Got into a cyclingteam!


People think I can ride faster than I do. And they been trying to get me into a group of fast riders to ride fast around Vätternrundan which I said I don’t want to do again.

In a weak moment I sent an application to Skoda. Heard from many it was a great experience and thought for myself if I would ride around Vättern again I would do it with a pretty fast and pro riding team, don’t want a mess and don’t want to ride too fast like 7h20min.

Skoda Cycling Team is doing it in 8h and with super support. No matter results this is a way for me getting faster and having fun at the same time. Really happy for this spot (even if I may not show it) 🙂


Got a package from them today and next weekend we’re meeting and testing . Looking forward.

Le Peloton #139

Trying to have an easy week this week so after two days of just commuting it was time for some speed today, or trying to get some.


Met up with the usuals and the Ekström brothers who came after the picture was taken of course. Started in manageable speed and I tried to be calm and just keep the wheel. Did some chasing down to Saltsjö-Duvnäs and then it was time for Stationsbacken where I managed to hold on to the others almost all the way up. Dropped in the end but it came a car at the roundabout and the others had to wait and I got back up again. Held wheel up Ektorp but then my legs burnt and I dropped the first 5 at Storängen…

Lonely slow riding to Sickla and to Älta I was almost 3min slower than the first group. Took the shortcut in Älta and on Flatenvägen the group caught me. Perfect shortcutting and I got on their wheel again. Managed to hold on until the final uphill and sprint.

It was hard but it was a good morning. And I’m happy that I didn’t sleep instead 😀

Also started the celebration of Cykelcafé Le Mond who got 3 years old today:


8 riders today, let’s hope the spring comes for real soon so we can fill the café 🙂

Map and stats: Strava