No day is as yesterday, or tomorrow. Like every ride is different, there are always good and bad things.

The good things today was friends, weather, coffee and the route.

The bad things was my legs

Instead of riding Morningspins with 7 riders from Sumo Cycling starting with a slow lap that ended fast, a fast lap where I was dropped way too early but got to ride with Ingrid and a 3rd Instalap which ended after I chased back to the group managed to win the sprint. Instead of that I share some awesome pictures me and mostly Rille took today:

Map and stats: Strava

Le Peloton #104

It all started yesterday after work when Stefan took a look at my fit on my bike. Ended with a new seatpost with 1cm less setback and some millimeter changes in height. Had been thinking of if I was sitting right and nice to have it checked out by a guy with great routine 🙂

So today was a bit of a test, both in position and how my legs felt after my terrible ride yesterday. Was much better 🙂 The not so good thing that maybe made my day a bit easier was that I forgot my phone so late upload to Strava and no pictures by me. Magnus took a couple at the start:

A lot of people even in vacation time. But what a mess, as unsmooth as it can be today and it was really hard for me that wasn’t on top. My last part along Flaten where I tried to pass the hole group as everyone was riding in 1 line instead of 2 like we should I burned my power and when I went in to the right lane I got dropped for real. Tried to keep the pace as high as I could the last part and managed to just loose 40seconds. People sometimes seems to afraid of being dropped when the hole point is to ride together as hard as possible. And as it says on the Peloton kit, Being dropped is not a defeat, it’s an honor.

After we anyway had a great time eating breakfast and filling Magnus Johanssons bakery:



Map and stats: Strava

Ulvåsen and some more riding

A lot of cycling now but probably last time this week today. Because I’m going to Spain and then to Andorra for XCO/XCE World Cup 🙂 Will be fun watching but will miss Emil Lindgren.

Today I rode a climb, Ulvåsen which I almost managed, missed by a couple of meters in the end. Really steep and fighting with bad shape in the beginning doesn’t make it easier. But rode some fun really rooty and technical trails afterwards. And dry for once 🙂 Really fun.

IMAG0706 IMAG0707


The first picture shows how it looked sometimes. Great with low pressure and tubular tyres 🙂

Stats and map: Movescount

And when this is published I’m on the way to the airport for looking and fast riders 😀 Say hello if you see me there