New tubular day

Having a bit of a cold so no Le Peloton today. But rode early to work to finish the gluing of my own wheels as the ones I borrowed from Patrik was going down to Gothenburg on the winning bike, deserved better than me. Impressive that me and Patrik fixed one cyclocross bike each for a World Champion the last two days 😀 Love my job sometimes.

Got a pair of 38mm cheep used carbon wheels that was lighter than expected:

The weights are with some glue and tape on the front wheel. Glued a pair of Challenge Grifo tires and the result looks awesome if you ask me:


Forgot to check the weight before I left from work today so will do that tomorrow morning and update this post.

What do you think?

Södermanland 210

I got a bike called Tarmac. It’s made for cyclists like Boonen, Contador and Sagan.


They got tubulars, I had clinchers:


They got competitors, I got friends:

Remember a great sunday 🙂 Didn’t feel so fast but I got some fast friends and sometimes it feels like I got many friends. Really thankful for all of you 🙂 The man of the day was Emile for convincing me to ride to Södertälje from home, never leaves a friend behind and fixed a shortcut home from Eldtomta. The same Emile who got started the ”Emile shortcut” which is the beginning of memories and laughter 😉

The beautiful ride started by Emil about Cafécycling: Södermanland 210 on Strava

Cannondale Slate 105 preview


The bike that came out of the box, Cannondales New Road bike Slate did I try yesterday. Thought of writing about it here but it will be on a bigger website and I will share a link as fast as it’s up.

UCI Nations Cup Frauen Etappenrennen

This past weekend I’ve been in Albstadt, Germany and worked for the best: The Swedish National Team.

Felt like a long time ago working for a team and I didn’t do everything perfect but no punctures, no crashes and no technical problems and without missed times it was good. The staff did what we could do and the riders did what they could do. Many new so much learning and setting standards. And a bit special with 2 danish riders in the team making it a SWE-DEN mixed team.

Was 4 stages with:

Criterium Friday evening

Time Trial Saturday morning

Road Race Saturday afternoon

Road Race Sunday morning.

Simone Eg did best of our riders and ended 15th in General Classification.

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Thanks for inviting me Isabelle Söderberg and I’ll hope I did okay and to get the opportunity to help The National Team more. I love to see riders learn and get better, and be able to help Women Cycling grow is in my dreams. I hope that it will be as big as Men’s Cycling one day

XC pro style

Free from work today, was to expensive to fly to Bergen and celebrate 17th May, no fun cheap flights anywhere else, no fun place to go by train. Was thinking of riding a nice roadride and checked the map, didn’t find anything exciting enough alone.

So was happy when Marika talked about mtb. Decided to go north to Järvafältet to some new tracks 🙂 So rode to work (yes I was free) and borrowed a Specialized Epic Comp Carbon WC and went north. Took a singletrack in Hagaparken, rode wrong at Järva Krog but got to Bögs Gård where I was supposed to meet Marika way too early. Enjoyed the sun and relaxed for a while.

Then she came and we rode out on singletracks I missed. Real XC riding and not All Mountain like Hellas or just gravel. Great trails, great weather, great guide and a tempo that felt easy which was good after my crash.


It may be fun with 130+ travel, dropped posts and wide tires but faster trails with a proper light (could be) XCbike with an effective rear damper is the best. Haven’t thought about it so much before but that’s me 😉

Not so long ride together but descent and got up with some distance as I rode there and back too. First proper summer ride with a Brain damper too, so nice to not have to care or have to change setting 🙂

Stats and map: Strava

Back in Stockholm I stopped and took a picture of the great bike and great city:


Technical training around a small lake

There is a lake like 5km from my mums place where I’ve been riding for as long as I ridden a bike in the forrest. First time with a 3-speed 20″ bike it took 2h with a friend. Now it more takes like 25min 🙂 So asphalt and gravel road to Rydal and then up in the forrest to the lake. Tight technical trail with like 50m plain ground on the a little more than 4km it is around. Except the bridges. Here is a couple of pictures from the middle part:

IMAG0704 IMAG0705


Managed a drop today that I never managed before and it’s fun to see the development time to time when riding around. Two parts on the way around I never fixed now, the stairs that shows on the first picture here and then it’s a small climb up some stones and the steep down afterwards. But fun to ride and awesome technical training. So I can recommend going around this lake, Mjögasjön if you’re close by. Map and stats here so you can see where it is: Movescount

And today is the last training in Sweden and last ride of the year I guess on my Scalpel that will stay here. Will try a climb (with more altitude meters than yesterdays) that I never managed before and ride the trails me and Jonas missed on monday 🙂

BMC Racing Cup Schaan

When you see a picture like this you have to read more:



First race in the Swiss Cup that is BMC Cup. U23 ladies podium here. Andrea Waldis won but second is the important, Jenny Rissveds who now is racing for Scott Racing. Came 6th and 7th in the elite category. Nice start for the big swedish talent.

Women elite:

1. Esther Süss

2. Adelheid Morath

3. Katrin Leumann

And the men elite which didn’t end so good for everyone. Marco Aurelio Fontana had to visit the hospital and get som stitches in his arm. Better was it for the big champ, Nino Schurter who took the win in front of Manuel Fumic and Martin Fanger:



Full results here: BMC Racing Cup