo by Hanna Alexandersson

I tried to dope with a fast jersey from SCS Racing Team with teammates Damian (winner) and Erik (3rd) but it didn’t help so much. Think I did a pretty solid race but my cornering felt faster in the beginning and I blew up a bit when it was two laps to go (of 8) and got passed by one more.

All in all 38min racing over threshold  with a bike that feels better than I thought. Had great grip in all corners except one where my front wheel slipped a bit, my gearing was awesome and the position felt great. The Roval Control SL wheels with Mavic Reflex rims feels really fast too, will be interesting how my wheels will feel when I get my tires 🙂

As said I wasn’t fastest but wasn’t last either. Ended 18th of 31:


But forgot to count how many Specialized Crux it was in front of me, at least the top 5 😉

Ended with a fika and rode home with Hanna and Magnus. Said goodbye to them at Söder and went to Vinterviken for a cruise along Mälaren:


Map and stats: Strava

Pictures from the weekend

The weekend is over, the racing is over and a big THANK YOU to all the people who made this awesome racing in Stora Skuggan, Stockholm possible! Let’s do all we can to make this event bigger, better and more spread to all the non cyclists too.

Here is some random pictures from women and men elite race and some from the Men 40 yesterday:

Cross sunday

First training in Stockholm today and what a ride. And Stockholm isn’t so big as it can feel when you see it on a map.

Today I was supposed to cross the city to come to a place called Stora Skuggan and do a training race with some others and it is pretty easy to find the way from here. Specially when I caught up with the race organizers Fredrich and Birjer half way 😉 They sat out some small cones when we came their and I talked to some riders that came.

Did a master lap and the course was really nice. Mostly grass, some corners, a bit of mud but in general pretty easy. Suited me and my lack of skills.

The race went pretty good even that I was far down in the field. Lost some place and gained some. Jesper was the man of the day and lapped me the 2nd last lap. Then I got lapped by 3 more on the last lap and almost got caught by the guy behind me, but made it 🙂 Pumped my tires to 2bar before I left home and took some out before the race, think I took a bit too much out as I was bottoming out around 5 times in the race. Never had so low pressure in my Specialized Tracer tires before, but was great traction and floated over everything 🙂 Would guess around 1,1bar rear and 1,3 in front or something.

Jesper also took some pictures, like this of me, Tony and Robin:

Changing clothes and talking after the race:

And then the most important thing, a swedish fika (coffee and cake) on the local café.

Back home through the city with more traffic and got to wash my bike at Fredrich so came home with a pretty clean bike 🙂 Great start of the day with great people.

Map and stats here, the race is lap 3: Movescount