Perskindol Swiss Epic

Had a plan of writing this this morning but time flew by and I had to leave to learn more about new stuff from Specialized.

Yesterday this years Swiss Epic started. A stagerace in the Swiss alps that got hyped with many big names last year. This year seems like it is down to normal with the regular stage racers including the dreamteam of Annika Langvad and Ariane Kleinhans who won the prologue yesterday:

And a new win today that doesn’t show here:

Awesome trails that makes me wanna ride it some year 🙂

New day, New videos :D

Let’s start from yesterday. Vaude teams racing stage 1 in Perskindol Swiss Epic:

Continuing with the race organisations way to short video from stage 2:

And then ending with the longest most interesting video. Crosshairs interviewing Sven Nys about racing and lines:

Swedish, Swiss or Norwegian trailriding?

In Sweden they are building som great trails in Falun like this:

In Switzerland there is a new Epic Stage Race starting on monday with riders like Nino Schurter, Nathalie Schneitter and Annika Langvad. 6 days with big mountains and sweet trails 🙂

Ending with a longer video from a pretty technical trail in Arendal, Norway: