Women’s World Tour and Thereabouts

It’s getting bigger, it’s getting better, 2016 is the year it will all change and hopefully it will be magic. Women’s World Cup has ended and they get a World Tour with many more races, like the men’s World Tour. More is getting broadcasted too so let’s follow it and cheer for our favourites

Before 2016 it’s tomorrow. Friday the 11th of December and the only day it’s possible to watch Thereabouts Reprise documentary. 4 guys riding from Boulder to Moab in epic terrain. If you don’t understand, go check www.thereabouts.com.au for the 1st video. Here is a teaser and don’t miss it tomorrow:

[vimeo 148053578]

Tour of Qatar stream and Sanne van Paassen interview

Tour of Qatar for men started on sunday, third stage today and livestream starts at 13.00 CET. Some streams here: Sports-Livez

And I found out that Cyclocross Magazine made an interview with Sanne van Paaseen before the world championships. Some about rest of the year and next world championships on cyclocross in Hoogherheide, The Netherlands. Nice with interview in english and not just dutch: