The old got new

Some clothes you got more attached to than others. I got a pair of shoecovers in 2013:


They have been used a lot since that, both when it was raining and cold. With velcro closing at the back so very easy to get on and off no matter which shoes you’re using. Maybe that’s why I used them so much too.

A month ago or something like that I ordered a new pair of the same kind but been laying at work until now. Today my old ones went in the garbage bin:


A lot of extra holes after a hard life.

So new ones with a 2 part velcro and a little tighter (or just less used):


Thought of getting them in black but Screaming Yellow is so much better when the weather is bad. Let’s hope these will live as least as long 😀 And I’m hoping more brands than Pearl Izumi start using velcro instead of zippers that always break or are too tight.

Do you got any cycling clothes you really like and used for a long time?

SuperX commuter part3 (together)


Can it be harder and more Swedish than that?

Sram VIA GT brake levers, Shimano 105 chain and a Sram X.7 Trigger was invested in yesterday and today I got some time to put it all together. Big difference than riding a Trek Slash like I did yesterday 😉

frameset: Cannondale SuperX size 52

seatpost: KCNC Ti Pro-Lite

saddle: Tune Komm-Vor

stem: Tune Geiles Teil 4.0 95mm

Handlebar: AX-Lightness Poseidon 620mm

stem spacer: Reset Racing 10mm

expander and top cap: Cannondale SI (will be changed to Extralite Ultrastar and Hypercap)

grips: Bontrager bar tape

trigger: Sram X.7

brake levers: Sram VIA GT

brakes: Avid Shorty Ultimate

crankset: Sram XX1 BB30 Q145 with 38t chainring

pedals: yes

wheelset: Tune hubs, spokes and 38mm cheap tubular rims

QR: Tune DC16/17

tires: Vittoria Corsa CX 23mm

cassette: Shimano Dura-Ace 12-25

chain: Shimano 105

rear derailleur: Sram Red a bit tuned

IMG_20140611_205536 IMG_20140611_205518 IMG_20140611_205650


The perfect ice-cream bike. 😀

Cannondale Synapse 2014 real weight

Got Cannondales best looking road frame for 2014 to work today. A Cannondale Synapse Hi-mod in size 54


So weight of the frame including derailleur hanger, liners, 4 heavy bottle cage bolts and seatclamp:


And fork with a very long steerer tube:


1412g for the frameset of a frame that first purpose is to be comfortable isn’t bad at all. Anyone got weight on Specialized Roubaix for comparing? Or Trek Domane classic edition?

The Thunderbolt

That’s how to build a bike. Full suspension with 130mm travel, 650b all the way so no converted 26″ frame. Pretty low top tube without being to low and cool color. Just to build it in carbon fibre to save some weight, with a Sram XX1 group (why 3 rings in the front?) and a lighter nicer wheelset and it’s ready. Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt 750 on the picture. Great thoughts behind it.

Scalpel or not?

Goes rumurs on a Scalpel 27,5″. And today at work I went a step closer. After mounting a boot on my Lefty I saved 12g from the frame:


Looks like this now:


So cool bike in a way. But maybe a bit to slim handlebar with 600mm AX-Lightness Poseidon. Tubulars is king and getting with cool parts from AX-Lightness, Experimental Prototype and Innolite makes the bike a bit extra. X.0 Triggers gears like a dream with the X.9 type 2 rear derailleur too, almost too good to change. XX1 crankset with 156mm Q-factor thanks to the slim frame.

All in all, a tight racebike with a decent weight:


But should I keep it or do you want to buy it?

The frame including hardware is 1879g, got a fork that works like a dream. Pretty light tubular wheels. A drivetrain that is fast and simple. The only thing that is a bit of a mismatch is the brakes but hopefully they will be changed for a lighter, better looking and better working brakes tomorrow. 😀 Formula R1 Racing, just waiting for a MixxMaster.

What do you say? Should I keep this and convert it to 27,5″, get a wider handlebar and just use it or should I change for a Gasventinove Camus, a Cannondale Flash 26″ converted to 27,5″ or something else?

Anyone that wants to buy a pair of white Elixir 5 brakes with new 160mm rotors, adapters (I think). Brakes not even used for 250km.


858867_673896015963059_730058190_o 906118_673896522629675_19924294_o



A couple of pictures from the race in Svelvik last saturday. And you can see on the first picture how much I liked the course there 😉

A much nicer thing is this:

A friend is selling a set of really light and most beautiful roadbike brakes ever produced (except the ones tuned by A2J). THM Fibula.

You can buy them for yourself or you could sponsor me a bit so I can buy them. Up to you, Add is here: Weightweenies

Same guy is also selling a matching crankset, THM Clavicula

Fixed 3 bikes, Questions?

Missed my training today. So instead of going up Fløyen 3 times I mounted 3 bikes at work. Autumn sale tomorrow so a lot to do. A picture from where I was supposed to ride:

So don’t really know what to blog about. So perfect time for your questions. Is there anyone got any questions to ask me or wishes that I should write about or more about?